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gnome-main-menu 0.9.16

Company: Gnome Main Menu Team
Date Added: June 12, 2013  |  Visits: 229


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gnome-main-menu is a set of three utilities. It is a gnome-panel applet similar<br />to the traditional main-menu but a few additions and changes. In particular the gnome-main-menu does not provide direct access to all the applications on the system, but rather displays user specified "favorites" and recently launched applications.<br /><br />Access to all the applications is made through the second of the three utilities, the application-browser, which is a larger format application than that the traditional main-menu which is managed by the window manager to allow for resizing, etc.<br /><br />The final utility is the gnome-control-center which is laid out exactly as the application-browser, but providing access to all the system's configuration utilities.<br /><br />Both the application-browser and the gnome-control-center are accessible directly from the main-menu.<br /><br />Installation:<br /><br />A standard combination of ...<br /><br />./configure --prefix=< install_dir ><br />make<br />make install<br /><br />should suffice.<br /><br />*Note* As for the "recently used applications" functionality, this requires patched versions of gnome-desktop and gnome-panel. These patches are available in the patch subdir.<br /><br />Usage:<br /><br />After installing a "Gnome Main Menu" applet should appear in your "Add to panel ..." dialog.<br /><br />31abfa339496e1e1a59ba340a3667a44f2395dcb44ce2a7fd92ad842196a3746 gnome-main-menu-0.9.13-0.9.14.diff.gz<br />943bfc0189cd93396c5c840db56eeec5097341b8eb983a1bdd4b011004972903 gnome-main-menu-0.9.14.changes<br />f2bcefa9ad6dbe56013b94da21eed15eb8f3c9f031e7f119beeab53c29dd0ea9<br />7da2bf29e5b91ea9f895d6f439519c60dca98f9157d383c77a7515db036a950f gnome-main-menu-0.9.14.tar.bz2<br />587dab2b9925b232400830e14de98d41d16615c85469229870cef9b11338ee69 gnome-main-menu-0.9.14.tar.gz

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Access Applet Applicationbrowser Applications Applicationsquot Functionality Gnomecontrolcenter Gnomedesktop Gnomemainmenu Gnomepanel Installshould Mainmenu Patched Quotrecently Requires Traditional Utilities Versions
Users rating: 0/10

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