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django-logdb for linux 0.9.9

Company: Joeri Bekker
Date Added: November 11, 2013  |  Visits: 239

django-logdb for linux

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django-logdb has a custom logging handler that writes log entries in a database. It therefore integrates nicely with your existing logging configuration and you can decide what log entries are written to the database.<br /><br />The Django admin site is extended with a graphical view of recent log entries to provide more insight in what is going on. The log messages are grouped by log level or "type of log entry".<br /><br />To minimize database access, aggregation is done via a Django command that you can call periodically (as a cronjob).<br /><br />Installation:<br /><br />The easiest way to install the package is via setuptools:<br /><br />easy_install django-logdb<br /><br />Once installed, update your Django and add djangologdb to your INSTALLED_APPS:<br /><br />INSTALLED_APPS = (<br /> 'django.contrib.admin',<br /> 'django.contrib.auth',<br /> 'django.contrib.contenttypes',<br /> 'django.contrib.sessions',<br /> ...<br /> 'djangologdb',<br />)<br /><br />In your Django, include the djangologdb.urls before the admin:<br /><br />urlpatterns = patterns('',<br /> ...<br /> (r'^admin/djangologdb/', include('djangologdb.urls')),<br /> ...<br /> (r'^admin/', include(,<br />)<br /><br />Optionally, if you want to log exceptions, add the middleware:<br /><br />MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES = (<br /> 'django.middleware.common.CommonMiddleware',<br /> 'django.contrib.sessions.middleware.SessionMiddleware',<br /> 'django.contrib.auth.middleware.AuthenticationMiddleware',<br /> ...<br /> 'djangologdb.middleware.LoggingMiddleware',<br />)<br /><br />Run python syncdb to create the database tables.<br /><br />Now, for the actual logging part, you should use the database logging handler. There are two ways to do this: Using only Python code, or, by using a configuration file. Both methods are explained below.<br /><br />To add this handler via Python to, for example, your root logger, you can add the following to your Django<br /><br />import logging<br />from djangologdb.handler import DjangoDatabaseHandler, add_handler<br /><br />logging.basicConfig(level=logging.DEBUG)<br />logger = logging.getLogger()<br /><br /># A bug in Django causes the settings to load twice. Using<br /># this handler instead of logging.addHandler works around that.<br />add_handler(logger, DjangoDatabaseHandler())<br /><br />To use this handler via a logging configuration file, simply import this module in your Django before loading the configuration from a file:<br /><br />from djangologdb import handlers<br />logging.config.fileConfig(...)<br /><br />Then in your logging configuration file, you can add it from the handlers namespace and add it to any logger you want:<br /><br />[handlers]<br />keys=djangologdb<br /><br />[logger_root]<br />level=NOTSET<br />handlers=djangologdb<br /><br />[handler_djangologdb]<br />class=handlers.DjangoDatabaseHandler<br />args=()<br /><br />Configuration:<br /><br />You can set the following settings in your Django file:<br /><br />LOGDB_RULES<br /><br /> Define rules to create a new log entry when certain conditions are true.<br /><br /> Default:<br /><br /> LOGDB_RULES =<br /> [{<br /> # If 3 logs with level WARNING or higher occur in 5 minutes or<br /> # less, create a new log with level CRITICAL.<br /> 'conditions': {<br /> 'min_level': logging.WARNING,<br /> 'qualname': '',<br /> 'min_times_seen': 3,<br /> 'within_time': datetime.timedelta(0, 5 * 60),<br /> },<br /> 'actions': {<br /> 'level': logging.CRITICAL,<br /> }<br /> }]<br /><br />LOGDB_LEVEL_COLORS<br /><br /> Set colors to use in the graph for level based datasets.<br /><br /> Default:<br /><br /> LOGDB_LEVEL_COLORS =<br /> {<br /> logging.DEBUG: '#c2c7d1',<br /> logging.INFO: '#aad2e9',<br /> logging.WARNING: '#b9a6d7',<br /> logging.ERROR: '#deb7c1',<br /> logging.CRITICAL: '#e9a8ab',<br /> }<br /><br />LOGDB_MEDIA_ROOT<br /><br /> Set the absolute path to the directory of django-logdb media.<br /><br /> Default:<br /><br /> LOGDB_MEDIA_URL = os.path.join(djangologdb.__path__[0], 'media')<br /><br />LOGDB_MEDIA_URL<br /><br /> Set the URL that handles the media served from LOGDB_MEDIA_ROOT. Make sure to add a trailing slash at the end. If settings.DEBUG=True, the media will be served by Django.<br /><br /> Default:<br /><br /> LOGDB_MEDIA_URL = '/admin/djangologdb/media/'<br /><br />Commands:<br /><br />aggregate_logs<br /><br /> Aggregates log entries and triggers any action with matching rules.<br /><br />Usage:<br /> python aggregate-logs<br /><br />Options:<br /> -s, --skip-actions<br /> Do not use the rules to create new logs.<br /> --cleanup=CLEANUP<br /> Specifies the number of days to keep log entries and deletes the rest.<br /><br /><br />#md5=85b9c6812a7df94cf51e78ca688ae3c0

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Configuration Create Database Default Django Django Logdb Djangologdb Entries Handler Import Level Linux Logdb Logdb Linux Logging Media Python Rules Served Settings Settingspy
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