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ScopServ-VoIP 2.1.3 Beta

Company: ScopServ
Date Added: November 30, 2013  |  Visits: 388


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ScopServ-VoIP is a Web-based GUI management interface for the Asterisk system which can be accessed by any XHTML 1.0 browser.<br /><br />It supports a lot of features like: multiple languages, multiple users, reporting tools, personal IVR, and an end user UI. It is available in SOHO, SMB, Professional, and ITSP editions.<br /><br />The SCOPSERV-VoIP server is designed for a fast and simple installation. SCOPSERV-VoIP is compatible with today's principal IP telephony protocols: SIP, MGCP, IAX and H.323. This compatibility offers maximum flexibility in the deployment of our solutions in any enterprise.<br /><br />SCOPSERV products and solutions offer a real advantage by making profitable the material and the networks already in place. This characteristic allows a gradual and evolutionary implementation as well as an easy and simple integration to the corporate networks. <br /><br />SCOPSERV products were designed to be conforming to industry standards and offer a wide variety of telephony and network functions, It appears among the best offers in terms of price-performance ratio on the market.<br /><br />SCOPSERV offers a transparent integration, if needed, with major VoIP suppliers having a significant share of the market. It is more suited to handle front end systems than most other more costly systems. <br /><br />SCOPSERV provides a transparent inter working with softswitch, SIP and IAX servers, H.323 access controllers and the MGCP calling agents of major VoIP technology suppliers.<br /><br />The SCOPSERV-VoIP server makes it possible to inter-connect the IP telephony network (VoIP) with the traditional telephony network (PSTN). SCOPSERV offers not only the traditional functionalities of a phone system (PBX) but also the advanced functionalities which were made possible due to telephony and data processing integration:<br /><br />??N*?* Multi lingual system<br />??N*?* Web based administration and management<br />??N*?* Vocal mailbox (Voicemail)<br />??N*?* Interactive vocal response (IVR)<br />??N*?* Intelligent call routing<br />??N*?* Conferencing<br />??N*?* Equipment provisioning<br />??N*?* Detailed calls report<br />??N*?* Flash operator panel<br />??N*?* PSTN Interworking<br />??N*?* Audio support (Codec)<br /><br />Multi lingual system<br /><br />ScopServ's Web interface, documentation and online help are available in many languages.<br /><br />French<br />English<br />Spanish<br />Russian<br />Ukrainian<br />Byelorussian<br /><br />Web based administration and management<br /><br />In order to ease up the Asterisk system management, we have built this web based management interface which can be accessed by any browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, ...).<br /><br />The administration tool offers you speed and ease when managing your IPPBX. That speed and ease is part of the incredible ROI (Return On Investment) you will get by using our interface.<br /><br />Voice messaging (Voicemail)<br /><br />The voice messaging is a system being used for the exchange of spoken messages on your telephone (automatic answering device). Our solution offers an unlimited number of vocal box to you.<br /><br />Password protected<br />Standard and personalized greeting recording messages<br />Specific message categorisation ( busy or unavailable)<br />You can receive an email telling you that you received a voice message<br />Visual and sound indicators of message waiting<br /><br />Interactive vocal response<br /><br />Our management module guides you step by step in the creation of your RVI applications. Informative applications can be developed quickly. Simply record your messages and fill the blanks. Interactive answers system can thus be created in a logical and simple way.<br /><br />Intelligent call routing<br /><br />Using the line manager, you can create inbound and outbound call rules.<br />Many rules can be created for each destinations thus adding flexibility and / or redundancy. Routing rules and all extentions can be spread across different ScopServ servers on a WAN.<br /><br />Conferencing<br /><br />Create multiple conference rooms, organize your own internet reunions easely.<br />Unlimited number of participant<br />Participant control (talk, mute, shut down.)<br />User or administrator modes<br />Password protected<br /><br />Equipment auto-provisioning (Phones/ATA)<br /><br />This function enables you to configure directly from the Web interface your various phone equipments. Once configured, simply hook up your equipment and the configuration will be carried out automatically.<br />This auto-provisioning function offers you to centralize your configurations and make it a breeze to mass deploy your equipments.<br />Phones already provisioned:<br />Cisco 7905, 7912, 7940 and 7960<br />Aastra 480i, 9112i and 9133i<br />Hitachi WIP-5000 (Wireless)<br /><br />Detailled calls reports<br /><br />A wide variety of reports both text and graphical are being offer for you to be able to quickly analyse server, phones and lines usage.<br /><br />Flash operator panel<br /><br />The control panel posts information of your PBX server activity in real time using a Flash interface.<br />You can create multiple control boards to manage and visualize the statutes your server.<br />Extensions status<br />Calls waiting<br />Agents & Calls queues<br />Calls control (transfert, disconnection, call, ...)<br /><br />PSTN Interworking<br /><br />You can integrate up to 16 analog ports (FXO/FXS) and a maximum of 4 PRI ports T1/E1 directly on the server.<br /><br />Robbed Bit Signaling (RBS):<br /><br />FXS & FXO<br />Loopstart, Groundstart, Kewlstart<br />E&M<br />E&M Wink<br />Feature Group D<br />E911<br /><br />PRI protocols:<br /><br />4ESS, Lucent 5E<br />DMS100<br />National ISDN2<br />EuroISDN<br />Q.Sig<br /><br />Audio support (Codec)<br /><br />G.711 (mu-Law/A-Law)<br />G.723 (Pass through)<br />G.726<br />G.729 (Licences required)<br />GSM

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Administration Based Control Functionalities Interface Management Multiple Network Offer Offers Phone Scopserv Scopservvoip Server Simple System Telephony Traditional Vocal
Users rating: 0/10

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