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aLinux - KBFX buttons & backgrounds 0.4

Company: Jay Klepacs
Date Added: September 14, 2013  |  Visits: 248

aLinux - KBFX buttons & backgrounds

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KBFX buttons & backgrounds for the aLinux operating system.<br /><br />Developer comments<br /><br />I hope you're running KBFX already, if not, install the KBFX rpm - or re-build for your distribution's prefix to $KDE - next, right-click Kicker taskbar, add KBFX applet - turn off applet handles etc ... using the configure panel as shown below.<br /><br />Changing the K-Start Menu Image: - e.g. Start/Launch Image Button.<br />1. Locate and click your [Personal Files [Home] desktop icon.<br />Might be on your K-Menu if not the desktop. It's Konqueror File Manager.<br /><br />2. Locate the KBFX K-Start Image: They are all in /usr/share/icons/; then<br />drag one over top of the KBFX K-Start position. Now turn off applet handles<br />like this below example.<br /><br />Changing the Kicker Bar Image.<br />1. Right click 'Kicker' panel - e.g botton bar, usualy your taskbar in WindowsXX.<br />2. Chose from there - [Configure Panel]<br />3. Click Tab [Appearance] See section [Panel Background] - The rest is straight<br />forward but use 26 pixels or larger for kicker or the buttons will look off.<br /><br />1. Notes for developers. You can change the defaults to /opt/kde3; or /usr/someplace;<br />by modifying this spec file for another location.<br />2. Using ImageMagick: convert xp.png xp.xpm<br />3. KBFX background images are in: /opt/kde/share/apps/kicker/wallpapers/;<br />4. KBFX K-Start/Launch images are in: /usr/share/icons/;

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Alinux Alinux Kbfx Alinux Kbfx Buttons Applet Background Backgrounds Buttons Chose Click Desktop Image Images Kbfx Kbfx Buttons Kicker Kstart Locate Panel Pixels Section Straightforward Taskbar Usrshareicons Usualy Windowsxx
Users rating: 0/10

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