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django-templatesadmin 0.6

Company: Martin Mahner
Date Added: August 15, 2013  |  Visits: 177


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django-templatesadmin is a Django application to make minor changes to your templates on the fly.<br /><br />Templates Admin is a tiny, nifty application for your Django project to edit your templates, that are stored on your disk, via an admin interface.<br /><br />Originally this app was inspired by dbtemplates.<br /><br />Installation:<br /><br />1. Put templatesadmin into your INSTALLED_APPS setting.<br />2. Add this line to your urlconf:<br /><br /> (r'^templatesadmin/',include('templatesadmin.urls')),<br /><br />3. Create a group TemplateAdmins and put all users in there, who should been able to edit templates. You don't need to grant any permissions to that group. Just call it TemplateAdmins.<br /><br />Keep in mind that also Superusers (is_admin flag) must belong to this group, if they should been able to edit templates. The group name is case-sensitive!<br /><br />4. Point your webbrowser to http://localhost/templatesadmin/ and start editing.<br /><br />Optional Settings:<br /><br />There are some settings that you can override in your<br /><br />1. TEMPLATESADMIN_GROUP: The name of your group of your TemplatesAdmin Users.<br /><br />Default: TemplateAdmins<br /><br />2. TEMPLATESADMIN_VALID_FILE_EXTENSIONS: A tuple of file-extensions (without the leading dot) that are editable by TemplatesAdmin.<br /><br />Default:<br /><br />TEMPLATESADMIN_VALID_FILE_EXTENSIONS = (<br /> 'html',<br /> 'htm',<br /> 'txt',<br /> 'css',<br /> 'backup'<br /> )<br /><br />3. TEMPLATESADMIN_TEMPLATE_DIRS: A tuple of directories you want your users to edit, instead of all templates.<br /><br />Default: All user-defined and application template-dirs.<br /><br />4. TEMPLATESADMIN_HIDE_READONLY: A boolean to wether enable or disable displaying of read-only templates.<br /><br />Default: False<br /><br />5. TEMPLATESADMIN_EDITHOOKS: A tuple of callables edithooks. Edithooks are a way to interact with changes made on a template. Think of a plugin system.<br /><br />There are two builtin edithooks:<br /><br />* dotbackupfiles.DotBackupFilesHook: Creates a copy of the original file before overwriting, naming it .backup.<br />* gitcommit.GitCommitHook: Commits your templates after saving via git version control.<br /><br />You can define your own edithooks, see above hooks as example.<br /><br />Default:<br /><br />TEMPLATESADMIN_EDITHOOKS = (<br /> 'templatesadmin.edithooks.dotbackupfiles.DotBackupFilesHook',<br /> )<br /><br />Dependencies:<br /><br />There are no external dependencies required for this app. Even if it looks like django-admin, it just needs it Stylesheets. So make sure you have set the settings.ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX url.<br /><br />You have to enable django.contrib.auth and django.contrib.sessions in your INSTALLED_APPS settings.<br /><br />#md5=167b2adedca5421e02d0f6078aaa28ca

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Application Builtin Creates Django Django Templatesadmin 0 6 Edithooks Enable Group Installed Apps Original Plugin Settings Systemthere Template Templates Templatesdefault Tuple Users
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