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django-reversetag 0.3.1

Company: Ulrich Petri
Date Added: August 30, 2013  |  Visits: 243


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django-reversetag is an enhanced replacement for Django's builtin URL template tag.<br /><br />Installation<br /><br />To use reversetag in your Django project it needs to be accessible by your Python installation.<br /><br />The easy way:<br /><br /> #~ pip install django-reversetag (or use easy_install if you must)<br /><br />The manual way:<br /><br />Simply place the reversetag directory somewhere that is on your $PYTHONPATH.<br /><br />Django Setup<br /><br />Then all that is left to do is adding reversetag to INSTALLED_APPS in your projets Example:<br /><br />INSTALLED_APPS = (<br /> 'django.contrib.auth',<br /> 'django.contrib.contenttypes',<br /> 'django.contrib.sessions',<br /> 'django.contrib.sites',<br /> 'django.contrib.admin',<br /> 'reversetag', # < -- add this<br /> '',<br />)<br /><br />Usage<br /><br />Basic usage is pretty similar to the default url tag. Examples:<br /><br />{% reverse "app.views.view" %}<br /><br />{% reverse "sample_view" %}<br /><br />This will try to reverse<br /><br /> 1. a view "view" in the app.views module<br /> 2. a named view "sample_view".<br /><br />Note that you _must_ quote the view name (regardles if you're using named views or not) since reversetag is "variable aware" and will treat any unquoted view name arguments as template variables and try to reverse them. Example:<br /><br />{% reverse next_page_view %}<br /><br />In this example reversetag will look up the template variable next_page_view and reverse the url to whatever is in stored in that variable.<br /><br />Arguments<br /><br />Of course it is also possible to provide arguments for views that require them. Example:<br /><br />{% reverse "sample_view" "arg1","arg2" %}<br /><br />{% reverse "sample_view" arg1_var,arg2_var %}<br /><br />{% reverse "sample_view" key1="arg1",key2="arg2" %}<br /><br />{% reverse "sample_view" key1=arg1_var,key2=arg2_var %}<br /><br />As with the view name literal arguments have to be quoted, otherwise they will be treated as variables.<br /><br />Note: Since Django's``reverse`` method does not permit mixing args and kwargs reversetag does not allow this as well.<br /><br />Saving the result<br /><br />If you want to use the reversed url in multiple places you can save the result in a context variable. Example:<br /><br />{% reverse "sample_view" "arg1" as my_url %}<br /><br />Advanced usage<br /><br />There is also a more advanced mode of operation called partial reversing. What this does is allow you to reverse views that require arguments in multiple steps.<br /><br />This is useful in situations where you want to use a generic template (e.g. list pagination) that needs to construct urls to a page with an additional parameter(s) without beeing hardcoded to a specific view (e.g. a page number). The "normal" way of doing this is using GET parameters, but GET parameters adversely affect caching [1], are bad for search engines and just looks ugly.<br /><br />[1] If you're using Django's Cache Middleware it completely skips caching for pages with GET parameters!<br /><br />Example:<br /><br />- -<br />...<br />url(r'^something/(?P< page >[0-9]+)', 'app.views.view', name="paginatable_view"),<br />...<br />- / -<br /><br />- template.html -<br />{% reverse partial "paginatable_view" as this_page %}<br />{% include pagination.html %}<br />- /template.html -<br /><br />- pagination.html -<br />< a href="{% reverse this_page page=2 %}" >next page< /a ><br />- /pagination.html -<br /><br />In this example the template template.html constructs a partial reversed url to itself and saves the result in a context varialbe this_page which in turn is used by a generic pagination.html to display a link to the next page without having to know anything about the view except that it takes a page argument.<br /><br />Here are some key features of "django-reversetag":<br /><br />?*A* Consistent syntax ("string literals" and variables)<br />?*A* Ability to reverse view names stored in context variables<br />?*A* Partial reversing<br /><br /><br />#md5=781fa1635adb416820883e717b8de68f

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
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