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Wah!Cade 0.27

Company: Andy Balcombe
Date Added: September 14, 2013  |  Visits: 208


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Wah!Cade 0.27 / 0.99 Pre 7<br /><br />Wah!Cade is a GNU/Linux friendly clone of Minwah's excellent MameWAH.<br /><br />Wah!Cade is a front end for the M.A.M.E. arcade game emulator. Support for other games and emulators will hopefully be added soon.<br /><br />The source code is released under the GNU GPL license.<br /><br />Here are some key features of "Wah!Cade":<br /><br />?*A* It's MameWAH for GNU/Linux!<br />?*A* It uses MameWah's config files and layouts<br />?*A* It has a keyboard controlled GUI - Perfect for those arcade controls<br />?*A* It runs x.mame games<br /><br />Requirements:<br /><br />?*A* Python<br />?*A* PyGTK<br />?*A* elementtree / celementree<br /><br />What's New in This Release:<br /><br />?*A* FixedUnboundLocalError.<br />?*A* Added "no-gstreamer" option to disable all music / video.<br />?*A* Attempt at fixing joystick looping.<br />?*A* Added mednafen (Zombie) and Vectrex (battlecat) templates.<br />?*A* Added new wahcade.ini option ("show_list_arrows").<br />?*A* Set delay_before_movie_preview to 0 to disable movie playback.<br />?*A* Formatted code according to (most) PEP8 standards.<br />?*A* Fixed bug that stopped Mame XML / Catver info from populating in Setup Editor.<br />?*A* Another tweak to (setattr).<br />?*A* Fixed potential bug in Setup Editor where mame settings might not get saved.<br />?*A* New simpler version of Scrolled list - hopefully this will be faster.<br />?*A* Added functions to set busy / normal mouse cursor.<br />

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Added Arcade Attempt Delay Movie Preview Disable Fixed Fixing Formatted Joystick Movie Option Playback Quotshow List Arrowsquot Setup Standards Vectrex Video Wahcadeini
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 286.72 KB
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