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Piklab 0.15.10

Company: Nicolas Hadacek
Date Added: September 14, 2013  |  Visits: 218


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Piklab is an integrated development environment (IDE) for applications based on Microchip PIC and dsPIC microcontrollers similar to the MPLAB environment. It integrates with several compiler and assembler toolchains (like gputils, sdcc, c18) and with the GPSim simulator. It supports the most common programmers (serial, parallel, ICD2, Pickit2, PicStart+), the ICD2 debugger, and several bootloaders (Tiny, Pickit2, and Picdem). <br /><br />Compiling:<br /><br /> * Compiling, assembling, and linking with:<br /> o GNU PIC Utilities and Small Device C Compiler<br /> o MPLAB C30 toolchain<br /> o PICC compilers (PICC-Lite, PICC, and PICC-18)<br /> o MPLAB C18 compiler<br /> o JAL and JALV2 compiler<br /> o BoostC, BoostC++, and BoostBasic compilers<br /> o CCS compiler<br /> o MPC compiler<br /> o CC5X compiler<br /> * Project manager (linker script and included files displayed).<br /> * Disassembly listing for some toolchains.<br /><br />Programming:<br /><br /> * Read, program, verify, and erase whole device or only selected memory ranges.<br /> * "direct" programmers (serial or parallel) for baseline, midrange, most 18F devices, and 24C eeproms.<br /> * ICD1 (not tested at all!)<br /> * ICD2 (serial and USB) with automatic firmware upload.<br /> * PICkit1 (osccal regeneration supported).<br /> * PICkit2 only with firmware version 1.x (osccal regeneration and firmware upload supported).<br /> * PicStart+ (18F devices not supported).<br /> * Tiny Bootloader, Pickit2 bootloader, and Picdem FUSB bootloader.<br /><br />Debugging:<br /><br /> * ICD2 debugging for a few 16F devices (16F87X and 16F7X7) and all 18F devices.<br /> * GPSim simulator.<br /> * Run, halt, step, and simple breakpoint.<br /> * Program counter and breakpoint in source editor (when disassembly listing is available).<br /> * Read, watch, and write registers.<br /><br />Tools:<br /><br /> * Device Information view: IO pins, operating range, DIP layout (for some devices).<br /> * Hex file editor for all but newest devices (tested only with inhx32 format).<br /> * Checksum computation (partial support).<br /> * Register view: displays available registers.<br /> * Configuration bits generator for some toolchains (gpasm, SDCC, and PIC30): partial support.<br /> * Template source generator for some toolchains (gpasm, SDCC, and ASM30): partial support.<br /><br />Command-line Utilities: can be compiled with Qt only (version 3 or 4); available under Windows.<br /><br /> * piklab-prog: to program and to debug with an optionnal interactive mode.<br /> * piklab-hex: to manipulate HEX files (check, info, fix, and compare).<br /> * piklab-coff: to view COFF (info, variables, sections, symbols, lines) and library (info, symbols) files.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Breakpoint Compiler Compilers Compiling Device Devices Files Firmware Generator Mplab Partial Pickit Regeneration Serial Support Supported Toolchains Utilities Version
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 14.25 MB
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