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Post-Page-Associator 1.3.7

  Date Added: May 10, 2013  |  Visits: 346


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As the name suggests the Post-Page-Associator enables you to attach posts to a page. You can select a set of posts by category, tag, author or you just select implicit some post.HandlingThe handling is very easy. If you are editing a page you will see a new box with the title "Associate posts with this page". There you can choose categoris, tags, authors and posts which should attached to this page. Optionaly you can set the number of posts which should shown on the page and some more settings like post order.It doesn't work!If you are wondering why there are no associated posts then you view the page i guess you aren't using PHP5. ;) Post-Page-Associator requires PHP5!You can change the association settings in WP Admin Panel -> Settings -> Reading.ShortCodeIn case you won't have the associated posts at the end of your page you can use the [associated_posts] Shortcode anywhere in your pages content. The old [associated_posts enforce] ShortCode is deprecated.CustomizationIf you need a customized appearance of the associated posts. I.e. as list or with author and date meta data feel free to send me an E-Mail. For a small fee i will write a customized template for you. (I accept USD/EUR via PayPal.)For Theme DesignersIf you want to integrate this plugin in your theme you should add a new file to your theme directory: associated-posts.phpSo the plugin will use your template to show the associated posts. You can find a working example file of this template in the plugin directory (template.php). Just copy it with the right name (associated-posts.php) in your template directory and modify it until it fits in your theme.If you want to disable the auto append feature of the plugin you can use the 'associated_posts_auto_append' filter. Just add this line of code to your functions.php:Add_Filter ('associated_posts_auto_append', Create_Function('',' return False; ') );For real developers ;)As a real developer you can easy access to the associated posts via functions:wp_plugin_associate_posts_and_pages::get_associated_posts ($page_id = Null){/* $page_id: the id of the page which associated posts you want to read. if $page_id = Null, the plugin will read from current page. return: By default the function returns a WP_Query Object. The object is very well documented in the Codex. If there are no posts this function returns false.*/}wp_plugin_associate_posts_and_pages::has_associated_posts ($page_id = Null){/* $page_id: the id of the page which you want to know if there are associated posts if $page_id = Null, the plugin will read from current page. return: True, if there are associated posts. False, if there are no associated posts.*/}Real developers love the clout of their code. And as a real WordPress developer you know about the magic of hooks and filters. The Post-Page-Associator uses a filter with the tag 'associated_posts_template'. You can use this filter to set the template file of the associated posts. An example file of this template can you find in the plugin directory (template.php).QuestionsIf you have any questions you can leave a comment in my blog. But please think about this: I will not add features, write customizations or write tutorials for free. Please think about a donation. I'm a human and to write code is hard work.In the Press * Bradley from has written a worth reading post how he uses the Post-Page-Associator Plugin. To the post dlT¬ * Tom Altman said "Why are posts and pages so oil and water in WordPress? This plugin bridges the gap and makes them more like chocolate and peanut butter." To the post dlT¬Language * This Plugin is available in English. * Dieses Plugin ist in Deutsch verfdoDsgbar. (Dennis Hoppe) * Este plugin estdodA disponible en EspadoT-ol. (Francisco Chaves) * Cette extension est traduite en frandoTzais. (Annie Stasse)If you translated this plugin in your language feel free to send me the language file via E-Mail (.mo and .po file please) with your name and this translated sentence: "This plugin is available in %YOUR_LANGUAGE_NAME%." So i can add it to the plugin.You can use the german translation file as guidline. * Copy it * Rename it * Change it * Send it via E-Mail to * Thats it. Thank you =)The translation file contains 33 strings.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: PHP
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