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PHPfileNavigator for Scripts 2.3.3

  Date Added: May 05, 2013  |  Visits: 305

PHPfileNavigator for Scripts

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It's powerfull, fast and easy web file management with a lot of features and options.Easy to install and configure, you can do all administration andi file management by web.FUNCTIONALITYBasically PHPfileNavigator allows the remote navigation and administration of files and directories, but it also has some extra utilities. Some of them are:Aditional Information FilesPHPfileNavigator allows the creation of aditional information files for each file or directory created. This possibility is activated by default, though you might change this in the configuration file associated with the root by setting the "estado" key under the "inc" position to false.The search tool uses this functionality to search among the aditional information files for certain fields.Safe EnviromentAn strict control of the connected users is made by comparing each session data with the data stored on the database.The session data is encrypted. Even if we disable it, the stored data won't give any delicate or important information to a possible intruder in case of an attack.The session data encryption is made with a unique key generated on each installation.IndexationIt allows to search files by its name, directory or the contained data from the aditional information files.The indexation is configurable for each root.Web Access ControlIf the directory or directories we are managing have web access, it will allow us to control the access to them from the .htpasswd files, on which an user name and a password will be stored.In order to activate this protection, we just need to click on the icon of the directory that we want to protect and then choose the "Protect" option where we will be asked to write the user name and password needed to access to the directory via web. If we wish to remove this protection, we will just need to leave the fields with empty values.This possibility is only available for the administrator user.Tree ViewPHPfileNavigator lets us see the content of a whole root in tree format. It also allows us to choose between just visualizing the directories or all the content, showing information such as the tota size of the root and the number of directories and files contained on it.Download of Compressed Files and DirectoriesYou have the possibility of downloading compressed versions of the files or the directories in zip format.File Extractions on the ServerAppart from the download of compressed files and directories, you have the possibility of uploading tar,gz or bz files and extract them inside a remote directory. This option is very useful when uploading a large number of files.Size ControlA useful tool when the directory has public access is the limitation of the weight of a root directory. This option will allow us to establish a limit that will not be exceeded (neither by the administrator).To configure this option, we have to access, logged in as the administrator, to the root management and set the desired maximum weight, choosing the used unit. Once this is done, the management will get the actual weight of the root and will create a directoy at "data/info/" with the root id and two files, one of them with the weight limit and the other with the actual weight, that will be updated as new actions take place.This control will be made for every action related with files or directories, including the control on the files extracted on the server.File Type RestrictionsPHPfileNavigator can limit the file types to be uploaded to the server.For example, you can avoid uploading files with php, pl or any other extension that you think that might be used for non desired actions.This control can be done for any kind of actions, from uploading files or remote addresses, to renaming or extraction of a different file. For example, if you are about to extract a tar.gz file and if it contains a document with a non-allowed extension, it will avoid extracting it continuing with the next files and showing a message saying that some files could not be extracted because of the server restrictions.Full AdministrationPHPfileNavigator offers a complete administration for almost every possible aspects. The administrator(s) will have the possibility of creating roots, users, groups or configuration files and establish the relation between them all. Each root, user, group or configuration will be available for removal or desactivation depending on the requirements.Activity and Error LogsFrom the administration area you will be able to visualize the logs for MYSQL errors, file and directory actions and the user activities. In addition, you will be able to see just a partial log from the full one. For example, to show all the files that have been removed, to find the actions made by an specific user or to show all the data of access attempts made by intruders.Image ManagementAn strong point of the applications is the management and operation with images, that will let us create personalized thumbnails of bigger images. Appart from this, it will let us preview the thumbnails on the file listing, on the tree view or on the image detail page. In order to make this functionality to work, the GD2 option had have to be enabled durig the instalation.Web Page or Document UploadPHPfileNavigator let us upload any file available on the Internet to our server. In order to do this, we will use the "Upload URL" option in the upper menu which will let us save the content of an URL on the disk.File EditionAppart from the normal actions of every file manager(copy, move, remove,...) PHPfileNavigator let us edit files online. The editable file type is configurable by an extension array. In adition, we will be able to just visualize its content.Compressed File Content VisualizationWith PHPfileNavigator you can list the content of the files compressed with ZIP/TAR/GZ, showing details such as the name, weight, date, owner, group and persmissions.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: PHP
Keyword: Access Actions Administration Compressed Configuration Content Control Directories Directory Files Information Management Option Phpfilenavigator Possibility Uploading Weight
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