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Pyrenean DNSKong 1.34

Company: Pyrenean
Date Added: November 15, 2013  |  Visits: 300

Pyrenean DNSKong

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What is DNSKong?<br /><br />DNSKong is a personal caching-only psuedoDNS server. DNSKong only serves the localhost. No machine from the outside world will be able to use your DNSKong.<br /><br />It uses the file, named.txt as rules for matching DNS queries to the local IP address, The rule heuristic for this version is first "complete-dotted-octet" match.<br /><br />For example, if named.txt contained the line: com<br />then all names containing com between any dots in the name would match to This would include,, or Using com as a line in the filter will block any .com site.<br /><br />DNSKong uses the file, pass.txt, as exceptions to the rules in named.txt. The rule heuristic for this version is first "complete-dotted-octet" match.<br /><br />For example, if pass.txt contained the line: com<br />then all names all names containing com between any dots in the name would pass DNSKong's named filter and would be resolved by your other Domain Name Servers for resolution. This would include,, or<br /> <br />If you do not have a named.txt file or the file is empty all names will pass DNSKong's filter.<br /><br />If you do not have a pass.txt or the file is empty DNSKong will make no exceptions to the named.txt rules.<br /><br />DNSKong's menu items allow you to start and exit the program, load the filterlists, edit the pass and block lists, hide and unhide the tray icon, check version information and view the readme file. <br /><br />DNSKong's tray menu items allow you the many of the same features as the start menu. DNSKong 1.0.6+ allows you to choose the location of your filter folder. You can also configure DNSKong 1.06+ to server as a DNS proxy and you may also obtain IP configuration information about your computer. <br /><br />Notes:<br /> 1. We don't care what you filter. This DNSKong distribution includes only one keystring in named.txt, Using DNSKong as distributed will only filter the Pyrenean web site. We hope you will remove that entry, but you can filter anything and everything you want.<br /> Inclusive set of rules for different purposes may be gathered from domain names in publicly available hosts files. The rule file approach, named.txt, is much smaller than a matching hosts file. The rule search resolves a domain name to when it first finds a matching entry in named.txt.<br /> 2. The rules are predictive. Use minimal names for named.txt and specify exactly the names you want to pass DNSKong. This is the exact opposite of the approach you would take with hosts.<br /> 3. With DNSKong, you don't need hosts. You can use hosts with DNSKong. You machine checks Hosts first, then DNSKong, then your other Domain Name Servers.<br /> 4. DNSKong is compatible with web proxies or proxy servers. Your browser will route its request through your proxy server before your machine looks up an entry in Hosts or DNSKong. Your proxy configuration is processed first. You need to use a personal web server to avoid missing pictures or web pages that your proxy or web browser expects from<br /> 5. DNSKong forces IE5.0+ to cache Domain names so once you've resolved a name the browser will not need to requery the DNS for some time. If you decide to remove an entry from named.txt after a displaying a web page you will need to exit your browser prior to being able to see the matching web page.<br /> 6. Performance of DNSKong should be similar to performance using Hosts. Performance is important and depends on many factors. For example, smaller filters will give DNSKong better overall performance, just as a small Hosts file speeds up Hosts lookups.<br /> 7. You will experience minor browser differences using DNSKong rather than hosts. In general, DNSKong filters more than hosts. Hosts only filters specific names, DNSKong filters names that contain any match from the named.txt file.<br /> 8. DNSKong nows offers DNS proxy support. You can use this option to select 5 DNS servers that DNSKong will use to lookup domain names provided the names are not filtered. If you do not use this option you will not need to allow DNSKong access to the internet under ZoneAlarm. If you choose to use this option you will need to configure ZoneAlarm to allow DNSKong access to the Internet. This feature can be used to proxy to a DNSKong Enterprise server and may not offer any performance improvement over your current network configuration. If you use the feature you can determine that DNSKong has proxied a name request by the tray icon which will have the upper kong-block gray and the two lower kong blocks green when a name has been proxied. Some machines need to have a priming operation prior to proxying DNS lookups through DNSKong. The easiest way to prime the proxy is to use the command-line ping or tracert command to a known domain name.<br /> 9. If using the proxy fill the entries from top to bottom. This feature is included with this release in order to permit chaining DNSKong personal servers to DNSKong enterprise servers. You may also use genuine DNS servers if you would like to the extend the number of available Domain Name Servers for your machine.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Mac, Mac OSX
Keyword: Block Comcomcom Comthen Contained Dnskong File Filter Include Information Line Match Matching Named Names Personal Pyrenean Quot Rule Rules Server Start Version
Users rating: 0/10

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