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StarDict for Fedora Linux 3.0.2

Company: Hu Zheng
Date Added: October 22, 2013  |  Visits: 355

StarDict for Fedora Linux

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Stardict is a free open source off-line dictionary program that allows you to use all those free dictionaries(at the moment more than 100 dictionaries are available).<br /><br />Glob-style pattern matching<br />You can input strings containing '*' (wildcard) and '?' (joker) as the pattern. '*' matches an arbitrary, possibly empty, string, and '?' matches an arbitrary character. After pressing Enter, the words that match this pattern will be shown in the list.<br /><br />Regular expressions matching<br />You can input strings as Perl-compatible regular expressions with a beginning ":" character as the identifier. After pressing Enter, the words that match this regex will be shown in the list.<br /><br />Fuzzy query<br />When you can't remember how to spell a word exactly, you can try StarDict's Fuzzy query. It uses "Levenshtein Edit Distance" to compute the similarity between two words, and gives the match results which are most similar to the word that you input. To create a fuzzy query, just input the word with a beginning "/", and then press Enter.<br /><br />Full-text search<br />Full-text search searches for a word in the data. To create a Full-text search, just input the word with a beginning "|", and then press Enter. For example, "|ab cd" searches data which contain both "ab" and "cd". If the words contain Space character, you can use " ", such as "|apple pie", other escaping characters are "" for '', " " for Tab and "<br />" for new line.<br /><br />Special character search<br />If your words contain special characters, you can use '' to escape it, for example, "a*b?" searches "a*b?", "/abc" searches "/abc".<br /><br />Scan the selected word<br />Turn on the check button at the bottom-left corner of the StarDict window to activate this feature. When this feature is on, StarDict will automatically look up words, phrases, and Chinese characters in other applications. Just highlight a word or phrase with your mouse, and a floating window will pop up showing the definition of the selected word.<br /><br />Dictionary management<br />Click the "Manage dictionaries" button at the bottom-right corner of the window to access the dictionary management dialog. From here, you can disable some dictionaries that you don't need, and set the dictionaries' querying order.<br /><br />Here are some key features of "Stardict":<br /><br />- More Powerful!<br />Thousands of free dictionaries can be found on the internet. Choose your own favorites.<br /><br />- Full-text translation:<br />Click text translate icon on the left. With google, yahoo, Altavista, Excite Janpan translation engines you can tranlate from one language to another with satisfactory results.<br /><br />- Net Dict:<br />Dictionary installation on your own computer is not necessary any more. Click the main menu icon on the top right of the corner, choose "Preferences" option. Here you can set Net dict. Register or log on your account, then you can use the Net Dict with your own dictionaries.<br /><br />- Mouse Inquiry:<br />When "scan" option is selected, you can capture the words via mouse to translate.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Beginning Character Characters Corner Dictionaries Enter Input Match Mouse Option Pattern Query Quotquot Searches Selected Stardict Window Words
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 1.64 MB
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