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django-form-utils 0.1.8

Company: Carl Meyer
Date Added: August 04, 2013  |  Visits: 325


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django-form-utils is a Django application that provides BetterForm and BetterModelForm classes which are subclasses of django.forms.Form and django.forms.ModelForm, respectively. BetterForm and BetterModelForm allow subdivision of forms into fieldsets which are iterable from a template, and also allow definition of row_attrs which can be accessed from the template to apply attributes to the surrounding container (< li >, < tr >, or whatever) of a specific form field.<br /><br />Installation:<br /><br />Once installed on your Python path (see INSTALL.txt), just include form_utils in your INSTALLED_APPS setting. django-form-utils does not provide any models, but including it in INSTALLED_APPS makes the form_utils template tag library available.<br /><br />You may also want to override the default form rendering templates by providing alternate templates at templates/form_utils/better_form.html and templates/form_utils/form.html.<br /><br />Usage:<br /><br />Simply inherit your form class from form_utils.forms.BetterForm (rather than django.forms.Form), or your modelform class from form_utils.forms.BetterModelForm, and define the fieldsets and/or row_attrs attributes of the inner Meta class:<br /><br />class MyForm(BetterForm):<br /> one = forms.CharField()<br /> two = forms.CharField()<br /> three = forms.CharField()<br /> class Meta:<br /> fieldsets = (('main', {'fields': ('two',), 'legend': ''}),<br /> ('Advanced', {'fields': ('three', 'one'),<br /> 'description': 'advanced stuff'}))<br /> row_attrs = {'one': {'style': 'display: none'}}<br /><br />Fieldset definitions are similar to ModelAdmin fieldset definitions: each fieldset is a two-tuple with a name and an options dictionary. Valid fieldset options in the dictionary include:<br /><br />fields<br /> (required) A tuple of field names to display in this fieldset.<br />classes<br /> A list of extra CSS classes to apply to the fieldset.<br />legend<br /> This value, if present, will be the contents of a legend tag to open the fieldset. If not present the name of the fieldset will be used (so a value of '' for legend must be used if no legend is desired.)<br />description<br /><br /> A string of optional extra text to be displayed under the legend of the fieldset.<br /><br />When iterated over, the fieldsets attribute of a BetterForm (or BetterModelForm) yields Fieldset s. Each Fieldset has a name attribute, a legend attribute, and a description attribute, and when iterated over yields its BoundField s.<br /><br />For backwards compatibility, a BetterForm or BetterModelForm can still be iterated over directly to yield all of its BoundField s, regardless of fieldsets.<br /><br />For more detailed examples, see the doctests in tests/<br /><br />Rendering:<br /><br />A possible template for rendering a BetterForm:<br /><br />{% if form.non_field_errors %}{{ form.non_field_errors }}{% endif %}<br />{% for fieldset in form.fieldsets %}<br /> < fieldset class="fieldset_{{ }}" ><br /> {% if fieldset.legend %}<br /> < legend >{{ fieldset.legend }}< /legend ><br /> {% endif %}<br /> {% if fieldset.description %}<br /> < p class="description" >{{ fieldset.description }}< /p ><br /> {% endif %}<br /> < ul ><br /> {% for field in fieldset %}<br /> {% if field.is_hidden %}<br /> {{ field }}<br /> {% else %}<br /> < li{{ field.row_attrs }} ><br /> {{ field.errors }}<br /> {{ field.label_tag }}<br /> {{ field }}<br /> < /li ><br /> {% endif %}<br /> {% endfor %}<br /> < /ul ><br /> < /fieldset ><br />{% endfor %}<br /><br />django-form-utils also provides a convenience template filter, render. It is used like this:<br /><br />{{ form|render }}<br /><br />By default, it will check whether the form is a BetterForm, and if so render it using the template form_utils/better_form.html. If not, it will render it using the template form_utils/form.html. (In either case, the form object will be passed to the render template's context as form).<br /><br />The render filter also accepts an optional argument, which is a template name or comma-separated list of template names to use for rendering the form:<br /><br />{{ form|render:"my_form_stuff/custom_form_template.html" }}<br /><br />Please report bugs to the official home page:

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Attribute Betterform Bettermodelform Class Dja Django Djangoformutils Endif Field Fieldset Fieldsetlegend Fieldsets Filter Form Form Utils Formnon Field Errors Formscharfield Iterated Legend Render Rendering Row Attrs Template Utils
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License: Freeware Size: 1.23 MB
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