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Scholar H-Index Calculator 2.2

Company: Agelin Bee
Date Added: December 03, 2013  |  Visits: 442

Scholar H-Index Calculator

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Once installed, the Scholar H-Index Calculator Firefox add-on displays on top of Google Scholar result pages, the corresponding h-index, g-index, e-index and other measures of impact for the submitted query.<br /><br />To have accurate results, set your Google Scholar preferences on the number of results to 100.<br /><br />The addon currently processes just the displayed result page, and, as such, does not currently work for persons having enormous (h or g)-index (h or g > 100).<br /><br />If you aim at computing your own indices values accurately, I strongly suggest to use the "Advanced Scholar" feature and fill the "Return articles written by.." field. Also you should restrict search to your field of experience.<br /><br />Automatically browsing result pages following the first one violates Google<br />terms of service, and thus this feature is currently not implemented.<br /><br />delta-H and delta-G<br /><br />These two values measure the minimum number of citations missing in order to increment the current h-index (g-index, respectively), by 1.<br />In the case of delta-h this is (h+1)-c[h+1] + sum_(1,h)[max((h+1) - c[i],0)], where c[h] is the number of citations for the paper in position h, and h is the current h-index.<br />delta-G is computed as sum(1,g+1)c[i] - (g+1)^2.<br />Note that for increasing h-index by 1, one has to obtain delta-H new citations on those particular papers which fail to have h+1 citations: all the first h+1 papers must reach at least h+1 citations, meaning that usually the (h+1)-th paper is the main culprit for the value of delta-H. For increasing g-index, any new citation on the first g+1 papers matters, no matter how it is distributed.<br /><br />delta-H and delta-G should be a measure of how difficult would be for the author at hand to increase his/her h and g-index. Note however that the range of delta-h is relatively small (in the worst case, delta-h= 2h+1).<br /><br />Normalized Values<br /><br />Normalized values (the second row of data which is displayed) are computed by normalizing<br />the number of citations found per each paper. That is, if paper i has been cited t times,<br />and has been written by k authors, its number of normalized citations is t/k.<br />All other indices values are computed considering this normalized values. In particular<br />the normalized h-index corresponds to h_{I,Norm} of Publish or Perish.<br />Due to limitations on the Google Scholar output format, Scholar H-Index truncates to 4 the author count for papers having more than 4 authors.<br /><br />Support for CiteseerX<br /><br />From version 1.3, a limited support for CiteseerX has been introduced. CiteseerX reports also the number of self citations, so this makes easy to compute indices after cleaning self citations.<br />When querying on citeseerX, You might indeed notice a second row which shows indices values computed after cleaning self-citations.<br />Note that at the moment values are computed based on the 10 results displayed, so their value might turn out to be an excessive approximation.<br /><br />Usage<br /><br />After installation, whenever you submit a query to scholar, you should automatically see the corresponding citation indices values on top of the page.<br /><br />Note that computed indices values might differ from those of software tools like Publish or Perish. This latter program is hardwired to query no matter which is your actual locale. Results from your local google.* might differ.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Citations Computed Displayed Gindex Google Hindex Indices Normalized Number Paper Papers Result Results Scholar Values
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 30.72 KB
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