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ciscoconfparse 0.8.2

Company: David Michael Pennington
Date Added: September 26, 2013  |  Visits: 344


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ciscoconfparse is a Python library for parsing through Cisco IOS-style configurations and retrieving portions of the config based on a variety of query methods.<br /><br />The package will process an IOS-style config and break it into a set of linked parent / child relationships. Then you issue queries against these relationships using a familiar family syntax model. Queries can either be in the form of a simple string, or you can use regular expressions. The API provides powerful query tools, including the ability to find all parents that have or do not have children matching a certain criteria. This means it is easy to find the interface names of all layer2 trunks in a Catalyst 6500, or retrieve a list of all interfaces with cdp disabled. Until this package, I know of no simple config-parsing APIs to do the same; it has traditionally been considered the domain of screen-scraping. In conjunction with python's sophisticated set-manipulation capabilities, your imagination is the limit.<br /><br />The package also provides a set of methods to query and manipulate the IOSConfigLine objects themselves. This gives you a flexible mechanism to build your own custom queries, because the IOSConfigLine objects store all the parent / child hierarchy in them.<br /><br />Examples of config family relationships are shown below...<br /><br />Line01:policy-map QOS_1<br />Line02: class GOLD<br />Line03: priority percent 10<br />Line04: class SILVER<br />Line05: bandwidth 30<br />Line06: random-detect<br />Line07: class default<br />Line08:!<br />Line09:interface Serial 1/0<br />Line10: encapsulation ppp<br />Line11: ip address<br />Line12:!<br />Line13:access-list 101 deny tcp any any eq 25 log<br />Line14:access-list 101 permit ip any any<br /> <br />parents: 01, 02, 04, 09<br />children: of 01 = 02, 04, 07<br />of 02 = 03<br />of 04 = 05, 06<br />of 09 = 10, 11<br />siblings: 02, 04, 07<br />05, 06<br />10, 11<br />oldest_ancestors: 01, 09<br />families: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07<br />09, 10, 11<br />family_endpoints: 07, 11<br /><br />Note that 01, 09, 13 and 14 are not considered siblings, nor are they part of the same family. In fact, 13 and 14 do not belong to a family at all; they have no children.<br /><br />The package provides several types of methods:<br /><br />1. Query methods returning a list of text lines.<br />1.1 find_lines( self, linespec, exactmatch=False, ignore_ws=False ):<br />1.2 find_children( self, linespec, exactmatch=False, ignore_ws=False ):<br />1.3 find_all_children( self, linespec, exactmatch=False, ignore_ws=False ):<br />1.4 find_blocks( self, blockspec, exactmatch=False, ignore_ws=False ):<br />1.5 find_parents_w_child( self, parentspec, childspec, ignore_ws=False ):<br />1.6 find_parents_wo_child( self, parentspec, childspec, ignore_ws=False ):<br />1.7 req_cfgspec_all_diff( self, cfgspec ):<br />1.8 req_cfgspec_excl_diff( self, linespec, uncfgspec, cfgspec ):<br /><br />2. Query methods returning a list of IOSConfigLine objects.<br />2.1 find_line_OBJ( self, linespec ):<br />2.2 find_sibling_OBJ( self, lineobject ):<br />2.3 find_child_OBJ( self, lineobject):<br />2.4 find_all_child_OBJ( self, lineobject ):<br />2.5 find_parent_OBJ( self, lineobject ):<br /><br />3. Methods for manipulating IOSConfigLine objects<br />3.1 unique_OBJ( self, objectlist ):<br />3.2 objects_to_lines( self, objectlist ):<br />3.3 objects_to_uncfg( self, objectlist, unconflist ):<br /><br />4. Query methods on IOSConfigLine objects<br />4.1 parent(self):<br />4.2 children(self):<br />4.3 has_children(self):<br />4.4 child_indent(self):<br />4.5 oldest_ancestor(self):<br />4.6 family_endpoint(self):<br />4.7 linenum(self):<br />4.8 text(self):<br />4.9 uncfgtext(self):<br /><br />5. Methods for parsing the configuration: I won't bother explaining here...<br />You have the source if you are interested.<br /><br />BASIC USAGE<br /><br />#!/usr/bin/env python<br />from ciscoconfparse import *<br /> <br />parse = CiscoConfParse("/tftpboot/bucksnort.conf")<br /> <br /># Return a list of all ATM interfaces and subinterfaces<br />#<br />atm_intfs = parse.find_lines("^interfacesATM")<br /> <br /># Return a list of all interfaces with a certain QOS policy<br />#<br />qos_intfs = parse.find_parents_w_child( "^interf", "service-policy QOS_01" )<br /> <br /># Return a list of all active interfaces (i.e. not shutdown)<br />#<br />active_intfs = parse.find_parents_wo_child( "^interf", "shutdown" )<br /> <br /># Find all interfaces that have voice configured, if they are trusting dscp<br /># build a new config to trust cos<br />#<br /># You must put a caret (^) sign in front of "interface" below... otherwise you will get matches<br /># for any command with interface in the syntax. ^ is a regular expression to match the beginning<br /># of a line.<br />#<br />newcfg = []<br />voice_intfs = parse.find_parents_w_child("^interface", "switchport voice")<br />for intf in voice_intfs:<br /> famobj = CiscoConfParse( parse.find_children( intf, exactmatch = True ) )<br /> if( famobj.find_lines("mls qos trust dscp") ):<br /> newcfg.append(intf)<br /> newcfg.append(" mls qos trust cos")<br /><br />The examples/ directory in the distribution contains more usage cases, including sample configs to parse. When enforcing configuration standards, the req_cfgspec_excl_diff() method is very useful; examples of its usage are included.<br /><br />md5=ae82d6693ba38f91df7f8d7c85f79c26

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Ciscoconfparse 0 8 2 Class Config Exactmatch Dfalse Family Ignore Dfalse Interfaces Iosconfigline Lineobject Linespec Methods Objectlist Package Query Regular Relationships Return Trust
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