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Ambrosite Next/Previous Post Link Plus 2.3

  Date Added: April 16, 2013  |  Visits: 503

Ambrosite Next/Previous Post Link Plus

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This plugin creates two new template tags (next_post_link_plus and previous_post_link_plus) which are upgraded versions of the core WordPress next/previous post link template tags. The new tags include all of the functionality of the core tags, plus the following additional options: * Sort the next/previous post links on columns other than post_date (e.g. alphabetically). * Loop around to the first post if there is no next post (and vice versa). * Truncate the link titles to any length, and display the full titles in the tooltip. * Display post thumbnails alongside the links (WordPress 2.9 or higher). * Return false if no next/previous post is found, so themes may conditionally display alternate text.The new template tags accept the following arguments. The $order_by, $loop, $thumb, and $max_length parameters are new; the others work exactly the same as described in the WordPress Codex.The $order_by ParameterIf you are using either the query_posts function, or a plugin like postMash or Query Posts Widget to display your posts in alphabetical order (or in any order besides reverse chronological), then you will want your next/previous post links to cycle through the posts in the same order. The $order_by parameter may be used to sort the next/previous post links on any of the following columns:post_date, post_title, post_excerpt, post_name, post_modified, ID, post_author, post_parent, menu_order, comment_countFor example, to move through the posts in alphabetical order:The $loop ParameterIf the $loop parameter is set to 'loop', then the next post link will loop around to the first post if there is no next post (and vice versa). The default is 'no loop'. For example, if I want the next post link to lead back to "Alligator" once I get to "Zebra":The $thumb ParameterThe plugin has built-in support for the post thumbnail feature that was introduced in WordPress 2.9. If you want to display the post thumbnails alongside the next/previous links, set $thumb to 'thumb'. The default is 'no thumb'.The thumbnail and link are given CSS classes named 'post-thumbnail' and 'post-link' to add in styling. By default, they appear next to each other, however if you want the link to appear underneath the thumbnail, add the following styles to your CSS { float: left; }.post-link { float: left; clear: left; }The $max_length ParameterTruncates the post titles to the nearest whole word under the length you specify, while adding three dots at the end to signify that the title was trimmed. Default is zero (do not truncate). For example:This will trim "The New York Giants Win Super Bowl XLII in Overtime" to "The New York Giants Win..." The full title will be displayed in the tooltip when the mouse hovers over the link.The Return ValueThis makes it much easier to create alternate styles in the event that no next/previous post is found. For example, to create grayed out inactive links, you can simply test the return value as follows:Note that if the $loop parameter is set to 'loop', the function will never return false, since an adjacent post will always be found.Complete Example The following pair of template tags cycle through all posts in alphabetical order, within the same category, with looping, but no post thumbnails, using the default link title and format, and truncating the title to the nearest whole word under 30 characters: | Installation : * Upload ambrosite-post-link-plus.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. * Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress. * Edit your single.php file (plus any other single post template files you may have created), and replace the next_post_link and previous_post_link template tags with next_post_link_plus and previous_post_link_plus. Configure them using parameters as explained above.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: PHP
Keyword: 039no Default Display Fgtthe Link Links Loop Nextprevious Order Plugin Post Posts Template Thumb Thumbnails Title Wordpress
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License: Freeware Size: 10 KB
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