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kapullo's scripts 1.0b5

Company: Pescados Software
Date Added: November 23, 2013  |  Visits: 277

kapullo's scripts

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kapullo's scripts is a collection of AppleScripts, most of them thought for applescripters. Actually, there are 6 categories:<br /><br />???*Nz AppleScripter<br />-> eval: you enter applescript code and it checks its syntax and, optionally, executes the entered code.<br />-> explore Handlers: choose any applescript-open-code and it will give you a list of handlers whithin such script/applet/droplet, and optionally, copy it to the clipboard.<br />-> explore Properties: choose any applescript-open-code and it will give you a list of properties whithin such script/applet/droplet, and optionally, copy it to the clipboard.<br />-> file list: select items in the Finder, and it will copy to the clipboard an applescript list of such items.<br />-> harmful events: choose any valid applescript and it will check for potentially dangerous apple events, optionally requesting more info on them to's XML-RPC interface.<br />-> search-replace in place: search-replace code in any open-source applescript withouth opening it.<br />-> MacScripter Feeds: read latest news in MacScripter's different sections.<br />-> clipboard -> BBCode: converts applescript code to BBCode, suitable for MacScripter's BBS and other bbcode-based boards.<br />-> clipboard -> HTML: converts applescript code to HTML.<br /><br />???*Nz Finder<br />-> center front window<br />-> change creator code... (selected items or choose on-the-fly)<br />-> change file type... (selected items or choose on-the-fly)<br />-> chmod selected...: change permissions of selected items<br />-> compare 2 files (previously selected or choosen on-the-fly)<br />-> copysort: copy selected item names to clipboard, but sorted!<br />-> delete fork (selected items or choose on-the-fly)<br />-> DMGize selected folder: dmg-compress a folder<br />-> lower <-> UPPER change case of names of selected items<br />-> restart Finder: as the same name implies...<br />-> selected PS to PDF: select some postscripts and transform 'em to pdf<br />-> selection to QT playlist: quick-time suitable files to qt-playlist<br /><br />???*Nz Programmer<br />-> ASCII <-> BIN<br />-> ASCII <-> HEX<br />-> DEC <-> BIN<br />-> DEC <-> HEX<br />-> Physical RAM: displays some info about physical RAM's usage.<br />-> string <-> base64 (optionally, you can choose a file as input-output)<br /><br />???*Nz Text<br />-> clipboard -> desktop: places the clipboard in a text file in your desktop<br />-> clipboard -> place latin: places latin words in the clipboard.<br />-> clipboard -> remove styles: removes styles from styled text.<br />-> text <-> UTF-8<br />-> text <-> UTF-16<br /><br />???*Nz Useless?<br />-> Am I drunk?: prompts for some info and tells you if you're drunk<br />-> script-Poker<br />-> md5-rename: rename files according to its md5 checksum<br /> ???*Nz Flash<br /> -> layer -> duplicate<br /> -> object -> duplicate w parameters: duplicate selection using parameters<br /> -> shape -> create table...: create a simple grid<br /> -> text -> Capital Words<br /> -> text -> lowercase<br /> -> text -> Regular paragraph<br /> -> text -> Selective Embed Chars: embed unique characters in input/dinamyc text fields<br /> -> text -> UPPERCASE<br /><br />???*Nz Utils<br />-> download clipboard-url-list: pick a list of urls in the clipboard and download it to an user-selected folder.<br />-> get my IP: network and public.<br />-> hierarchical catalog: creates a hierarchical-indented list of files/folders -> kill process<br />-> NOTES: simple notes editor, save-retrieve notes.<br />-> quick catalog: create a simple and quick catalog of selected folder/disk.<br />-> run shell script...: execute given shell command on-the-fly.<br />-> ScliptBoards: keep data in multiple clipboards.<br />-> text -> HTML entities: eg, "" to ""

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Mac, Mac OSX
Keyword: Drunk Drunkgt Duplicate Layer Object Parameters Prompts Rename Scriptpokergt Shape Styled Tells Textgt Useless Fgt Utf You039re
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 409.6 KB
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