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YD Network-wide Options 4.0.0

  Date Added: July 27, 2013  |  Visits: 424

YD Network-wide Options

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This plugin has been thoroughly tested and is fully compatible with WordPress 3.0 multisite or with WPMU 2.9.This plugin was originally named YD WPMU Sitewide Options. The name has been changed with version 3.0 to match WordPress 3.0 vocabulary and concepts. Backwards compatibility with WordPress MU has been maintained.Centralized management of your network-wide installed plugins!This WordPress 3.0 multisite or WPMU plugin installs a new settings page where you can choose which blog or plugin settings you want to replicate site-wide or network-wide to all your children sites. Any change (update) to those settings (options) on the mother site admin pages can be automatically copied to all the sub-sites (blogs).You can choose which settings to replicate, you can decide if changes of the settings on the main blog should be automatically replicated to all blogs.You can replicate your settings as a "one-shot" process (for example when setting up new blogs or installing a new network-wide or site-wide plugin), or have the plugin maintain your settings in sync on all your blogs over time.You can decide if chosen settings will be automatically "spread" to newly created blogs or not.You can choose to manually spread the settings only when you decide to, and not to overwrite existing individual blog settings. This way, you can maintain specific settings on some blogs while keeping the ability to spread default settings to new blogs.Those techniques can be used to convert any standard WordPress plugin from standalone to a versatile multisite network-wide or sitewide WPMU plugin!You can use your main blog as a template-blog for the creation of new sites in your network: the new sites can automatically adopt any or all settings of your main blog, activated plugins can also be copied, as well as the settings of each plugin. This is an alternative to other commercial or non-commercial new blog defaults / new blog template plugins for WPMU.Many other creative uses are possible.It efficiently makes for a centralized deployment of any plugin parameter on all your WPMU blogs: the main blog acts as a "master" when setting the site-wide option, while your child blogs replicate any change in the option over time like "slaves" (a rather typical master-slave replication pattern).The plugin has its own admin options page (settings page).It is fully internationalized.Base package includes .pot file for translation of the interface, and English, French, Dutch and German versions.CompatibilityThis plugin has been successfully tested to convert the following standalone WordPress plugins to network-wide Worpress 3.0 multisite or sitewide WordPress MU plugins with centralized administration: * All WordPress core-options including WordPress 3.0 default theme header options, active plugins, administrator e-mail, commenting otpions and search engine accessibility (public/private status), etc. * Akismet plugin credentials (API Key) * YD Spread Parameter plugin * YD Export2Email plugin * WP Theme Switcher plugin * DJ E-mail Publish plugin * WPRobot plugin credentials and settings * Easy Privacy Policy plugin * WordPress plugin Commander to centrally activate or de-activate plugins network-wide * and many, many more...Only plugins that do not use WordPress' built-in options mechanism to store their settings ( for example the Contact Form 7 plugin ) cannot be made network-wide with this plugin. However, the vast majority of state-of-the art third-party plugins use options.Please leave a comment on the support site to report other successful implementations, or any incompatibility.Active supportDrop me a line on my YD WPMU Network-wide options plugin support site to report bugs, ask for a specific feature or improvement, or just tell me how you're using the plugin.Description en FrandoTzais :Ce plug-in pour WordPress 3.0 multi-site ou WordPress MU permet de recopier automatiquement n'importe quel paramdoTetrage (option, rdoTeglage) de plugin sur tous les blogs de votre rdoTeseau WordPress 3.0 ou WPMU. Toute modification (mise doT jour) faite sur un paramdodutre sdoTelectionndoTe dans le blog principal peut dodatre automatiquement rdoTepercutdoTee sur les sous-blogs. De cette fadoTzon, vous pouvez centraliser la gestion de vos plugins transversaux.Avec cette technique, n'importe quel plugin WordPress standard peut dodatre converti en un plugin transversal pour WP3.0 multisite ou WPMU !Les rdoTeglages de vos plugins sont automatiquement ddoTeploydoTes sur tous vos sites WP MU ou sur tous les sites de votre rdoTeseau multi-sites.Trdodus pratique si vous installez un plugin transversalement (network-wide) sur tous vos blogs.Le plugin a sa propre page d'options dans l'administration. Il est entidodurement internationalisdoTe.La distribution standard inclut le fichier de traduction .pot et les versions frandoTzaise, anglaise, hollandaise et allemande.Le plugin peut fonctionner avec n'importe quelle langue ou jeu de caractdodures.Pour toute aide ou information en frandoTzais, laissez-moi un commentaire sur le site de support du plugin YD WPMU Network-wide Options.Funding CreditsOriginal development of this plugin has been paid for by Please visit their site!Additional development was paid for by Matt Hardy. Please visit his site!Le ddoTeveloppement d'origine de ce plugin a doTetdoTe financdoTe par Allez visiter leur site !Des ddoTeveloppements additionnels ont doTetdoTe financdoTes par Matt Hardy. Allez visiter son site!TranslationIf you want to contribute to a translation of this plugin, please drop me a line by e-mail or leave a comment on the plugin's page. You will get credit for your translation in the plugin file and this documentation, as well as a link on this page and on my developers' blog.Dutch version kindly provided by ReneGerman version kindly provided by RianInstallation : 1. Unzip 2. Upload the yd-wpmu-sitewide-options directory and all its contents into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your main site 3. Activate the plugin on your main site or network-wide through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress 4. Use the plugins's own setting page to select which other plugin's options (settings) to make nertwork-wide / site-wide.For specific installations, some more information might be found on the YD WPMU Sitewide Options plugin support page

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: PHP
Keyword: Automatically Blogs Choose Multisite Networkwide Option Options Plugin Plugins Replicate Settings Sites Sitewide Specific Standard Support Translation Wordpress
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License: Freeware Size: 10 KB
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