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Facebook Like for Tags 1.4

  Date Added: May 29, 2013  |  Visits: 398

Facebook Like for Tags

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Power Facebook Like with Search, Tags and Feed Syndication!Expand the basic Facebook Like function to dynamically generated content. Instead of a one-time sharing event, a permanent connection for ongoing updates and sharing based on post tags or categories. Write your WordPress blog posts as you normally would. Define your posting with appropriate tags or categories. Once posted, it will have a Facebook Like button linked to it via the tags/categories you defined. Any reader who clicks the Facebook Like button will share the article but also receive additional updates anytime you write a post specifying the same tags. (Requires PHP version 5 or higher.)Use Case ExampleA WordPress blogger covers consumer electronics. She writes about the new Apple iPad. She defines this post by tagging it with "Apple", "iPad" and other tags. Readers who like the post and want to share via Facebook, click on the Facebook Like button. A few days later, the blogger writes another post about the next release of the Apple iPhone with the same tags. Shortly after posting the article, those readers who liked the earlier article will automatically receive an update in their Facebook news feed.Benefits * Continuous sharing - This plugin implements a Facebook Like button and adds the IngBoo filtering, change-detect and notification logic to expand the button into a permanent connection for ongoing sharing and updates. * Increased reach and revisits - Case studies show that this function can increase your page view by 25%-40%. * Consumer intent - Your readers define what they are interested in by pressing the Like button. You define the context via the tags. When the tags provide a well-defined context you and your readers win. They get timely updates of relevant content into their new feeds and you get more revisits. * Crowd draws bigger crowd - Anytime you post with prior tags, readers will likely see that others had Liked those tags. This attracts even more clicks on the Like button.Installation :Download the plugin archive and drop the contents into the wp-content/plugins directory of your WordPress installation. Activate the plugin from the plugins page and then configure the plugin settings. For detailed instructions, see below. This plugin requires PHP version 5 or higher.Detailed Installation InstructionsMake sure you're WordPress installation is running PHP version 5 or higher.Enabling CURL (Apache server installations only)If you are running WordPress on an Apache server, you need to first enable CURL. If you use another web server (e.g., Microsoft IIS) or if you know that you already have CURL enabled, you can skip this step and go directly to the installation below. 1. Locate all php.ini files in your Apache directory. There may be multiple files with this name, located in binapacheapache 2.x.xbinphp.ini, phpphp.ini and phpphpXphp.ini. 2. Remove the semi-colon from ";extension=php_curl.dll" in all instances of php.ini. 3. Save each file.Installation 1. Download the plugin archive to a local folder (e.g., c:/temp). 2. Login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard. 3. Locate "Plugins" in the left column and select "Add New". 4. Select "Upload". 5. Browse to the folder for the plugin archive (e.g., c:temp). 6. Select the plugin zip-file ( and click "Install Now". 7. Select "Activate Plugin". 8. Proceed to configure the plugin settings (see below).Configure Plugin SettingsBefore using the plugin, you need to configure the plugin settings using the steps below. 1. Locate "Settings" in the left column and click "Like for Tags". 2. Enter a valid email address and a password that you can remember. For example, use the name of the blog (e.g., The email address is used to uniquely identify your plugin later. This will also allow you to further configure the plugin in Partner Central ( later (e.g., upload your own brand logo for the news feed updates). 3. Optional: You can point to a logo that will be used in the Facebook News Feed updates. This logo is ideally 100x100 in lng, gif or jpg format. The logo must reside on a web server and be externally accessible. 4. Select if you want the Like button to by tags or categories. 5. Proceed to configure the look and feel of the Like button itself. For more detail on Facebook Like buttons, visit Facebook Developer Forum. 6. Select where you want the Like button to appear (above or below your posts). 7. Decide if you want the Like button to appear on the main blog page for each visible post (most likely "yes"). 8. Decide if you want the Like button to appear on individual posts (most likely "yes"). 9. Save the changes.IMPORTANT! With the email address and password, you can now visit Partner Central ( to further configure your plugin. It is recommended that you at minimum upload your own image (logo, picture, etc.) for your blog before putting the Like button to use (if you did not do this already in step 3 above).Installing Plugin UpdatesEvery now and then, there will be a new plugin version available. These instructions explain how to install and enable these updates. 1. Login to the Admin Dashboard for your WordPress blog. 2. Locate "Settings" in the left column and click "LikeForTags". 3. Note the email address you used for the plugin. If you don"t remember the password, go toPartner Central ( and select "Login". Fill in the email address and select "Forgot Password". A new password will be sent to you. 4. Select "Plugins" in the left column, then Deactivate LikeForTags followed by a Delete. 5. When prompted click on "Delete These Files". 6. Proceed to the instructions for Installation and Configure Plugin Settings.IMPORTANT! If the install fails, you may have to stop and then restart the web server since it may be holding on to the file resources and blocking a new install. This typically happens with Microsoft IIS server. Also remember that you can always configure the plugin further If you have used your original email address, prior settings in Partner Central are preserved.Deactivating/Activating the PluginIf you want to change settings, you will need to select "Reset Settings". This will revert settings to default values. If you want to reconnect the button with your earlier configuration, you need to re-enter email address and password.Deactivating and then reactivating a plugin will reset settings to default. You will need to go back into settings and Like For Tags to re-enter the previously used email address and password before using the Like button again. Any settings done in Partner Central remain intact though.You can selectively disable the Like button for individual posts by setting a Custom Value "like = false".

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: PHP
Keyword: Address Button Central Click Column Configure Email Facebook Httpwwwingboocompc Locate Password Plugin Readers Select Server Settings Updates Wordpress
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