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sphinxcontrib-paverutils 1.3

Company: Doug Hellmann
Date Added: July 20, 2013  |  Visits: 205


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sphinxcontrib-paverutils is a Python module that provides an alternative integration of Sphinx and Paver. It supports calling Sphinx from within Paver using multiple configurations, and does not assume you only want to build HTML output.<br /><br />Basic Usage<br /><br />To use this module, import it in your file as from sphinxcontrib import paverutils, then define option Bundles for "html" and/or "pdf" output using the options described in the task help.<br /><br />For example:<br /><br />import paver<br />import paver.misctasks<br />from paver.path import path<br />from paver.easy import *<br />import paver.setuputils<br />paver.setuputils.install_distutils_tasks()<br />try:<br /> from sphinxcontrib import paverutils<br />except:<br /> import warnings<br /> warnings.warn('sphinxcontrib.paverutils was not found, you will not be able to produce documentation')<br /><br />options(<br /> setup=Bunch(<br /> name = 'MyProject',<br /> version = '1.0',<br /><br /> # ... more options here ...<br /> ),<br /><br /> # Defaults for sphinxcontrib.paverutils<br /> sphinx = Bunch(<br /> docroot='.',<br /> sourcedir='docsource',<br /> builder='html',<br /> ),<br /><br /> # One configuration to build HTML for the package<br /> html=Bunch(<br /> builddir='docs',<br /> confdir='sphinx/pkg',<br /> ),<br /><br /> # Another configuration with different templates<br /> # to build HTML to upload to the website<br /> website=Bunch(<br /> builddir = 'web',<br /> confdir='sphinx/web',<br /> ),<br /><br /> # We also want a PDF file for the website,<br /> # so the instructions are included in the web<br /> # configuration directory.<br /> pdf=Bunch(<br /> builddir='web',<br /> builder='latex',<br /> confdir='sphinx/web',<br /> ),<br /><br />)<br /><br />Configuration Parameters<br /><br />docroot<br /><br /> the root under which Sphinx will be working.<br /><br /> default: docs<br /><br />builddir<br /><br /> directory under the docroot where the resulting files are put.<br /><br /> default: build<br /><br />sourcedir<br /><br /> directory under the docroot for the source files<br /><br /> default: (empty string)<br /><br />doctrees<br /><br /> the location of the cached doctrees<br /><br /> default: $builddir/doctrees<br /><br />confdir<br /><br /> the location of the sphinx<br /><br /> default: $sourcedir<br /><br />outdir<br /><br /> the location of the generated output files<br /><br /> default: $builddir/$builder<br /><br />builder<br /><br /> the name of the sphinx builder to use<br /><br /> default: html<br /><br />template_args<br /><br /> dictionary of values to be passed as name-value pairs to the HTML builder<br /><br /> default: {}<br /><br />Advanced Usage<br /><br />You can also develop your own tasks by calling run_sphinx() directly:<br /><br />@task<br />@needs(['cog'])<br />@cmdopts([<br /> ('in-file=', 'b', 'Blog input filename'),<br /> ('out-file=', 'B', 'Blog output filename'),<br />])<br />def blog(options):<br /> """Generate the blog post version of the HTML for the current module.<br /> """<br /> # Generate html from sphinx<br /> paverutils.run_sphinx(options, 'blog')<br /><br /> blog_file = path( /<br /> dry("Write blog post body to %s" % blog_file,<br /> gen_blog_post,<br />,<br />,<br />,<br /> )<br /><br /> if 'EDITOR' in os.environ:<br /> sh('$EDITOR %s' % blog_file)<br /> return

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Blog Blog File Build Builder Configuration Default Directory Docroot Files Import Location Module Options Output Sphinx Sphinxcontrib Version Website
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 10.24 KB
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