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Svenweb for Linux 0.2

Company: Ethan Jucovy and Jeff Hammel
Date Added: September 28, 2013  |  Visits: 243

Svenweb for Linux

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Svenweb is a web environment for publishing and editing versioned documents.<br /><br />It uses a Subversion repository as its database and works against a checkout. Alternative backends may be supported one day.<br /><br />To configure it, edit the paste.ini configuration:<br /><br /> [app:svenweb] ... svenweb.checkout_dir = /path/to_your/svn/checkout/<br /><br />The checkout must already exist; svenweb won't create it for you.<br /><br />Then you can run it with paster serve paste.ini<br /><br />What it doesn't do<br /><br />Svenweb doesn't care about authentication. If you do, you should configure this outside of svenweb or in an additional WSGI middleware layer.<br /><br />Likewise svenweb doesn't respect authentication. Commits will all be made by the system's default user. In a future version this will change to respect environment variables.<br /><br />Svenweb doesn't provide in-browser diffs between revisions. I'd like to add this eventually.<br /><br />Svenweb doesn't provide RSS for changes. It should.<br /><br />Svenweb doesn't provide facilities for moving, copying or deleting files through the web. Adding these will likely be my next priority.<br /><br />Usage<br /><br />Svenweb uses a wiki-style workflow for adding new documents: just visit the URL of the document you want to create. You'll find an edit form.<br /><br />If you visit /baz/bar/foo/ then the directories /baz/ and /baz/bar/ will be created and checked in to the repository if they do not yet exist.<br /><br />Svenweb aggressively redirects redundant versions of all its views:<br /><br /> * If a document /foo was last changed in r5 and you visit /foo?version=8, you will be redirected to /foo?version=5.<br /> * If /foo's last change was in r5 and you visit /foo you will be redirected to /foo?version=5.<br /><br />This means that every URL with a ?version parameter can be cached forever if you want.<br /><br />Read<br /><br />Visit a document's URL to view its latest version.<br /><br />Append ?version=5 to view it as of r5.<br /><br />Write<br /><br />Visit /foo?view=edit to edit the document stored at /foo.<br /><br />You can edit the file, and also set a mimetype which will be used when serving the file.<br /><br />You can also add a commit message. If you don't, the default commit message is "foom."<br /><br />Index<br /><br />You can view the contents of a directory by visiting the directory's URL. Versions work here too; visiting directory /baz/bar/?version=5 will display the contents of that directory as of r5.<br /><br />History<br /><br />You can view a history (changelog) for any file or directory's URL by using the querystring ?view=history.<br /><br />For directories, this will display the history of changes within that directory, including file additions and modifications in subdirectories.<br /><br />You can use ?version=5 modifiers as well, to see a history of changes up through the version specified.<br /><br />Miscellany<br /><br />Tests<br /><br />There are the beginnings of a test suite in the ./ftests directory. These are flunc tests, which run twill scripts over HTTP. You should easy_install flunc if you want to run the tests.<br /><br />To run them, start a svenweb server on localhost:5052 with<br /> svenweb.checkout_dir = /tmp/svnco/<br />Then run<br /> ./<br /><br />Templates<br /><br />The templates are Tempita templates. They are minimal by design. You can fork them; just change the value of svenweb.templates_dir in the paste.ini file.<br /><br />#md5=f98e61914d453df089d92648c7debdd7

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Authentication Change Commit Create Default Directory Document Doesn History Linux Message Provide Repository Respect Svenweb Svenweb Linux Templates Version Visit
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