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bayonne 2-2.3.1

Company: Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Date Added: June 29, 2013  |  Visits: 272


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GNU Bayonne, the telecommunications application server of the GNU project, offers free, scalable, media independent software environment for development and deployment of telephony solutions for use with current and next generation telephone networks.<br /><br />Building from source:<br /><br />Before you can build and use GNU Bayonne, you must build and install GNU Common C++, GNU ccAudio, and GNU ccScript. These packages are all part of the GNU system and may be downloaded from or from any GNU mirror site. The first package you should download and build is GNU Common C++, and you should download the latest release version, which will be found in<br /><br />After downloading GNU Common C++, you can unpack it with:<br /><br />tar -zxvf commoncpp-{VERSION}.tar.gz<br /><br />Substitute VERSION with the version of your package.<br /><br />Before you install GNU Common C++, you may wish to consider if you will make use of XML and SQL support in GNU Bayonne. If you intend to use these features, then you need to have the Gnome XML library (libxml2). This library is already installed as part of a normal Gnome desktop system, and very often used by many other applications, so it is likely you will already have it on your system. If you are on an RPM based system, and intend to use XML support, libxml2 is often split between a main and ``devel'' package. You will need to make sure your ``libxml2-devel'' package is installed, or that a ``xml2-config'' command exists in your bin path for GNU Common C++ and Bayonne to detect and include XML support.<br /><br />To install GNU Common C++, enter the commoncpp directory you have unpacked to and run the ``configure'' script. For GNU/Linux systems, this script can be ran simply with ./configure, and GNU Common C++ will be installed to your /usr/local directory. If you wish to install GNU Common C++ to /usr, then enter ./configure -prefix=/usr. Once configure completes, simply perform a ``make install''.<br /><br />Next, you should download GNU current versions of GNU ccScript from and the GNU ccAudio package from These packages depend on GNU Common C++ being installed before they can be made. After downloading these packages, unpack each one similar to above. You will then run the ``configure'' script from each of these packages using the same options you choose to use when building GNU Common C++ (if any). Then simply perform a ``make install''.<br /><br />At this point you should also have installed any device drivers and link libraries that were part of or required by the computer telephony hardware you will be using. If you are using a CAPI based computer telephony card, then many GNU/Linux distributions already include the capi library needed for building GNU Bayonne and you need not have anything else installed. Many non-capi cards include link libraries and drivers that must be present for the card to work and to be controlled by external programs. Please follow the notes in the different hardware sections based on your hardware and make sure your hardware is working correctly before you download and install Bayonne.<br /><br />You may now download GNU Bayonne from Once you download the GNU Bayonne package, you will unpack it as before, and you may then enter the package directory and run the ``configure'' script. The Bayonne configure can be passed a number of options that control what features will be enabled or disabled in GNU Bayonne. These can be used to tailor the server image for specific applications where only a select set of GNU Bayonne features and capabilities are required. A description of how to tailore GNU Bayonne is described in the next section.<br /><br />If you do not wish to tailor GNU Bayonne, and in most cases, it is unessisary to do so, then you can simply run the ``configure'' script as is with default options. The configure script will test to see what computer telephony support exists on your machine, and will then build GNU Bayonne with drivers for whatever computer telephony support it has found. You may then use ``make'' to compile GNU Bayonne. Before you perform ``make install'', review the section on installing your new server.<br /><br />It is important to make sure the libraries required for your computer telephony hardware are present first because GNU Bayonne's configure script automatically detects which computer telephony card libraries are present and selects which computer telephony drivers GNU Bayonne will be built with. If Bayonne is installed before your computer telephony hardware and libraries, then it will likely fail to use your hardware since it did not detect it at configure time. However, you can always re-run the configure script in the package to enable GNU Bayonne to build drivers for your card if you change hardware or forget to install your hardware first.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Bayonne Build Common Computer Configure Download Drivers Hardware Install Installed Libraries Package Packages Script System Telephony
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