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libgdx 0.9.3

Company: Mario Zechner
Date Added: July 29, 2013  |  Visits: 319


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Libgdx is a Java framework that provides a cross-platform API for game and real-time application development. It offers the following features:<br /><br />General<br /> * Cross-platform development for Windows, Linux, OSX and Android.(32- and 64-bit where available)<br /> * Multiple backends based on Jogl, LWJGL, Angle (NVIDIA 3D Vision) and the Android APIs.<br /> * Write and test your application on the desktop, deploy seamlessly to Android, Applets, Webstart or plain desktop applications.<br /><br />Graphics<br /> * Rendering through OpenGL ES 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 on all platforms.<br /> * Support for OpenGL ES 2.0 for Android 2.0 and above throughcustom JNI bindings.<br /> * Low-level:<br /> *<br /> o Vertex arrays<br /> o Vertex buffer objects<br /> o Textures<br /> o Texture atlases<br /> o Easy to use and flexible mesh class for both the fixed and programmable pipeline<br /> o Frame buffer objects<br /> o Shaders<br /> o Immediate mode renderer class (for debugging ala glBegin()/glEnd())<br /> o Automatic handling of OpenGL context loss (texture and VBO recreation)<br /> * High-level 2D:<br /> *<br /> o Batched and cached sprite rendering<br /> o Bitmap fonts<br /> o Particle systems<br /> o TMX tile map rendering<br /> o Custom C 2D graphics library for CPU based bitmap manipulation<br /> o Full-fledged 2D scene graph with tweening framework<br /> * High-level 3D (under construction):<br /> *<br /> o OBJ, MD2 and Ogre XML model loaders<br /> o Key-frame and skeletal animation<br /> o Full-fledged<br /> o Orthographic and perspective camera<br /><br />Audio<br /> * Streaming music and sound effect playback from WAV, MP3 and OGG<br /> * Fast Fourier transforms via a JNI bridge to KissFFT<br /> * Audio decoding of OGG and MP3 via JNI bridges to Tremor and libmpg123 (libmpg123 currently defunct due to licensing issues)<br /> * Direct interface to audio device for sample playback and recording.<br /><br />File I/O<br /> * Abstraction layer unifying Android assets, classpath resources and the plain file-system.<br /> * Preferences for easy storage of small data<br /><br />Input<br /> * Polling and event-based access to touch-screen/mouse and keyboard.<br /> * Polling access to compass and accelerometer<br /> * Vibrator support (yeah...)<br /> * Remote input event processing allowing you to hook up your Android phone to your desktop application<br /><br />Physics<br /> * Full JNI wrapper of box2d.<br /> * The wrapper is so awesome that all other Android game frameworks/engines use it as well!<br /><br />Math<br /> * Vector and Matrix classes for 2D and 3D linear algebra<br /> * Quaternions<br /> * Frustum with culling support<br /> * Bounding shapes<br /> * Intersection and overlap testing<br /> * Catmull-Rom splines<br /> * Ear cutting triangulator for arbitrary planar polygons<br /><br />Utilities<br /> * Custom Collections<br /> * Sorting<br /> * JSON<br /><br />Tools & Extensions<br /> * Particle editor<br /> * Hiero bitmap font generator<br /> * Texture packer<br /> * Themable Widget Library support<br /> * Awesomium JNI bridge (Windows 32-bit only)<br /><br />Optimizations<br /> * Specifically tailored towards the needs of the Dalvik VM following the best practices guidelines.<br /> * No temporary object allocation during runtime (except for a few documented places)<br /> * Native code for performance critical sections<br /> * Workarounds for show-stopping Dalvik/Harmony bugs

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Mac, Mac OSX
Keyword: Accelerometer Access Allowing Classes Compass Event Frameworksengines Input Keyboard Linear Matrix Phone Processing Remote Support Touchscreenmouse Vector Vibrator Wellmath
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 24.54 MB
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