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Loot Hog 3.3.3 Beta

Company: Erytheia
Date Added: September 28, 2013  |  Visits: 217

Loot Hog

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LootHog detects and tracks rolls which are made with '/random' or '/roll' and sorts them, allowing raid leaders to announce roll winners quickly and easily.<br /><br />Features/Options:<br /> * Automatically show window when someone rolls (optional)<br /> * Announce configured settings and rules to party/raid<br /> * Configurable timer: Starts when the first roll is detected (or Loothog Started manually).<br /> * Announce that new roll has started, and announce the time players have to roll.<br /> * Announce Offspec roll if no winners for the inital roll. Separately configured timeout and Announcement.<br /> * Prevent /random rolls from appearing in the chatlog<br /> * Acknowledge rolls via /whisper to roller<br /> * Count rolls from group members only or entire raid<br /> * Reject rolls with bounds other than those configured<br /> * Reject multiple rolls<br /> * Ability to "Hold" timer. After releasing the timer, timer will restart from where it left off.<br /> - OR if AutoExtend is turned on, it will restart from configured time if timer is lower.<br /> * Countdown - Manually activated or can start in the last few seconds of timer (configurable)<br /> * AutoExtend if roll is detected in the last few seconds of timer (configurable)<br /> * Finalize rolling and announce winner after configurable timer expires<br /> * Finalize rolling when all group members have rolled<br /> * Announce the group of the winner (Raid)<br /> * Assign Loot to winner<br /> * Submit complete list of rolls to chat when announcing<br /> * Deactivate LootHog if someone else announces (using Loothog)<br /> * Close LootHog window after announcing a winner<br /> * MyAddon - Support<br /> * Support for "Offspec" roll boundaries<br /> * One click "Off" button

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Mac, Mac OSX
Keyword: Announce Announcing Autoextend Configurable Configured Detected Finalize Group Loothog Reject Rolling Rolls Seconds Support Timer Winner Winners
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 61.44 KB
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