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News::GnusFilter 0.55

Company: Joe Schaefer
Date Added: October 13, 2013  |  Visits: 190


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News::GnusFilter is a Perl module for scripting an inline message filter. It adds "Gnus-Warning:" headers when presented with evidence of atypical content or otherwise nonstandard formatting for usenet messages.<br /><br />News::GnusFilter should be drop-in compatible with other newsreaders that are capable of filtering a usenet posting through an external application prior to display. See the CONFIGURATION section below for descriptions of tunable parameters, and the MESSAGE TESTS section for descriptions of the exported subroutines.<br /><br />SYNOPSIS<br /><br /># ~/.gnusfilter - scoring script<br /><br /> require 5.006;<br /> use strict;<br /> use News::GnusFilter qw/:tests groan references NSLOOKUP VERBOSE/;<br /><br /> NSLOOKUP = ""; # disables nslookups for bogus_address test<br /> VERBOSE = 1; # noisier output for debugging<br /><br /> my $goof = News::GnusFilter->set_score( {<br /> rethreaded => 80,<br /> no_context => 60,<br /> } );<br /><br /># standard tests - see MESSAGE TESTS for details<br /><br /> missing_headers;<br /> bogus_address;<br /> annoying_subject;<br /> cross_post;<br /> mimes;<br /> lines_too_long;<br /> control_characters;<br /> miswrapped;<br /> misattribution;<br /> jeopardy_quoted;<br /> check_quotes; # runs multiple tests on quoted paragraphs<br /> bad_signature;<br /><br /># custom tests - see WRITING HEADERS and SCORING<br /><br /> if (check_quotes and not references) {<br /> $goof->{rethreaded} = groan "Callously rethreaded";<br /> }<br /><br /> if (references and not check_quotes) {<br /> $goof->{no_context} = groan "Missing context";<br /> }<br /><br />__END__<br /><br />Your GnusFilter script should be installed as a mime-decoder hook for gnus.<br />

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Check Quotes Context Cross Post Descriptions Details Groan Message Missing Headers Newsgnusfilter 0 55 References Script Section Tests Usenet Verbose
Users rating: 0/10

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