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CCK Gallery 6.x-1.2

  Date Added: July 30, 2013  |  Visits: 343

CCK Gallery

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Drupal 7There will be no Drupal 7 release of this module. Instead work is under way on the 6.x-3.x branch of Node Gallery, which will incorporate all the features of this module and will become the Drupal 7 version of Node Gallery: feature requests should go here - this issue queue is for bugs only. No new features will be added to Drupal 6 (see below).Drupal 6I toyed with marking this module "obsolete", as much of what it does could (and arguably should) be packaged as a Feature. Instead I've marked it as "Seeking new maintainer". The reality is I don't have time to babysit this module through the various updates in dependent software. Drupal 6 modules should pretty much stabilise, beyond the odd security fix, in the coming months as attention turns to Drupal 7, so if someone wants to take this module on and package a "final" version, using the ImageCache hooks properly, Features for content types, etc. then you would be very welcome. I won't be doing this. Please get in touch if you want to take this on.Why This Module ExistsCCK Gallery brings together a series of other modules and provides some "glue" code to make them play together and make a nice, per-user image gallery. I created it because I could not find anywhere a decent Drupal-based (no integration) gallery module that supported the Facebook/Flickr/MySpace/etc. gallery model of a set of galleries per user. This does. For the record, Acidfree sort of does too, but it's half broken and not really being maintained as far as I can tell. A similar module in concept (in so far as it uses CCK ImageField for image storage) is Simple Gallery, but it does not appear to have the same "by user" galleries and permissions that CCK Gallery is capable of. The fundamental difference is Simple Gallery uses the Taxonomy module to create gallery groupings whereas CCK Gallery uses a node to group galleries.What This Module DoesHere's a quick FAQ, since there is already a fair degree of interest in this module:1. How does it work?The installation creates two content types. The content types are 'CCK Gallery' and 'CCK Image'. The gallery type is a basic node and is just a container that all related images reference, in order to group them by gallery. It has no fields because the relationship is held with the image content type (each image is in one or more galleries via a nodereference relationship). The clever stuff with the gallery is in the provided template. The template loads a view showing all the images in the current gallery underneath its title and description. Images "know" which galleries they are "in" because they nodereference them. The views module is used, along with hook_menu() and assorted other tricks, to easily present the data and allow you to easily change the way the data is presented. The admin settings for this module (in the Content section of admin) even allow you to select your own views for displaying the various pages.2. Why do I need the ImageCache module?The installer also installs two ImageCache presets, 'thumbnail' and 'normal'. Please feel free to adjust these as necessary. By default, each 'CCK Image' will have a version of the uploaded attached image at both of these sizes (as well as original) saved and available for use in views and elsewhere. The 'thumbnail' preset (120x120 max) is for image teasers and the gallery views. The 'normal' preset (800x600 max) is for full node views of images.3. I installed the module and I don't see any images. What's going on?The most likely reason for this is you forgot to install one of the ImageAPI's graphics handling modules. Because they are not dependencies as such (you need to select one depending on your system) they are not automatically installed. You must install at least one for ImageAPI to be able to generate images. If you go to the status report for your site (admin/reports/status) you will probably see a big red error message from ImageAPI telling you this. Easiest resolution is to install PHP's inbuilt GD2 image handling support from the Drupal modules page. It's part of the ImageCache package.4. But the views don't have any 'page' type displays?That's right - they don't need them because they are either embedded in a template using the views_embed_view() function, which returns mark-up directly, or they are called in a hook_menu() so are, by definition, in a page already. The 'page' display in views is only for if you want to expose a page using only the views module (e.g. it will register a page for you). I've registered a page myself, so this is not required.5. I uninstalled the module but my content types are still there...Yes, this is by design. I feel deleting content types on uninstall is a dangerous game. It's so simple for an administrator to manually delete content and corresponding content types, that rather than assume the content is no longer desired I would rather leave it intact and let you decide if you want to delete it or not.6. I want to create something like this...You can! * Add a CCK imagefield to the 'CCK Gallery' content type called 'field_gallery_main_image' * Create an ImageCache preset for the size you want * Under display fields for 'CCK Gallery' set your 'field_gallery_main_image' field to use your new preset on Node view (and probably normal thumbnail on Teaser - hide labels too) * Juggle the field order on the 'CCK Gallery' content type settings so the image is at the bottom, after the title and description7. The gallery node layouts are a bit, um, basic! How can I change this?I know. To change the appearance of the galleries you will need to modify the appropriate views templates. Please see the Views module documentation for assistance. (Installing Advanced Help makes it easier to browse and use the Views documentation - it's all provided within.) There is also a theming Views 2.x tutorial I wrote which should help you.Developed by: Greg Harvey - by: CMS Professionals -

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: PHP
Keyword: Cck Content Don Drupal Galleries Gallery Image Imagecache Images Module Modules Preset Template Types Views
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