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Sheba 0.0.7

Company: Paul J. Davis
Date Added: November 20, 2013  |  Visits: 225


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Sheba offers SQL management for people that don't mind SQL.<br /><br />Motivation<br /><br />I can write SQL faster than I can figure out the various library and ORM abstraction layers. Writing SQL directly in code is pretty disgusting. So I stole an idea from the Axamol SQL Library and along with a couple updates have created this library.<br /><br />What is it?<br /><br />First, we'll consider some basic query definitions:<br /><br />name: create_roles_table<br />type: update<br />sql: |<br /> CREATE TABLE roles<br /> (<br /> scene text,<br /> name text,<br /> actor text,<br /> UNIQUE(scene, name)<br /> )<br />---<br />name: add_role<br />type: update<br />sql: |<br /> INSERT<br /> INTO roles(scene, name, actor)<br /> VALUES (${scene}, ${name}, ${actor})<br />---<br />name: list_roles<br />sql: |<br /> SELECT name,<br /> actor<br /> FROM roles<br /> ORDER BY<br /> name ASC<br /><br />This is a YAML file that defines a couple queries for working with a simple table that lists scenes, roles, and actors. This is the contents of the ./test/yaml/conn-queries.yaml that's used in a couple of the test cases in case you're curious.<br /><br />Now, to use these in some code:<br /><br />>>> import sheba<br />>>> lib = sheba.Library.from_file('test/yaml/conn-queries.yaml')<br />>>> conn = sheba.connect(lib, 'sqlite3', ':memory:')<br /><br />Now that we have a connection, lets create the roles table:<br /><br />>>> conn.u.create_roles_table()<br />-1<br /><br />The -1 is due to DDL statements not returning row information. I could technically create a third class of statement types so avoid this, but in the not doctest world you can just ignore that return value.<br /><br />Next we'll insert a couple rows:<br /><br />>>> conn.u.add_role(scene="Parrot Sketch", name="MR PRALINE", actor="John Cleese")<br />1<br />>>> conn.u.add_role(scene="Parrot Sketch", name="SHOP OWNER", actor="Machale Palin")<br />1<br />>>> conn.u.add_role(scene="Parrot Sketch", name="DEAD PARROT", actor="Fake Parrot")<br />1<br /><br />Yep, it's that simple. And lastly, we'll list the roles in the table:<br /><br /> >>> for row in conn.q.list_roles():<br /> ... print "Name: %(name)s Actor: %(actor)s" % row<br /> ...<br /> Name: DEAD PARROT Actor: Fake Parrot<br /> Name: MR PRALINE Actor: John Cleese<br /> Name: SHOP OWNER Actor: Machale Palin<br /><br />As they say, "Wicked awesome."<br /><br />Possible Query Attributes<br /><br />The example above only used name, type, and sql. Only name and sql are absolutely required. The full list of attributes is:<br /><br /><br /> * name - The name used to reference this query from Python<br /><br /> *desc - An explanation of the query for documentation.<br /><br /> * type - query or update. Defaults to query.<br /><br /> * dbs - A list of database names that this SQL will work with. The default<br /><br /> value is None which is interpreted as "Use this query when no SQL has been defined for the current connections database connection."<br /><br /> * sql - The actual query. SQL is passed through Mako with access to<br /><br /> any parameter names that were provide to the query. To bind a parameter in a query, simply print the value with standard Mako syntax like ${my_parameter_name}. Sheba will automatically replace it with the proper bind variable syntax and pass the supplied value onto the database connection.<br /><br />Note<br /><br />It may appear at first glance that the dynamic queries are writing parameter values directly into the SQL. They are NOT. The actual values passed along into the template context are UUID's that will be replaced with bind parameters syntax appropriate to your database driver. If you're asking yourself, "What if I do want the actual value?" you should go fix all of your SQL injection vulnerabilities.<br />#md5=43731671b9d164a20c5a3ef9094c8edb

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Actor Actual Connuadd Rolescene Dquotparrot Couple Create Database Names Parameter Print Query Roles Scene Sheba Sketchquot Syntax Table Updatesql We039ll
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