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django-publicmanager for Linux 0.9.2

Company: Gregor M??N—?…llegger
Date Added: July 02, 2013  |  Visits: 247

django-publicmanager for Linux

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django-publicmanager is a Django app that provides a custom queryset class and managers that handle the public availability of database objects. The classes provide a public method that filters by boolean is_public and date based pub_date fields.<br /><br />Installation:<br /><br />All you need to install the django-publicmanager package is a simple sudo easy_install dango-publicmanager.<br /><br />Usage:<br /><br />The package contains just two managers. The manager GenericPublicManager works exactly like django's default manager except that it provides a public() method that returns only public available objects. The athor manager, PublicOnlyManager, returns public objects by default without calling any extra method.<br /><br />It should be obvious that you will at least need a model to use one or both of these managers. The managers will use one or more of the following fields to determine if an object is public or not.<br /><br /> * is_public: This must be a models.BooleanField and if it is set to True, it will be treated as public.<br /> * pub_date must be a models.DateTimeField or models.DateField. The date must be either in the past or equal to the current time to make the object public.<br /> * You can use a status field which holds information about the public availability of the object. To use it you must provide the status_attr and status_values attributes to the manager. The status_attr specifies the field name. If the field's value is found in list status_values the object will be public. The most common use of this feature is to use it with choices. See the examples below.<br /><br />An object is only public if all of these fields, if existent in the model, are evaluated to be public. This means if is_public is set to True but pub_date points to a date in the future the whole objects will be treated as not public.<br /><br />Examples:<br /><br />Here is a pretty simple example using only the is_public and pub_date fields:<br /><br />from django.db import models<br />from django_publicmanager.managers import GenericPublicManager, PublicOnlyManager<br /><br />class Example(models.Model):<br /> title = models.CharField(max_length=50)<br /> is_public = models.BooleanField(default=True)<br /> pub_date = models.DateTimeField()<br /><br /> objects = GenericPublicManager()<br /> public = PublicOnlyManager()<br /><br />Now you can access the objects like this:<br /><br />>>> Example.objects.create(title='A', is_public=True,<br />>>> Example.objects.create(title='B', is_public=True, + timedelta(1))<br />>>> Example.objects.create(title='C', is_public=False,<br />>>> Example.objects.create(title='D', is_public=True, - timedelta(1))<br />>>> Example.objects.all()<br />[< Example: A >, < Example: B >, < Example: C >, < Example: D >]<br />>>> Example.objects.public()<br />[< Example: A >, < Example: D >]<br />>>> Example.public.all()<br />[< Example: A >, < Example: D >]<br />>>> Example.objects.public()<br />[< Example: A >, < Example: D >]<br />>>> Example.objects.filter(title='A').public()<br />[< Example: A >]<br /><br />You don't have to name the fields exactly like above. But if you use athor names, you have to tell the managers the new names:<br /><br />from django.db import models<br />from django_publicmanager.managers import GenericPublicManager, PublicOnlyManager<br /><br />class Example(models.Model):<br /> title = models.CharField(max_length=50)<br /> online = models.BooleanField(default=True)<br /> available_from = models.DateTimeField()<br /><br /> objects = GenericPublicManager(<br /> is_public_attr='online',<br /> pub_date_attr='available_from')<br /> public = PublicOnlyManager(<br /> is_public_attr='online',<br /> pub_date_attr='available_from')<br /><br />Last but not least, an example with the status field:<br /><br />from django.db import models<br />from django_publicmanager.managers import GenericPublicManager, PublicOnlyManager<br /><br />class Example(models.Model):<br /> STATUS_CHOICES = (<br /> (1, 'draft'),<br /> (2, 'review'),<br /> (3, 'public'),<br /> (4, 'featured'),<br /> )<br /><br /> title = models.CharField(max_length=50)<br /> status = models.PositiveIntegerField(choices=STATUS_CHOICES)<br /><br /> objects = GenericPublicManager(<br /> status_attr='status',<br /> status_values=(3,4))<br /> public = PublicOnlyManager(<br /> status_attr='status',<br /> status_values=(3,4))<br /><br />#md5=f69a346c1b17120342397d7da4fc64b9

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Django Publicmanagermanagers Djangodb Fields Genericpublicmanager Gtgtgtgt Import Manager Managers Modelsdatetimefield Modelsfrom Object Objects Pub Date Public Public Dtrue Publiconlymanagerclass Status Title
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