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qTip (Stylish jQuery Tooltips) 6.x-1.0-beta2

  Date Added: March 23, 2013  |  Visits: 270

qTip (Stylish jQuery Tooltips)

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Introducing a new tooltip module for Drupal, qTip!qTips are stylish tooltips that can be configured and styled (more to come in later releases) to fit nearly any website's design.Current Status10/13/10Drupal 6.x - Currently, the developer of the qTip jQuery library is working on version 2. This module currently implements version 1, which is no longer being developed. I am waiting for version 2 to become stable before I incorporate it into this module. In the meantime this module should still work just fine with version can still download it via the instructions below and in README.txt. Please feel free to continue to post issues, as this may help speed the process up for the version 2 release!Drupal 7.x - The same notes apply above except that there was never, and will never be, a release of this module for qTip library version 1.Current Features- Choose position of tooltip- Choose width of tooltip border- Choose whether tooltip has rounded corners (and how round) or not (squared)- Choose from 6 color schemes- Choose how the tooltip is activated, whether it is shown on hover or click.- Choose how the tooltip is hidden, whether it is upon leaving the link text or by clicking.- Choose whether only one tooltip can be shown at a time or not.Added Features in Beta Release- Changed path for qTip library to be /sites/all/libraries (admin configurable)- Added ability to add HTML content to qTip tooltip content- Reorganized the admin settings page- Added notification of qTip version that should be used on admin/settings/qtip- Added ability to use uncompressed qTip library file if desiredRead the included README.txt file for more information!You will need to install the qTip plugin from here! (Licensed under MIT)Although not required, it is recommended to use jQuery 1.3.2 by downloading the 2.x version of the jQuery Update module.Drupal 7There is a very early development release of qTip for Drupal 7! Please contribute by testing and submitting any issuesNOTE: For Drupal 7 version only - You no longer have to download the qTip library separately as the new qTip library is now dual-licensed under GPL. Once the 6.x branch of this module is updated to version 2 of the qTip library this will be the case as well. For now though, if you are using this module with Drupal 6, please follow all instructions (including downloading the qTip library separately).Test and Help development!Submit any issues or feature requests in the issue queue!This module should work well, but please do proper tests before using on production site.Special thanks to Craig, creator of the qTip jQuery plugin.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: PHP
Keyword: Ability Added Admin Choose Content Download Drupal Issues Jquery Library Module Readmetxt Shown Tooltip Version
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License: Freeware Size: 10 KB
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