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Bitsyblog 2.1

  Date Added: April 03, 2013  |  Visits: 225


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a tiny tiny blogbitsyblog=========*bitsyblog doesn't do much, but it could do less*Why another blog?-----------------My ideal blog would invoke my favorite editor, take a bunch of text, andthrow it on the web. Sometimes I like to write long elaborate posts.Othertimes I just want to make a quick note.Meet `bitsyblog `_,a tiny tiny `python `_`weblog `_.Posting is done with a POST request, so while you can usea web form to do this, its just as easy to use curl, urllib, or anything elseto post.How does it work?-----------------A user URLs is like is my user name here . If you are 1337h4x0r, this will be .Posting to this will take the body of the POST request and add a date stampBlog entries are thrown in files and are displayed with markupavailable with `restructured text`_.You can also get a more specific range of postsby specifying up to the year, monthand day in the URL: all of this needs to be specified.Permalinks are also available in the form of the date stamp: can find the permalink by clicking on the subject of the blog post.If you really want to post through the web, support is at you're more friendly with python scripts,` `_is available: me a blog!--------------Create an account at . All you need is ausername and password (and I threw a`CAPTCHA `_ in there at somepoint)'re ready to blog! The auth is a minimal thingI threw together out of `paste.auth `_.Once you're signed in, you'll notice the navigation links at the topof the page have changed. You can now post and change your preferences.In your preferences, you can change the date format and set the subject format of your blog posts. You can also uploadverifiable CSS to theme your blog. For the date format, I have patched `dateutil.parser `_ to return the format string that the date was originally in and hopethat my changes can make it back to the source sometime.When posting, you have the option to make your post 'public' (everyonecan see it), 'secret' (only your friends can see it), 'private' (onlyyou can see it. Friends are settable in your preferences.What bitsyblog doesn't do-------------------------* Commenting: this should done with`WSGI middlware`_.There's nothing specific about commenting on a blog post that is anydifferent from commenting on a paragraph in (for instance) a wiki article.* Tagging: again, this should be done with middleware* Hosting files: Its a blog, not a file repo! Any markup doable with `restructured text `_is doable with bitsyblog, but images, videos, whatever mustbe held off-site.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Python
Keyword: Bitsyblog Bitsyblog Scripts Change Commenting Doable Doesn Files Format Patcheddateutilparser Posts Python Request Return Scripts Specific String Theme Thesubject Threw Uploadverifiable You039re
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