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pycassa 1.5.1

Company: Tyler Hobbs
Date Added: November 15, 2013  |  Visits: 265


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pycassa is a python client library for Apache Cassandra with the following features:<br /><br /> 1. Auto-failover for normal or thread-local connections<br /> 2. Connection pooling<br /> 3. A batch interface<br /> 4. A method to map an existing class to a Cassandra column family<br /><br />Installation<br /><br />If easy_install is available, you can use:<br /><br />easy_install pycassa<br /><br />The simplest way to install manually is to copy the pycassa directories to your program. If you want to install, make sure you have thrift installed, and run as a superuser.<br /><br />easy_install thrift05<br />python install<br /><br />Connecting<br /><br />All functions are documented with docstrings. To read usage documentation, you can use help:<br /><br />>>> import pycassa<br />>>> help(pycassa.ColumnFamily.get)<br /><br />To get a connection pool, pass a Keyspace and an optional list of servers:<br /><br />>>> pool = pycassa.connect('Keyspace1') # Defaults to connecting to the server at 'localhost:9160'<br />>>> pool = pycassa.connect('Keyspace1', [''])<br /><br />See the tutorial for more details.<br />Basic Usage<br /><br />To use the standard interface, create a ColumnFamily instance.<br /><br />>>> pool = pycassa.connect('Keyspace1')<br />>>> cf = pycassa.ColumnFamily(pool, 'Standard1')<br />>>> cf.insert('foo', {'column1': 'val1'})<br />1261349837816957<br />>>> cf.get('foo')<br />{'column1': 'val1'}<br /><br />insert() also acts to update values:<br /><br />>>> cf.insert('foo', {'column1': 'val2'})<br />1261349910511572<br />>>> cf.get('foo')<br />{'column1': 'val2'}<br /><br />You may insert multiple columns at once:<br /><br />>>> cf.insert('bar', {'column1': 'val3', 'column2': 'val4'})<br />1261350013606860<br />>>> cf.multiget(['foo', 'bar'])<br />{'foo': {'column1': 'val2'}, 'bar': {'column1': 'val3', 'column2': 'val4'}}<br />>>> cf.get_count('bar')<br />2<br /><br />get_range() returns an iterable. Call it with list() to convert it to a list.<br /><br />>>> list(cf.get_range())<br />[('bar', {'column1': 'val3', 'column2': 'val4'}), ('foo', {'column1': 'val2'})]<br />>>> list(cf.get_range(row_count=1))<br />[('bar', {'column1': 'val3', 'column2': 'val4'})]<br /><br />You can remove entire keys or just a certain column.<br /><br />>>> cf.remove('bar', columns=['column1'])<br />1261350220106863<br />>>> cf.get('bar')<br />{'column2': 'val4'}<br />>>> cf.remove('bar')<br />1261350226926859<br />>>> cf.get('bar')<br />Traceback (most recent call last):<br />...<br />cassandra.ttypes.NotFoundException: NotFoundException()

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Cassandra Cfget Foo Column Cfinsert Bar Cfinsert Foo Column Columns Create Install Instancegtgtgt Interface Oncegtgtgt Pycassa Pycassaconnect Keyspace Setuppy Val Val Gtgtgt
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