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Java OceanAtlas 3.1.1

Company: Donald W. Denbo
Date Added: November 01, 2013  |  Visits: 261

Java OceanAtlas

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Java OceanAtlas (or simply JOA) is a software application for viewing and manipulating oceanographic profile data. JOA was designed primarily for oceanographic sections but is also useful for looking at data also in the latitude-longitude domain. Here's a brief list of what JOA can do:<br /><br /> * Open a wide variety of standard oceanographic profile data files including EPIC netCDF (bottle, CTD, and XBT), WOCE bottle and CTD "EXCHANGE" files, WOCE netCDF bottle and CTD files, spreadsheet or tab-separated value, NODC SD2, and Mac OceanAtlas binary files. JOA can also open EPIC pointer files and zip files containing any of the accepted individual file formats. CTD files can optionally be decimated to a user-defined interval, standard depths, or to custom depths. JOA can perform sophisticated filtering of WOCE data values by quality codes.<br /><br /> * Powerful data collection filtering and selection via NdEdit. NdEdit allows a user to open an EPIC pointer file (created by 'epicselect' on UNIX systems or the web version of epicselect at <>), filter in latitude, longitude, depth, and/or time and open the selected data files directly into JOA for analysis. See the following page for more information about NdEdit:<br /><br /> * Property-property plots, profile (waterfall) plots, station value plots, contour plots, residual contour plots, and maps in a variety of projections with coastlines and bathymetry. Property plots and profile plots are automatically colored by a third parameter and T-S plots can have optional isopycnal overlay. Contour plots and residual contour plots can be created using distance offset between stations or offset by latitude or longitude. Maps can optionally color station symbols by value of a parameter interpolated onto an isosurface. For example, you could make a map of salinity interpolated onto pressure surfaces or plot the surface temperature. All plots are resizable and areas of interest can be extracted to new plot windows.<br /><br /> * Linked browsing between all views. Clicking on a point in any plot will identify the same point in all other views. A central data window shows the values of parameters at the selected point.<br /><br /> * Wide variety of built-in calculated parameters including (potential temperature, density (built-in and custom reference pressures), heat storage, specific volume anomaly, spiciness, sound velocity, O2 saturation, AOU, NO, PO, Brunt-Vaisala frequency, squared Brunt-Vaisala frequency, potential vorticity (all buoyancy frequency calculations have settable e-folding length), alpha, beta, acoustic travel time, net heat content, potential energy anomaly, and geo-potential anomaly. A custom calculator can be used to create new parameters by arithmetic operations and derivatives on existing parameters.<br /><br /> *<br /> Station Calculations. JOA can calculate the mixed-layer depth using a variety of techniques (slope, surface layer, and difference) with user-settable tolerance. JOA can calculate the integral (or weighted average) of any parameter between surfaces defined by any other parameter. For example, the integral (or weighted average) of salinity can be computed between two user-settable density surfaces.<br /><br /> * Plots can be filtered by station or observation criteria. Station filters include geographic region, missing parameters, and individual station selection (include or exclude selected stations). Observation filters consists of up to 4 criteria that can be grouped using and/or logic. A criterion can test whether a particular parameter is inside (or outside) a given range or whether it's quality code (if present) matches a certain value. Plots can show or highlight the observations that match the filter criteria.<br /><br /> * Extensive customization for your data or area of interest. JOA has tools for creating color bars (used for coloring plots as well as contouring), interpolation surfaces (used for contour plots), and color palettes. JOA also can save custom map settings, observation filter settings, and custom CTD decimation schemes. Existing sections can be sorted by latitude, longitude, date, and station number.<br /><br /> * Plot output can be printed, saved to GIF files or "printed" to Postscript files (Windows and UNIX). MAC OS-X can print graphics to PDF files.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Mac, Mac OSX
Keyword: Acoustic Alpha Arithmetic Calculations Calculator Content Create Difference Efolding Energy Geopotential Layer Length Operations Settable Slope Techniques Tolerance Travel Usersettable
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