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Tile Tabs 4.9

Company: DW-dev
Date Added: June 08, 2013  |  Visits: 268

Tile Tabs

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Tile Tabs allows tiles to be arranged horizontally, vertically or in a grid. Tiles can be re-sized by dragging splitter bars. Links can be dragged to open in other tiles. Scrolling of tiles can be synchronized.<br /><br />IMPORTANT NOTES:<br /><br /> ???*Nz Three new commands - Tile New Tab, Tile Duplicate Tab, Tile Link in New Tab.<br /> ???*Nz New feature - Drag a hyperlink, bookmark link, history link or plain text URL to open in another tile.<br /><br />Tile Tabs allows an unlimited number of tabs to be tiled within the Firefox tabbed browser content area.<br /><br />The Firefox tabbed browser paradigm is fully maintained. The tiled layout is achieved by presentational changes rather than functional changes. All features (menu commands, url bar, search bar, tabs buttons) continue to operate as normal.<br /><br />Any tab can be tiled individually - above, below, left or right of the currently selected tile. Alternatively, all tabs can be tiled together - horizontally, vertically or in a grid.<br /><br />Tiles are arranged in groups - where all the tiles in a group have the same width or same height - and all the tiles in a group are separated by splitters all with the same orientation (horizontal or vertical).<br /><br />Tiles can be displayed with a tab button for each tile - or with a single tab button for all tiles.<br /><br />There are eight commands:<br /> ???*Nz Tile Tab - adds an existing tab as a new tile above, below, left or right of the currently selected tile.<br /> ???*Nz Tile New Tab - opens a new tab as a new tile above, below, left or right of the currently selected tile.<br /> ???*Nz Tile Duplicate Tab - opens a duplicate tab as a new tile above, below, left or right of the currently selected tile.<br /> ???*Nz Tile Link in New Tab - opens a link in a new tab as a new tile above, below, left or right of the currently selected tile.<br /> ???*Nz Untile Tab - removes a tile and the corresponding tab reverts to normal operation.<br /> ???*Nz Expand Tile - expands a tile and collapses all the other tiles in that group.<br /> ???*Nz Tile All Tabs - adds all tabs as tiles together horizontally, vertically or in a grid.<br /> ???*Nz Untile All Tabs - removes all tiles and all tabs revert to normal operation.<br /><br />These commands can be invoked from the 'Tile' menu on the main menu bar, or from the 'Tile Tabs' button menu on the toolbar, or from the context menu after right-clicking on a tab button, or from the context menu after right-clicking on a tile contents. The 'Tile Tabs' button can be added to the toolbar by right-clicking the toolbar and selecting 'Customize'. The 'Expand Tile' command can be used repeatedly on the same tile to alternately expand the tile horizontally and vertically.<br /><br />To get started, try tiling two specific tabs - select the first tab to be tiled by clicking on its tab button, then do one of the following:<br /> ???*Nz Click 'Tile' on the main menu bar - select 'Tile Tab', select the direction and select the second tab to be tiled.<br /> ???*Nz Click 'Tile Tabs' button on the toolbar - select 'Tile Tab', select the direction and select the second tab to be tiled.<br /> ???*Nz Right-click on the tab button of the second tab to be tiled - select 'Tile Tab' and select the direction.<br /> ???*Nz Right-click on the content area - select 'Tile Tab', select the direction and select the second tab to be tiled.<br /><br />A tile can be selected by clicking on the corresponding tab button or by clicking on the tile contents. A tiled tab is indicated by a dotted blue bar under the corresponding tab button. The currently selected tile is indicated by a solid blue bar under the corresponding tab button and by a blue border around the tile contents.<br /><br />A tile can be re-sized by dragging the adjacent splitter bars. Splitter bars will snap into position when near to the edge of a tile or another splitter bar. Double-click on any splitter to equalize the size of all the tiles in that group.<br /><br />A link in can be dragged from any tile to open in another tile. The URL icon in the address bar can be dragged to open in a tile.<br /><br />Select 'Synchronize Scroll' on the 'Tile' menu or 'Tile Tabs' button menu to synchronize horizontal and vertical scrolling within each group of tiles. This allows easy comparison of two or more similar web pages. De-select to turn off synchronized scroll.<br /><br />Select 'View Normal Tabs' on the 'Tile' menu or 'Tile Tabs' button menu to view the tiled tabs at full size (without losing the tile layout information). This is useful to temporarily view the full contents of the tiled tabs. De-select to revert to the tiled layout.<br /><br />The 'Options Dialog' allows the user to set:<br /> ???*Nz The display of a single tab for all tiles, instead of a tab for each tile.<br /> ???*Nz The width of the blue border around the contents of the currently selected tile.<br /> ???*Nz The size of the splitters.<br /> ???*Nz The size of the snap region.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Mac, Mac OSX
Keyword: Arranged Browser Dragged Dragging Firefox Horizontally Links Resized Scrolling Splitter Synchronized Tiled Tiles Vertically
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 40.96 KB
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