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Image Archives 1.42

  Date Added: April 18, 2013  |  Visits: 296

Image Archives

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First of all, sorry for my bad English.Image Archives is a wordpress plugin that displays images from your published posts with a permalink back to the post that the image is connected to. It can also be used as a complete visual archive or gallery archive with several customizable settings.SampleNOTICE * The images that you want to show is needed to be attached to posts they were published in. * In order to link to the permalink of a post, the post must be "published".HOW TO USEWrite shortcode "[image_archives]" in the place you want to show the image archives. And you can set some attributes.[image_archives term_id=? ordered_by=? order=? str=? limit=? size=? design=? item=? column=? date_format=? date_show=?]Write only necessary attributes. Default settings are below. Probably you need to configure "str" and "term_id".You can also use the function of this plugin. In order to use the function, write wp_image_archives(); within php code. And in order to use the attributes, write like below.wp_image_archives ('term_id=9&order=DESC&design=1');Added the first_image_mode. Without configure the search strings you can search a image in a post, and show a image per post. If you want to show the images of your posts easily, use this feature.[image_archives first_image_mode=on]The 'first' image means your 'first' uploaded image in the post. If you want to show the first image that is sorted by filename, use image_order_by=title. You can also use image_order=DESC. If you use DESC, the latest image in the post is showed.Default values * first_image_mode = off * image_order_by = date * image_order = ASC * term_id = 1 * order_by = title * order = ASC * str = % * limit = 0,50 * size = medium * design = 2 * item = 9 * column = 3 * date_format = Y-m-d * date_show = off * title_show = onexplanation * first_image_mode is the feature you can show a image per post without configuring the search strings. Default setting of this feature is off. If you configure first_image_mode=on, you can use below two settings. * image_order_by is the method of ordering the searched images. You can use "title" or "date". This attribute is enabled only when first_image_mode is on. * image_order requires the sort type. You can use "ASC" or "DESC". Uppercase only. This attribute is enabled only when first_image_mode is on. * term_id requires unique ID(s) of tags or categories. You can use several IDs like 'term_id=1,3,10'. Numbers only. * order_by is the method of ordering a list of the images(posts). You can use "title" or "date". * order requires the sort type. You can use "ASC" or "DESC". Uppercase only. * str is a search string. The search string must be a part of the file name of images you uploaded. This plugin searches "post_title"(these are seen in "MEDIA LIBRARY" -> "FILE" or "TITLE") in your wordpress database for the string. This string is required to be SQL LIKE condition string. Please refer to SQL LIKE condition. * lmit is a limit of the images that is shown. Write this attribute like 'start number,end number' . example, 'limit=0,30' . You can also use this like '20,50'. * size is the size of the images. "thumbnail" or "medium" or "large" or "full". * design is the type of output design. "1" to "5" at present. design=4,5 use jQuery. design=4 uses Accordion. design=5 uses Tabs. * item is the number of images per a page(section). This attribute is enabled only when "design=4,5". * column is the number of columns. This attribute is enabled only when "design=2,4,5". * date_format is the date format. Please refer to date format. * date_show is a switch to show posts' date or not. You can use "on" or "off". * title_show is a switch to show posts' title or not. You can use "on" or "off".You can also change design of outputted table with CSS. output HTML tags, table, div have a class="img_arc". div before a image have a class="img_arc_img", div before text have a class="img_arc_text".CSS exampletable.img_arc { border: 0 none;}div.img_arc_img, div.img_arc_text { text-align: center; line-height: 1;}div.img_arc_text a { text-decoration: none;}As for jQuery design CSS, please refer to Accordion, Tabs.Installation : 1. Upload this plugin files to the "/wp-content/plugins/" directory. 2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. 3. Write shortcode "[image_archives]" in your post. And configure some attributes.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: PHP
Keyword: Attribute Attributes Column Configure Design Enabled Image Image Mode Images Jquery Order Plugin Posts Quotonquot Refer Requires Search String
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License: Freeware Size: 2.68 MB
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