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Events with ical files, by list or calendar (aka amr-ical-events-list) 3.8

  Date Added: August 09, 2013  |  Visits: 446

Events with ical files, by list or calendar (aka amr-ical-events-list)

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Encourage viewers to bookmark your events on their calendars. This plugin offers a thorough Ical calendar parser - copes with all the ical recurrence possibilities, and a large part of the rest of the spec. The free version accepts one or many ical urls for ics files. It produces a very stylable list of events, notes, todo's or freebusy info.For more information, please see plugin home pageDisplays events from multiple calendars in out the box or with customised grouping, formatting and styling. Multiple pages or post or widget or both.Lots of css hooks to style it the way you want. - Generate multiple css tags including for hcalendar miccroformat support.List upcoming recurring or single events, notes, journal, freebusy information from many ical feeds. Offers a range of defaults and customisation options.Group events by month/week/day or many other for presentation and styling. Offers your viewers the option to subscribe or add the events or the whole calendar to their calendars (google or other).If you also want a complete "inhouse" solution where you can create events in wordpress with multiple event classification options, and produce your own ics feeds from those, please see amr-events. amr-events is an extension of this plugin and will use any configuration from it.Test with your calendar's ics file at the demo site:Demo site or see a language implementation at a German language demoMany thanks to the following people for the translations. Note that I am unable to verify these and they may be out of date with the current version.: * Danish by [Georg] ( * German by Simon Betschmann * Belorussian by iam from * Russian (partial) by ghost from * Hindi translation by Ashish J. of Outshine solutions * Afrikaans (partial)If anyone would like to offer some translations, please do. The Code Styling Localisation Plugin is very useful for this. PLease send me the .po files for your language.Content * If the information is available in your calendar, include additional fields and/or add some bling: .. links to google maps if location or geo exists, "add event" icons or "add calendar" (not just the icsfile) to help clients remember your events! Add calendar is by individual event, or subscribe to the whoel calendar. * Include other calendars for your viewers info. Many are available on the web and can be "sorted" into your calendar: public holidays, world events, school terms, eccentric dates etc. * Will handle any html in the text fields, including image links. * Allocate fields to columns and order within the columns and use css for example to float end time up next to start time. * Offers a refresh link with date and time last cached - may be useful if your calendar has many updates on one day a week, with long gaps inbetween. Prevents unnecessary downloads. * Optionally choose timezone. * Add your own before/after content or styling (eg: SUMMARY as h3 ) for each field.Styling * Works out the box with a default css style as well as many other possibilities: * Allows grouping of events (eg: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, by seasons, by years for readability and styling. * Default basic css provided, plus lots of css tags for innovative styling (eg: by future/past/today, group of dates, or for recurring events, or untimed (all day) events. * A default set of transparent(for different backgrounds) images is provided for the additional "icon" fields. * In the before and after options for each field, use following tags only : < em> . * These tags along with the possibility of having your own plugin css file should be more than adequate for your styling needs.Date, Times and Timezone * Note: wordpress 2.8 up now allows the timezone to be specified by city which should cater for daylight saving differences. Please check very carefully that times are correct and that you understand what the times should be. * Timezones - there is your server's timezone, the timezone of the calendar files, and your wordpress timezone. The plugin will try for the timezone string (either from wordpress 2.8 or the automatic timezone plugin. Failing that it wiull try for gmt_offset, and attempt to convert it to a timezone string. Failing that it will use UTC time. If anyone needs more sophisticated functionality such as allowing a selection of timezones, please contact me.Testing * Can pass URL's, Listtypes and nocache/debug options via the url query string for ease of testing. see plugin homepage for examples.Some special logic 1. Generate any special display situations such as:* If event is all day, remove start time, set css class * If start time equals end time, set end time to empty string * If end date = start date, don't display end date * If url in text, convert to a hyperlink * If location or geo exists and map requested, add a map link to google maps. Include the calendar location if the location text is short, to help google find it. * Allow html in descriptions, and convert any url's to links if not already converted.Install : Pre-installation: check that you have a version of PHP 5 > 5.20. This is required for the timezone and datetime functionality. The php DATETIME Class must be enabled (this is standard in php 5.2). You may get a parse error,something like "syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in...." if you are not on a version of PHP that has the "clone" function. 1. Download and activate as per usual in wordpress 2. Create a page (or post) and add one or more shortcodes [ largecalendar yoururl.ics ] [ iCal yoururl.ics ] to your page. NB (Ics url NOT As a hyperlink, must be plain text)That's it!For the widgets (calendar and list) 1. Drag to the chosen sidebar 2. Enter http://yoururl.ics in the large text area, SaveCustomisation Options:The Plugin works 'out of the box' with no config. However it is also very flexible should you have special requirements. * Choose html output (table or lists) * Sequence fields and add before/after text or html * Check Date and Time formats. Note: language specific date formats depend on the specifications in the Date and Time Formats in the settings area. WordPress does not set locale, but does do some localisation of the "date" format strings, so use those rather than the strftime strings. * Check wordpress timezone, and ics events timezones- Check your wordpress timezone settings are set to what you wnat them to be. The plugin will handle timezone differences and assumes that you want the wordpress timezone as your main timezone, not the ics file timezone * play with date and event limits - balance performance against the volume of events you are likely to have. (eg: don't do days=1000 and events=5 if you know that almost always you have about 3 events a month! * Change/salt the css as desired.NoteThe ics file feed must be PUBLIC - if you cannot access it in a browser without being logged in, then the plugin will not be able to access it either.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: PHP
Keyword: Calendar Calendars Event Events Fields Google Information Links Location Multiple Options Plugin Start String Styling Timezone Wordpress
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License: Freeware Size: 430.08 KB
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