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Bit::Vector for Linux 6.9

Company: Steffen Beyer
Date Added: October 18, 2013  |  Visits: 236

Bit::Vector for Linux

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Bit::Vector is an efficient bit vector, set of integers and "big int" math library.<br /><br />CLASS METHODS<br /><br />Version<br /><br />$version = Bit::Vector->Version();<br /><br />Word_Bits<br />$bits = Bit::Vector->Word_Bits(); # bits in a machine word<br /><br />Long_Bits<br />$bits = Bit::Vector->Long_Bits(); # bits in an unsigned long<br /><br />new<br />$vector = Bit::Vector->new($bits); # bit vector constructor<br /><br />@veclist = Bit::Vector->new($bits,$count);<br /><br />new_Hex<br />$vector = Bit::Vector->new_Hex($bits,$string);<br /><br />new_Bin<br />$vector = Bit::Vector->new_Bin($bits,$string);<br /><br />new_Dec<br />$vector = Bit::Vector->new_Dec($bits,$string);<br /><br />new_Enum<br />$vector = Bit::Vector->new_Enum($bits,$string);<br /><br />Concat_List<br />$vector = Bit::Vector->Concat_List(@vectors);<br />OBJECT METHODS<br />new<br />$vec2 = $vec1->new($bits); # alternative call of constructor<br /><br />@veclist = $vec->new($bits,$count);<br /><br />Shadow<br />$vec2 = $vec1->Shadow(); # new vector, same size but empty<br /><br />Clone<br />$vec2 = $vec1->Clone(); # new vector, exact duplicate<br /><br />Concat<br />$vector = $vec1->Concat($vec2);<br /><br />Concat_List<br />$vector = $vec1->Concat_List($vec2,$vec3,...);<br /><br />Size<br />$bits = $vector->Size();<br /><br />Resize<br />$vector->Resize($bits);<br />$vector->Resize($vector->Size()+5);<br />$vector->Resize($vector->Size()-5);<br /><br />Copy<br />$vec2->Copy($vec1);<br /><br />Empty<br />$vector->Empty();<br /><br />Fill<br />$vector->Fill();<br /><br />Flip<br />$vector->Flip();<br /><br />Primes<br />$vector->Primes(); # Sieve of Erathostenes<br /><br />Reverse<br />$vec2->Reverse($vec1);<br /><br />Interval_Empty<br />$vector->Interval_Empty($min,$max);<br /><br />Interval_Fill<br />$vector->Interval_Fill($min,$max);<br /><br />Interval_Flip<br />$vector->Interval_Flip($min,$max);<br /><br />Interval_Reverse<br />$vector->Interval_Reverse($min,$max);<br /><br />Interval_Scan_inc<br />if (($min,$max) = $vector->Interval_Scan_inc($start))<br /><br />Interval_Scan_dec<br />if (($min,$max) = $vector->Interval_Scan_dec($start))<br /><br />Interval_Copy<br />$vec2->Interval_Copy($vec1,$offset2,$offset1,$length);<br /><br />Interval_Substitute<br />$vec2->Interval_Substitute($vec1,$off2,$len2,$off1,$len1);<br /><br />is_empty<br />if ($vector->is_empty())<br /><br />is_full<br />if ($vector->is_full())<br /><br />equal<br />if ($vec1->equal($vec2))<br /><br />Lexicompare (unsigned)<br />if ($vec1->Lexicompare($vec2) == 0)<br />if ($vec1->Lexicompare($vec2) != 0)<br />if ($vec1->Lexicompare($vec2) < 0)<br />if ($vec1->Lexicompare($vec2) Lexicompare($vec2) > 0)<br />if ($vec1->Lexicompare($vec2) >= 0)<br /><br />Compare (signed)<br />if ($vec1->Compare($vec2) == 0)<br />if ($vec1->Compare($vec2) != 0)<br />if ($vec1->Compare($vec2) < 0)<br />if ($vec1->Compare($vec2) Compare($vec2) > 0)<br />if ($vec1->Compare($vec2) >= 0)<br /><br />to_Hex<br />$string = $vector->to_Hex();<br /><br />from_Hex<br />$vector->from_Hex($string);<br /><br />to_Bin<br />$string = $vector->to_Bin();<br /><br />from_Bin<br />$vector->from_Bin($string);<br /><br />to_Dec<br />$string = $vector->to_Dec();<br /><br />from_Dec<br />$vector->from_Dec($string);<br /><br />to_Enum<br />$string = $vector->to_Enum(); # e.g. "2,3,5-7,11,13-19"<br /><br />from_Enum<br />$vector->from_Enum($string);<br /><br />Bit_Off<br />$vector->Bit_Off($index);<br /><br />Bit_On<br />$vector->Bit_On($index);<br /><br />bit_flip<br />$bit = $vector->bit_flip($index);<br /><br />bit_test<br />contains<br />$bit = $vector->bit_test($index);<br />$bit = $vector->contains($index);<br />if ($vector->bit_test($index))<br />if ($vector->contains($index))<br /><br />Bit_Copy<br />$vector->Bit_Copy($index,$bit);<br /><br />LSB (least significant bit)<br />$vector->LSB($bit);<br /><br />MSB (most significant bit)<br />$vector->MSB($bit);<br /><br />lsb (least significant bit)<br />$bit = $vector->lsb();<br /><br />msb (most significant bit)<br />$bit = $vector->msb();<br /><br />rotate_left<br />$carry = $vector->rotate_left();<br /><br />rotate_right<br />$carry = $vector->rotate_right();<br /><br />shift_left<br />$carry = $vector->shift_left($carry);<br /><br />shift_right<br />$carry = $vector->shift_right($carry);<br /><br />Move_Left<br />$vector->Move_Left($bits); # shift left "$bits" positions<br /><br />Move_Right<br />$vector->Move_Right($bits); # shift right "$bits" positions<br /><br />Insert<br />$vector->Insert($offset,$bits);<br /><br />Delete<br />$vector->Delete($offset,$bits);<br /><br />increment<br />$carry = $vector->increment();<br /><br />decrement<br />$carry = $vector->decrement();<br /><br />inc<br />$overflow = $vec2->inc($vec1);<br /><br />dec<br />$overflow = $vec2->dec($vec1);<br /><br />add<br />$carry = $vec3->add($vec1,$vec2,$carry);<br />($carry,$overflow) = $vec3->add($vec1,$vec2,$carry);<br /><br />subtract<br />$carry = $vec3->subtract($vec1,$vec2,$carry);<br />($carry,$overflow) = $vec3->subtract($vec1,$vec2,$carry);<br /><br />Neg<br />Negate<br />$vec2->Neg($vec1);<br />$vec2->Negate($vec1);<br /><br />Abs<br />Absolute<br />$vec2->Abs($vec1);<br />$vec2->Absolute($vec1);<br /><br />Sign<br />if ($vector->Sign() == 0)<br />if ($vector->Sign() != 0)<br />if ($vector->Sign() < 0)<br />if ($vector->Sign() Sign() > 0)<br />if ($vector->Sign() >= 0)<br /><br />Multiply<br />$vec3->Multiply($vec1,$vec2);<br /><br />Divide<br />$quot->Divide($vec1,$vec2,$rest);<br /><br />GCD (Greatest Common Divisor)<br />$vecgcd->GCD($veca,$vecb);<br />$vecgcd->GCD($vecx,$vecy,$veca,$vecb);<br /><br />Power<br />$vec3->Power($vec1,$vec2);<br /><br />Block_Store<br />$vector->Block_Store($buffer);<br /><br />Block_Read<br />$buffer = $vector->Block_Read();<br /><br />Word_Size<br />$size = $vector->Word_Size(); # number of words in "$vector"<br /><br />Word_Store<br />$vector->Word_Store($offset,$word);<br /><br />Word_Read<br />$word = $vector->Word_Read($offset);<br /><br />Word_List_Store<br />$vector->Word_List_Store(@words);<br /><br />Word_List_Read<br />@words = $vector->Word_List_Read();<br /><br />Word_Insert<br />$vector->Word_Insert($offset,$count);<br /><br />Word_Delete<br />$vector->Word_Delete($offset,$count);<br /><br />Chunk_Store<br />$vector->Chunk_Store($chunksize,$offset,$chunk);<br /><br />Chunk_Read<br />$chunk = $vector->Chunk_Read($chunksize,$offset);<br /><br />Chunk_List_Store<br />$vector->Chunk_List_Store($chunksize,@chunks);<br /><br />Chunk_List_Read<br />@chunks = $vector->Chunk_List_Read($chunksize);<br /><br />Index_List_Remove<br />$vector->Index_List_Remove(@indices);<br /><br />Index_List_Store<br />$vector->Index_List_Store(@indices);<br /><br />Index_List_Read<br />@indices = $vector->Index_List_Read();<br /><br />Or<br />Union<br />$vec3->Or($vec1,$vec2);<br />$set3->Union($set1,$set2);<br /><br />And<br />Intersection<br />$vec3->And($vec1,$vec2);<br />$set3->Intersection($set1,$set2);<br /><br />AndNot<br />Difference<br />$vec3->AndNot($vec1,$vec2);<br />$set3->Difference($set1,$set2);<br /><br />Xor<br />ExclusiveOr<br />$vec3->Xor($vec1,$vec2);<br />$set3->ExclusiveOr($set1,$set2);<br /><br />Not<br />Complement<br />$vec2->Not($vec1);<br />$set2->Complement($set1);<br /><br />subset<br />if ($set1->subset($set2)) # true if $set1 is subset of $set2<br /><br />Norm<br />$norm = $set->Norm();<br />$norm = $set->Norm2();<br />$norm = $set->Norm3();<br /><br />Min<br />$min = $set->Min();<br /><br />Max<br />$max = $set->Max();<br /><br />Multiplication<br />$matrix3->Multiplication($rows3,$cols3,<br />$matrix1,$rows1,$cols1,<br />$matrix2,$rows2,$cols2);<br /><br />Product<br />$matrix3->Product($rows3,$cols3,<br />$matrix1,$rows1,$cols1,<br />$matrix2,$rows2,$cols2);<br /><br />Closure<br />$matrix->Closure($rows,$cols);<br /><br />Transpose<br />$matrix2->Transpose($rows2,$cols2,$matrix1,$rows1,$cols1);

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Bitbit Bitvector For Linux 6 9 Bitvectorgtlsbbitmsb Constructorveclist Minmax Quotbitsquot Shift Significant Tsincrementcarry Vec Gtincvec Decoverflow Vector
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 133.12 KB
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