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Automate Link Exchange for Scripts 2.0.0

  Date Added: April 30, 2013  |  Visits: 848

Automate Link Exchange for Scripts

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This software automates reciprocal link exchange management on your website.Features:1. Link Exchange Request Submission FormWebmasters can submit a link exchange request through a FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE link submission web form. So, other webmasters can exchange links with you through their browsers. If someone is sending you email to request link exchange, just give them the web form's URL and you don't need to bother anything. - You can now customize look and feel of your link submission form2. Auto and Real Time Validation and Checking - Includes checking link popularity, link quality, etc. 70 built-in validation rules.When webmaster is submitting a link exchange request through the submission form, the software checks for validity of email address, checks whether the submitted website is already linked to your website, and checks against duplicated submission, etc. Therefore, no need to worry if someone is seeking a link but does not offer you a reciprocal link.More importantly, you CAN reject websites with no or low link popularity, reject link exchange submission that cannot enhance your link reputation, reject websites with inappopriate content! With Automate Link Exchanged-OC?D?, you can build a high quality resources directory that can also contribute to link popularity and search engine ranking of your website. Automate Link Exchanged-OC?D? is the first and only link exchange software providing you this feature.3. Automation Mode to Save You Time - Big Time Saver: Even no need to loginThere are two automation modes: Semi and Full. In Full automation mode, the software will check and approve submission, generate/update link pages, and perform link checking according to pre-determined criteria and user-determined schedule.In full automation mode, you don't even need to login the software and your link number is still growing meaningfully!! If you want more control and want to review each submission, you can use the semi automation mode to manage links.4. Sitewise Reciprocal Link Checking - Automatic checking according to your defined scheduleThe software's dead link checker AUTOMATICALLY verifies that your link is present in all websites listed on your links pages. If a website is no longer link to your site, the software will temporarily take the site off your link pages, and an email will be sent to ask the corresponding webmaster to link to your site again. If they don't re-link to your site, you can even remove them from your database.Catch Cheaters automatically! - The software has 70 built-in validation to catch link cheaters!In addition, you can control the schedule of link checking. It offers you extra flexibility.5. Control What Text People Use to Describe Youd-OC?D? - Increase Link ReputationYou can specify what text other webmasters must use to describe you when they link to you. If they use a wrong description, their sites cannot appear in your link directory.With this useful feature, you make sure visitors coming from them are interested in your website, and no need to worry branding issues, and improve your search engine ranking by proper control of the link text description properly. - It helps to build your site's link reputation and positively contribute to search engine ranking!You can control how people describes you at their sites. The software can even check the conformity peridoically if you wish.6. Status ManagementEach site has a status flag to reflect their status, e.g. "Approved" means the site was approved, "Review" means the site is pending for review, "Old" means website was imported from existing link page, "Offsite" means the site is currently not offering you reciprocal link, etc.The status of each link will be changed automatically to reflect the current status.7. Submission Review and Acceptance/RejectionIn semi-automation mode, you can review each link exchange submission, and decide to accept or reject the link exchange request. Even you accept a website, you can delete them in future. In full automation mode, the software can help you accept and reject exchange request.8. Building of Searchable Link Directory with BOTH categories and sub-categories - You can name the link page what ever name you want, or based on the category nameAutomate Link Exchange allows you create unlimited categories and therefore help you better organize your link into a directory. Also, the link directory can be searchable, too. Your website visitors will be pleased.Some webmasters want to add more control of naming their link pages so that it can improve their search engine visibility. We heard this, and now it is a dream comes true! No other software can compare with.All link pages generated and file name extension are static HTML and search engine friendly.9. Automatic Link Pages UpdateLink pages can be updated according to your pre-defined schedule, for example, every 3 or 1 hours. Alternatively, you can also update link pages manually. Automation and manual modes offer you flexibility.10. Customizable Link Directory Pages - Match Your Site's Look and FeelYou can customize your link directory pages to match your website's design. Just modify the HTML template of your link directory pages.11. Customize the Title Tag, Meta Description, and Meta Tags for EVERY category and sub-categoryNow, you can customize the content Title Tag and Meta Tags. It helps in search engine optimization and your link pages have higher chance to rank high in search engines.12. Sort Links in Link DirectoryYou can sort links by Title, assigned rating, and date of submission. You can change your option any time by one click, and it offers you flexibility.If some link partners are more important, you can assign a higher rating to them and their links can appear near the top of your link directory. Managing links are easy!13. Immediate Email Notification of EventsAutomate Link Exchange sends automated email notifications for every step in the link exchange process. It notifies user there is a link submitted, it notifies submittors whether their link is approved or rejected, it asks your link exchange partner to offer you a reciprocal link in case they accidentially remove it.As a user, you don't need to bother for tedious email communication. The software does it for you.14. Email CustomizationYou can customize your mail content. Just modify the text-based mail templates.15. Backup and RestoreYou can backup your database by clicking a button, save it in your local PC or a network drive. Of course, you can restore the database, if required.16. Import Existing Links from Worksheet or existing Web Page This reciprocal link exchange script allows you to import existing links from .csv file or from an exisitng web pages. If you use other link seeking software such as Arelis, you can easily import the links sought to Automate Link Exchanged-OC?D?. Our software helps you manage reciprocal links better.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: PHP
Keyword: Automate Automate Link Automate Link Exchan Automation Control Customize Directory Don Email Engine Exchange Exchange Scripts Link Link Exchange Links Means Pages Reciprocal Reject Request Scripts Search Software Submission Website
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 1.71 MB
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