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Byell Harmony 1.10

Company: Andreas Garzotto GmbH
Date Added: November 08, 2013  |  Visits: 298

Byell Harmony

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Byell Harmony is a practice-oriented tool for learning, listening to, and looking up chords, scales and musical contexts.<br /><br />Questions such as the following, can be answered easily:<br /><br />* Which notes on the guitar belong to the G Minor Blues Scale?<br />* Where can I find notes on the violin, which can accompany the D-minor?<br />* Which notes change when I change from C major to G major?<br />* What can I play on the guitar when certain notes are given?<br />* What is the name of the chord when you have the notes E, G and C<br />* What scale is obtained if you replace the minor third with the major third in harmonic minor?<br />* In the melody of a Song, you find e.g. the note A and D. To which chord might they belong?<br />* How does the fingering on the violin move between G dorian and G phrygian? Which note on a cello corresponds * to which note on a guitar?<br />* What scale is obtained if you use only the black keys on the piano?<br />* How do I find a B?*A* chord on the guitar?<br />* What note must be played on a Eb tuned instrument to get the note C?<br /><br />and much more...<br /><br />Also you can interact with MIDI<br /><br />* Notes played on a Midi-Keyboard are shown on the display.<br />* A connected footpedal (or a sequencer) can be used to change presets.<br />* The current setting (root notes, scale, mode, marked notes) can be transferred via MIDI to another device with Byell Harmony.<br />* Marked notes can be played to a connected MIDI device.<br />* A song or chord progression can be defined and sent to all devices with Byell Harmony.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Mac, Mac OS X v10.6
Keyword: Black Cello Corresponds Guitar Instrument Interact Phrygian Piano Played Tuned
Users rating: 0/10

License: Commercial Cost: $38.99 USD Size: 3.8 MB
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