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Tellurium 0.8.1

Company: Tellurium Team
Date Added: October 09, 2013  |  Visits: 298


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The Tellurium Automated Testing Framework (Tellurium) is a UI module-based automated testing framework for web applications. The UI module is a collection of UI elements you group together. Usually, the UI module represents a composite UI object in the format of nested basic UI elements. For example, the Google search UI module can be expressed as follows,<br /><br />ui.Container(uid: "GoogleSearchModule", clocator: [tag: "td"], group: "true"){<br /> InputBox(uid: "Input", clocator: [title: "Google Search"])<br /> SubmitButton(uid: "Search", clocator: [name: "btnG", value: "Google Search"])<br /> SubmitButton(uid: "ImFeelingLucky", clocator: [value: "I'm Feeling Lucky"])<br />}<br /><br />The UI module makes it possible to build UI elements' locators at run time. The framework does Object to Locator Mapping (OLM) automatically at run time so that you can define UI objects simply by their attributes, i.e., Composite Locators denoted by the "clocator". Furthermore, Tellurium uses the Group Locating Concept (GLC) to exploit information inside a collection of UI components to help finding their locators and the GLC is denoted by the "group" attribute in the above UI module.<br /><br />The Tellurium framework defines a new Domain Specific Language (DSL) for web testing. Still take the above Google search module as an example, you can use the following DSLs to do a Google search,<br /><br />type "GoogleSearchModule.Input", "Tellurium test"<br />click "GoogleSearchModule.Search"<br />waitForPageToLoad 30000<br /><br />One very powerful feature of Tellurium is that you can use UI templates to represent many identical UI elements or dynamic size of different UI elements at runtime, which are extremely useful to test dynamic web such as a data grid. One typical data grid example is as follows,<br /><br />ui.Table(uid: "table", clocator: [:]){<br /> InputBox(uid: "{row: 1, column: 1} as Input", clocator: [:])<br /> Selector(uid: "{row: all, column: 2}", clocator: [:])<br /> UrlLink(uid: "{row: 3, column: all}", clocator: [:])<br /> TextBox(uid: "{row: all, column: all}", clocator: [:])<br />} <br /><br />Data Driven Testing is another important feature of Tellurium. You can define data format in an expressive way. In you data file, you can specify which test you want to run, the input parameters, and expected results. Tellurium automatically binds the input data to variables defined in your test script and run the tests you specified in the input file. The test results will be recorded by a test listener and output in different formats, for example, an XML file.<br /><br />Tellurium UI Model Plugin (Trump) is a Firefox plugin to automatically create UI modules for users. Tellurium IDE is a Firefox plugin to record, generate, and run Tellurium DSL test scripts. TelluriumWorks is a Java Swing IDE to run Tellurium DSL test scripts.<br /><br />In addition, Tellurium provides you the capability to composite UI objects into a Tellurium widget object. You can pack Tellurium widgets as a jar file and then use a Tellurium widget just like a single tellurium UI object once you include the jar file. As a result, Tellurium is robust, expressive, flexible, and reusable.<br /><br />In summary, the main features of Tellurium include:<br /><br /> * Abstract UI objects to encapsulate web UI elements<br /> * UI module for structured test code and re-usability<br /> * DSL for UI definition, actions, and testing<br /> * Composite Locator to use a set of attributes to describe a UI element<br /> * Group locating to exploit information inside a collection of UI components<br /> * Dynamically generate runtime locators to localize changes<br /> * UI templates for dynamic web content<br /> * XPath support<br /> * jQuery selector support to improve test speed in IE<br /> * Locator caching to improve speed<br /> * javascript event support<br /> * Use Tellurium Firefox plugin, Trump, to automatically generate UI modules<br /> * Dojo and ExtJS widget extensions<br /> * Data driven test support<br /> * Selenium Grid support<br /> * JUnit and TestNG support<br /> * Ant and Maven support <br /><br />The Tellurium Core is written in Groovy and Java. Tellurium Engine, Tellurium IDE, and Trump are implemented using javascript and jQuery. The test cases can be written in Java, Groovy, or pure DSL. You do not really need to know Groovy before you use it because the UI module definition and actions on UIs are written in DSLs and the rest could be written in Java syntax. Detailed User Guide, Frequent Asked Questions, and illustrative examples are provided. We expect and welcome your contributions.<br /><br />For a quick start, please read Ten Minutes To Tellurium.<br />Tellurium Subprojects?*A*<br /><br />Tellurium subprojects include UDL, Injector, Core, Reference projects, Widget extensions, TrUMP, Tellurium IDE, TelluriumWorks, and Engine projects as shown in the following diagram.<br /><br /> * Tellurium UDL: Tellurium UID Description Language (UDL) grammars and parser.<br /> * Tellurium Injector: Groovy dependency injection module for Tellurium.<br /> * Tellurium Engine: Test driving engine with group locating, CSS selector, command bundle, and UI module caching support.<br /> * Tellurium Core: UI module, APIs, DSL, Object to Runtime Locator mapping, and test support.<br /> * Tellurium Extensions: Dojo javascript widgets and ExtJS javascript widgets.<br /> * Tellurium UI Module Plugin (Trump): A Firefox plugin to automatically generate the UI module after users select the UI elements from the web under testing.<br /> * Tellurium IDE: A Firefox plugin to record, generate, and run Tellurium DSL test scripts.<br /> * TelluriumWorks: A Java Swing IDE to run Tellurium DSL test scripts.<br /> * Tellurium Maven Archetypes: Maven archetypes to generate skeleton Tellurium JUnit and Tellurium TestNG projects using one Maven command.<br /> * Tellurium Reference Projects: Sample projects to illustrate how to use different features in Tellurium and how to create Tellurium test cases. <br /><br />How to use Tellurium ??*A*<br /><br />There are three ways, i.e., use the reference project as a base, use Tellurium Maven archetype, or manually create Tellurium project using tellurium jar and Tellurium configuration file. Alternatively, you could create your own Tellurium Maven project manually using the sample POM file.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Mac, Mac OSX
Keyword: Automatically Clocator Column Create Elements Firefox Generate Groovy Locator Maven Module Plugin Projects Quotrow Support Tellurium Vascript Written
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