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django-postal 0.8

Company: Michael Thornhill
Date Added: June 18, 2013  |  Visits: 304


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The motivation behind this project is that most countries have different forms of<br />postal addresses e.g. ,<br /><br /><br />This app assumes that all postal addresses worldwide can be made up of 5 optional<br />address lines plus a country code.<br /><br />It then localizes the title of each line dependant on the country selected.<br />Further information on each address line can be gleaned from<br />django.contrib.localflavor fields and widgets e.g. for the UK<br /><br />from django import forms<br />from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _<br />from import UKPostcodeField, UKCountySelect<br /><br />from postal.forms import PostalAddressForm<br /><br />class GBPostalAddressForm(PostalAddressForm):<br /> line1 = forms.CharField(label=_(u"Company name"), required=False, max_length=50)<br /> line2 = forms.CharField(label=_(u"Street"), max_length=50)<br /> city = forms.CharField(label=_(u"Town"), max_length=50)<br /> state = forms.CharField(label=_(u"County"), widget=UKCountySelect, max_length=50)<br /> code = UKPostcodeField(label=_(u"Postcode"))<br /><br />It is hoped that various contributors will contribute address formats per country<br />and that eventually this address information could find it's way back in to<br />django.contrib.localflavor<br /><br /><br />Dependencies<br />============<br /><br />django-countries (<br /><br /><br />Developers, How to Contribute<br />==========<br />$ git clone<br />$ cd django-postal<br />$ virtualenv . --no-site-packages<br />$ source bin/activate<br />$ python<br />$ bin/buildout -v<br />$ bin/django syncdb<br />$ bin/test<br />$ bin/django runserver<br /><br />browse to http://localhost:8000<br /><br />new countries can be added to the src/postal folder by their<br />2 letter country code e.g. us<br /><br />Each country folder contains an and a<br /> contains the localized address<br /><br />Usage<br />=====<br /><br />1. Add django-countries and django-postal to your INSTALLED_APPS in<br />e.g.<br /><br />INSTALLED_APPS = (<br /> "countries",<br /> "postal",<br /> ...<br /> )<br /><br />2. In your view code import the code for getting a localized postal address<br /><br /><br />from postal.library import get_postal_form_class<br /><br />form_class = get_postal_form_class("us")<br />postal_form = form_class()<br /><br />3. Add postal_form to your templates<br /><br />some_template.html<br />{{postal_form}}<br /><br />4. In this case we will have a US postal form<br /><br /><br />How to use localized addresses<br />==============================<br /><br />Address localisation is turned on by default.<br />To turn off Address l10n: in set<br />::<br /> POSTAL_ADDRESS_L10N = False<br /><br /><br />Customize address labels and requirement<br />----------------------------------------<br /><br />If you wish to customize the address labels and whether the address line is<br />required or not, you can add the following variables to<br />::<br /> POSTAL_ADDRESS_LINE1, POSTAL_ADDRESS_LINE2, POSTAL_ADDRESS_CITY, POSTAL_ADDRESS_STATE, POSTAL_ADDRESS_CODE<br /><br />each of these variables is set to a tuple of the format ('label', True/False)<br />'label' is used to label the field, and the second boolean value sets whether<br />the field is required or not, e.g.<br />::<br /> POSTAL_ADDRESS_LINE1 = ("Department", True)<br /><br />TODO<br />====<br /><br />1. Create method of allowning third party app to register a localized postal form<br /> a) Registry match with regular expressions cf<br /> b) admin site approach<br /><br />2. Templatetag for modifying a form in a template<br /> e.g. {{postal_form|localize:country_code}}<br /><br />BUILD HISTORY<br />=============<br /><br />0.4<br />Don't enforce uniqueness on postal addresses<br /><br /><br />#md5=0c98764f527dcbbea646d3f0bf57ce4a

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Address Addresses Bindjango Countries Country Djangopostal Field Folder Import Information Labels Localisation Localized Max Length Postal Postal Address Line Settingspy Turned Variables
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