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klish 1.5.3

Company: Serj Kalichev
Date Added: October 14, 2013  |  Visits: 328


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The klish is a framework for implementing a CISCO-like CLI on a UNIX systems. It is configurable by XML files. The KLISH stands for Kommand Line Interface Shell. I know that "command" starts with "c" :) .<br /><br />The klish is a fork of clish 0.7.3 project ( developed by Graeme McKerrell. The klish obtain some new features but it's compatible (as much as possible) with clish's XML configuration files. <br /><br />Features<br /><br />The klish incorporates all the features of clish. See the clish documentation on for details. Additionally klish has some native features:<br /><br /> * Namespaces or logically nested views. The tag NAMESPACE allows to import the command set from the specified view into another view. So these commands can be used within target view. It allows to create logically nested views. The further view in hierarchy can use commands of previous views. The behaviour is like a CISCO modes (there is the availability to use "configure"-mode commands from "config-if" mode).<br /> * Namespaces with prefix support. The command set can be included into another view with the prefix. All included commands will obtain specified prefix when used from target view. These feature allow to implement CISCO-like "do show ..." commands.<br /> * Optional arguments support. The command arguments can be optional. The PARAM tag supports "optional" option that specify whether parameter is optional.<br /> * Subcommands support. The special type of PARAMs was implemented. It's a fixed word (the sequence of symbols with no spaces) that can be found among another arguments. It can be optional and mean a flag.<br /> * Nested parameters support. The parameters can be nested. The child (nested) parameters follow the parent parameter. This feature use in parameter branching and with optional parameters. If optional parameter is entered then all the child parameters follow. If the optional parameter was not entered than the child parameters will not be used.<br /> * Switch subcommands support. The special type of subcommand allows to choose one argument of the list of possible arguments as a next positional parameter. So together with the nested parameters it implements the branching. The argument list can be non-linear.<br /> * CISCO-like config support. In some cases the CLI is rather useless without configuration commands storing. The new XML tag CONFIG was implemented to support interaction beetween klish and some external (or internal) mechanism to store some commands sequence i.e. CISCO-like configuration. On each succesfully executed command the klish can execute special callback function that get current command information and can communicate to external tool to store commands or use the internal mechanisms.<br /> * Configuration daemon. The configuration daemon konfd can store the current CISCO-like configuration information (running-config). Any klish or another process can communicate to konfd via socket. There is special string-oriented protocol to set new entries to the running-config, remove existent entries or get current config state.<br /> * The initial view redefinition. User can define CLISH_VIEW environment variable to set initial view instead of the initial view from STARTUP tag.<br /> * The klish specific XML examples. The klish source tree contain the klish specific XML examples that show basic CISCO-like interface to configure network interfaces and routing in Linux system.<br /> * The ordered sequences support in user configuration. In some cases the ordered numerated lists is needed. The example is a CISCO-like access lists in which the order of entries is important. The entries can be addressed by the line number.<br /> * The automatic internal variables. For each command the klish engine generates the automatic variables that can be used the same way as a variables origin from PARAM tags. These are current command line (${cmd}), the whole entered line (${line}) etc.<br /> * The klish specific builtin functions. The clish contain a set of builtin functions (that don't need a scripting within ACTION tag). The additional klish specific builtin functions is available.<br /> * The conditional parameters support. The parameter can be dynamically enabled or disabled depending on the condition. The condition have the syntax same as standard /bin/test utility. So the parameter visibility can depend on the previous parameters values.<br /> * The locking mechanism. The locking mechanism allows to execute several instances of clish utility (or another programs based on libclish library) simultaneously without conflicts.<br /> * The atomic actions support. The ACTION script can be non-interruptable for the user. It's a default behaviour.<br /> * The choosing of the scripting language is supported. The scripting language for the ACTION script execution can be customized.<br /> * The command aliases are supported. The command can have the aliases. The resulting alias is equal to the original command. To find out what name (original or alias) was used the ${__cmd} internal variable can be analyzed.<br /> * The buildroot contrib files. The klish source tree contain the contrib files for the buildroot to be embedded into it as an additional package.<br /> * The UTF-8 encoding support. The clish utility can autodetect if current locale use UTF-8 encoding or 8-bit encoding.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Addressed Automatic Basic Configure Examples Important Interface Interfaces Linux Network Number Order Ordered Routing Source Specific Startup System
Users rating: 0/10

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