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haufe.requestmonitoring 0.2.3

Company: Andreas Jung
Date Added: August 21, 2013  |  Visits: 311


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haufe.requestmonitoring implements a detailed request logging functionality on top of the publication events as introduced with Zope 2.12.<br /><br />Features<br />Fine resolution request logging<br /><br />Used as base for ztop and zanalyse, i.e. helps to determine the Zope load, detect long running requests and to analyse the causes of restarts.<br /><br />The implementation in this module registers subscribers for IPubStart and IPubSuccess/IPubFailure. For each of these events, a log entry of the form:<br /><br />timestamp status request_time type request_id request_info<br /><br />is written.<br />Fields<br /><br /> * timestamp is the current time in the format %y%m%dT%H%M%S.<br /> * status is 0 for IPubStart events, 390 for requests that will be retried and the result of IStatus applied to the response otherwise.<br /> * request_time is 0 for IPubStart events. Otherwise, it will be the request time in seconds.<br /> * type is + for IPubStart and - otherwise.<br /> * request_id is the (process) unique request id.<br /> * request_info is IInfo applied to the request.<br /><br />In addition, a log entry with request_info == restarted is written when this logging is activated. Apart from request_info and timestamp all other fields are 0. It indicates (obviously) that the server has been restarted. Following requests get request ids starting with 1.<br /><br />To activate this logging, both timelogging.zcml must be activated (on by default) and a product-config section with name timelogging must be defined containing the key filebase. It specifies the basename of the logfile; .<date> will be appended to this base. Then, ITicket, IInfo adapters must be defined (e.g. the one from info). An IStatus adapter may be defined for response.<br /><br />Example:<br /><br /><product-config timelogging><br />filebase /path/to/request-logs/instance-foo<br /></product-config><br /><br />Success request logging<br /><br />This logging writes two files <base>_good.<date> and <base>_bad.<date>. For each request, a character is writen to either the good or the bad logfile, depending on whether the request was successful or unsuccessful. This means, that only the file size matters for these logfiles.<br /><br />Usually, response codes >= 500 are considered as unsuccessful requests. You can register an ISuccessFull adapter, when you need a different classification.<br /><br />To activate this logging, both successlogging.zcml must be activated (on by default) and a product-config section with name successlogging must be defined containing the key filebase. It specifies the basename of the logfiles (represented as <base> above).<br /><br />Example:<br /><br /><product-config successlogging><br />filebase /path/to/request-logs/successful-foo<br /></product-config><br /><br />Monitoring long running requests<br /><br />haufe.requestmonitoring allows you to monitor long-running request. The following configuration within your zope.conf configuration file will install the DumpTracer and check after the period seconds for requests running longer than time seconds:<br /><br />%import haufe.requestmonitoring<br /><requestmonitor requestmonitor><br /> period 5s<br /> <monitorhandler dumper><br /> factory Haufe.RequestMonitoring.DumpTraceback.factory<br /> # 0 --> no repetition<br /> repeat -1<br /> time 10s<br /> </monitorhandler><br /></requestmonitor><br /><br />A typical dump trace looks like this (it shows you the URL and the current stacktrace):<br /><br />2009-08-11 14:29:09 INFO Zope Ready to handle requests<br />2009-08-11 14:29:09 INFO RequestMonitor started<br />2009-08-11 14:29:14 INFO RequestMonitor monitoring 1 requests<br />2009-08-11 14:29:19 INFO RequestMonitor monitoring 1 requests<br />2009-08-11 14:29:24 INFO RequestMonitor monitoring 1 requests<br />2009-08-11 14:29:24 WARNING RequestMonitor.DumpTrace Long running request<br />Request 1 "/foo" running in thread -497947728 since 14.9961140156s<br />Python call stack (innermost first)<br />Module /home/junga/sandboxes/review/parts/instance/Extensions/, line 4, in foo<br />Module Products.ExternalMethod.ExternalMethod, line 231, in __call__<br />- __traceback_info__: ((), {}, None)<br />Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 46, in call_object<br />Module ZPublisher.mapply, line 88, in mapply<br />Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 126, in publish<br />Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 225, in publish_module_standard<br />Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 424, in publish_module<br />Module Products.ZopeProfiler.ZopeProfiler, line 353, in _profilePublishModule<br />Module Products.ZopeProfiler.MonkeyPatcher, line 35, in __call__<br />Module ZServer.PubCore.ZServerPublisher, line 28, in __init__<br /><br />Installation<br /><br />In addition you must haufe.requestmonitoring to the zcml option of your buildout.cfg file or include it within the site.zcml file using:<br /><br /><include package="haufe.requestmonitoring" />

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Buildoutcfg File Hauferequestmonitoring Register Request Inf Sitezcml Url Writes Files Written Zope Featuresfine Zope Featuresfine Resolution Zope Load Detect Zopeconf Zopeconf Configuration Zopeconf Configuration File Zpublisherpublish Line
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