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krpython 0.2.1

Company: Kenneth Reitz
Date Added: September 24, 2013  |  Visits: 280


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krpython - A fancy curses interface to the Python interactive interpreter<br />=======<br /><br />Dependencies<br />============<br />Pygments<br />pyparsing<br />(apt-get install python-pyparsing python-pygments)<br /><br />Introduction<br />============<br />A few people asked for stuff like syntax highlighting<br />and autocomplete for the Python interactive interpreter.<br />IPython seems to offer this (plus you can get readline<br />behaviour in the vanilla interpreter) but I tried<br />IPython a couple of times. Perhaps I didn't really get<br />it, but I get the feeling that the ideas behind IPython<br />are pretty different to krpython. I didn't want to create<br />a whole development environment; I simply wanted to<br />provide a couple of neat features that already exist<br />and turn them into something a little more interactive.<br /><br />The idea is to provide the user with all the features<br />in-line, much like modern IDEs, but in a simple,<br />lightweight package that can be run in a terminal<br />window, so curses seemed like the best choice.<br />Sorry if you use Windows.<br /><br />krpython doesn't attempt to create anything new or<br />groundbreaking, it simply brings together a few neat<br />ideas and focuses on practicality and usefulness.<br />For this reason, the "Rewind" function should be<br />taken with a pinch of salt, but personally I have<br />found it to be very useful. I use krpython now<br />whenever I would normally use the vanilla interpreter,<br />e.g. for testing out solutions to people's problems<br />on IRC, quickly testing a method of doing something<br />without creating a temporary file, etc..<br /><br />Features<br />========<br /><br />* In-line syntax highlighting.<br />*This uses Pygments for lexing the code as you type,<br />*and colours appropriately. Pygments does a great job<br />*of doing all of the tricky stuff and really leaving<br />*me with very little to do except format the tokens<br />*in all my favourite colours.<br /><br />* Readline-like autocomplete with suggestions displayed<br />as you type.<br />*Thanks to Python's readline interface to libreadline<br />*and a ready-made class for using a Python interpreter's<br />*scope as the dataset, the only work here was displaying<br />*the readline matches as you type in a separate curses<br />*window below/above the cursor.<br /><br />* Expected parameter list.<br />*As in a lot of modern IDEs, krpython will attempt to<br />*display a list of parameters for any function you<br />*call. The inspect module is tried first, which works<br />*with any Python function, and then pydoc if that fails,<br />*which seems to be pretty adequate, but obviously<br />*in some cases it's simply not possible. I used pyparsing<br />*to cure my nested parentheses woes; again, it was<br />*nice and easy.<br /><br />* Rewind.<br />*I didn't call this "Undo" because I thought that would<br />*be misleading, but "Rewind" is probably as bad. The<br />*idea is that the code entered is kept in memory and<br />*when the Rewind function is called, the last line is<br />*popped and the entire code is re-evaluated. As you can<br />*imagine, this has a lot of potential problems, but for<br />*defining classes and functions, I've found it to be<br />*nothing but useful.<br /><br />* Pastebin code/write to file.<br />*I don't really use the save thing much, but the pastebin<br />*thing's great. Hit a key and what you see on the screen<br />*will be sent to a pastebin and a URL is returned for you<br />*to do what you like with. I've hardcoded<br />*in for now, that needs to be fixed so it's configurable.<br />*Next release, I promise. Support for<br />*was just added. Just add use_gist to your ~/.bpythorc<br />*file, and you'll be pasting strait to Gists instead.<br /><br />* Flush curses screen to stdout.<br />*A featurette, perhaps, but I thought it was worth noting.<br />*I can't personally recall a curses app that does this,<br />*perhaps it's often not useful, but when you quit krpython,<br />*the screen data will be flushed to stdout, so it basically<br />*looks the same as if you had quit the vanilla interpreter.<br /><br />Configuration<br />=============<br />See the sample-rc file for a list of available options.<br />You should save your rc file as ~/.krpythonrc or specify<br />at the command line:<br /><br />krpython /path/to/krpythonrc<br /><br />Known Bugs<br />==========<br /><br />* Triple quoted strings over multiple lines work, but they're<br />not highlighted properly.<br /><br />#md5=23808c525161f8805bb1717ac5278d59

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Colours Couple Curses Didn Function Great I039ve Interactive It039s Krpython Pygments Python Readline Simply Thought Vanilla
Users rating: 0/10

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