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Multiplayer Belote 1.4.1

Company: Novel Games Limited
Date Added: June 25, 2013  |  Visits: 264

Multiplayer Belote

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This game is played by 4 people with a normal deck playing cards with all, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 removed, resulting in 32 cards. The players sitting opposite to each other are partners and so there are two teams competing. It is a trick taking game that is similar to Spades. The deck is never shuffled and is only cut before dealing. First, each person gets 3 cards, and then another 2 cards and the bidding begins. Each person can bid for a contract or pass the bid. The contracts from lowest to highest are clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades, no trumps, all trumps. If the previous person has bidded for a contract, then the next person must bid a higher contract or pass, if all the people passed after a person has made a bid, then that contract will be used for the game. If for example a clubs contract is used, then in that game the clubs is the trump suit. If all the players passed during the bidding then the cards are collected and then another dealing for another round begins. After your opponent has bidded for a contract, you can also choose to double the contract, and the final score for the game will be doubled, and then your opponent can choose to re-double, and the final score for the round will be multiplied by 4. After the bidding is over each player is dealt 2 more cards, and the round starts. The first player can play whatever card he likes, and the suit of that card is the suit of the current tirck, and the remaining players must follow suit if they can, if a player does not have cards of the same suit then he must play a trump, if he does not have any trumps then he can play any card. If the current trick contains trump cards, then you must play a higher ranked trump if you can. The requirement to play a trump is relaxed if your partner is the current trick winner. After all 4 players have played their cards, then trick winner is the player who played the highest ranked card which follows the trick suit, or the highest ranked trump. The ranks of non-trump cards are A-10-K-Q-J-9-8-7, while the ranks of the trump cards are J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7. The trick winner starts the next trick and the round ends when all 8 tricks have been played. During the first trick of a round, a player can declare that he is holding special pattern of cards so that additional bonus is added to the final score. A tierce (3 cards of the same suit in sequence) is worth 20 points, quarte (4 cards of the same suit in sequence) 50 points, quint (5 cards of the same suit in sequence) 100 points, 4 J's - 200 points, 4 9's - 150 points, 4 A's, K's or Q's - 100 points. There is another kind of declaration called belote which means K and Q of the trump suit, and it worth 20 points. Note that in a no trump contract the declarations do not apply. Each team calculates the points by the cards in the tricks they won, the scores are as follows: for non-trump cards: A - 11, 10 - 10, K - 4, Q - 3, J - 2, others - 0; for trump cards: J - 20, 9 - 14, A - 11, 10 - 10, K - 4, Q - 3, others - 0. The winner of the last trick gets an additional 10 points. If the round is won while having the other team won no tricks, then an additional 90 points are awarded. If the team that is committed to a contract (i.e. the team who bidded for the contract, in case of doubling, both teams are committed) has lower points then all the points are given to the other team. The points in this round is divided by 10 and then rounded and added to the final score, the rounding limit is 5 in a no trump contract; 4 in an all trumps contract and 6 in a suit contract. The game ends when a team has scored more than 151.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Mac, Mac OS X v10.4
Keyword: Added Additional Bonus Declare Follow Holding J9a10kq87 Kqj Nontrump Pattern Ranked Ranks Remaining Sequence Special Tierce Tricks
Users rating: 0/10

License: Shareware Size: 174.08 KB
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