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PardioWars 2 RC3

  Date Added: March 27, 2013  |  Visits: 296


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The success of Browser-Based RPG Games is enormous! Now its YOUR chance to get in on that success! PardioWars is guaranteed to be the best RPG script on the entire Internet! With tons of features and a full admin backend to control every aspect of your game, PardioWars blows away the competition.In addition unlike other scripts PardioWars is completely secure, and backed with a dedicated development team to release script updates and new features every few weeks! View a full list of PardioWars Features :Pardiowars is the first of its kind, we allow every feature to be edited including percentages, prices, images, text, templates, languages and a lot more! And all of this is editable by a very powerful admin panel. Pardio Speak (KEY):NPC - Non-player characterEXP - ExperienceHP - Health PointsPM - Private messageFTP - File Transfer ProtocolF2P - Free to play (normal users) Developer FeaturesThe developer section of PardioWars will let you expand your game. If you are familiar with PHP and mySQL you can create your own scripts to add onto our system. To do this, you simply use the php include function inside your file.Admin FeaturesPardiowars prides itself on having the most developed admin panel in the RPG game market. With this outstanding admin panel there is no need to even access FTP after install.We even offer help information on every setting of the admin panel to help explain the wording or simply help with what it does. System settings : The system settings are where the main game settings are including; Site name, Game name, Game on/off, Template used, Email Delay (to stop spam), Allow members to change race, Show errors.Race settings : The key settings of the races where you can edit each race separately, you are able to edit their; Name, Descriptions, Image, Colours, and tags.Attack settings : The attack settings are very complex, you can edit the level deadlock, where you can prevent high levels attacking players who are too weak to stand a chance. There are 3 skills involved, defence, strength and attack. Each skill depends on the outcome of the attack. The strength level governs how much damage a player will do. Defence governs how often they can block an attack. User weapons can be damaged in an attack.Levels : There are no limitations to the amount of levels in the game. For example, a player can be level 107 in attack, or even level 2053 in wood cutting!Arcade settings : Edit the arcade games, edit their name, description, tokens needed, tokens won, and be able to set to premium or F2P. You can also view the arcade high scores and statistics of the game.Clan settings : You can modify all clans that are in place. You are able to modify the clans name, description, leader, members and logo. While being able to view current members of the specific clan and can view the current invites which have been sent by that clan. You may also set the cost for creating a clan.Bounty settings : The bounty settings will let you set a minimum price of a bounty. You are able to modify existing bounties or delete and add bounties.Players settings : View details of the members, edit their stats, freeze/suspend the member, compare their ip to make sure they do not cheat. Add players, without needing the registration process and you are also able to view player statistics.Mass email : You are able to email all of your members with the click of the button to inform them of any changes, premium prices or anything you wish.Shop settings : You can modify the shop's name, description and even specify which type of players can visit. You can easily disable shops and reset stocks so that items are fully stocked again.Items : You can add items to specfic shops. While being able to specify which types of players can buy that item. You can set if the item has any extra bonuses. E.g You can specify attack weapons to boost attack levels by X. You are able to assign a picture to the item and set the stock control level.NPCs : Instead of having only other players to attack, members can battle against your NPC's. You are able to set the names of them, HP levels and attack levels. Overall, you can add as many as your like and add images to them to add appeal.Languages : Pardio wars as default comes coded in English, each part of the text is easily edited within the admin panel. It is easy to now add languages to the game to have a multi language game, or simply run it in your own language.Templates : Pardio wars uses a very complex but easy to use template system called Smarty. This allows you to edit every part of the template, and each page as its own via the admin panel.Crons : Our unique script no-longer needs crons, although it does have daily and hourly tasks they are run automatically and do not need setting up. User FeaturesBefore registering the user only has limited menu including the;Story : Set your game aside from others with the story of your game.Guide : Help new users within the game by writing a guide of how to play the game.Rules : Keep your users in line with the game rules.Races : Information on the types of characters that users can play as, fully editable by the admin panel, including the names, description, images and more.You can create more pages using the custom page feature, or even delete the existing pages listed above. Upon registering the user instantly has access to the game, including the full menu.Attack : A new feature to pardiowars (V2) is giving the users the ability to attack both players and NPCs (non-player characters). Both giving EXP and gold for fighting.Items : Weapons, food, powerups and rares. Weapons are used in fighting, the user must pick their default weapon to fight with, however this weapon can be damaged during battle and must be repaired or discarded. Food is used instead of visiting the hospital to restore HP. Powerups are again used in battle, give yourself the edge over other users to become the ultimate victor in battle. Rares are simple to show off your wealth, when a user views a profile the rares are shown. Release limited holiday items, special items, or just amazingly expensive items for variety.Shops : Every shop, and item is editable via admin. Shops are used to buy anything within the game, and the place to purchase the above items.Bank : In V2 we wanted to make the bank more like a 'real life' bank with interest rates. When money is deposited the user will gain interest daily.Missions : Our favourite feature of V2. Missions are added by the admin to let users play missions to gain exp and gold, an alternative to attacking. With each mission having 3 tasks to complete, the missions are not easy. Each mission also has a set level which the user must have before being able to attempt the mission.Bounties : Another feature added to V2. If a user has been attacked, killed, or simply wants to, the user can add another user to the bounty list. Once added, when the added user is killed the killer receives the bounty reward.Clans : Allows users to join together and form a clan, join together as a team and is an opening for developers and later pardiowars versions to create more updates. A feature coming next is clan missions where they can attempt the missions together.Hospital : Once a user has died or been in a fight they must go to the hospital or eat to restore HP.Arcade : The arcade is a place where the user can go and play games. Winning in the arcade results in the gaining of gold. There are currently two games, dice and imp racing. More games will be released as well as developers being able to release games for the arcade.Invite : The player can invite their friends to play the game, when the invited user signs up the player who invited them gains gold for the invite.Account : Simply allows the user to edit their password or email.Profile : A place for the user to display key statistics of their account.Messages : Messages is used to allow members to PM each other to talk about clans, the game, or any general chat.Premium : Allow users to upgrade (at a cost) to premium membership, allowing them access to anything you have set to premium only, including, shops, items, games and more. One of the ways pardiowars can make you money.Towns : Create different places for members to visit and interact with. Allowing fishing, smithing or shopping in a town.Fishing : Each user has a fishing level which they can increase by fishing for food. Different fish can be found is various towns.Woodcutting : Each user has a woodcutting level which they can increase by cutting down trees. Different trees can be discovered throughout different towns.Crafting : Users can craft raw materials into weapons. Such as, logs from tree cutting, which can be crafted into a bow and arrow.Blacksmith : If your weapon is damaged during battle you must visit the blacksmith to repair your weapons.Pages : Create custom pages for your game and set specific requirements. For example, minimum level, minimum gold and much more.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: PHP
Keyword: Admin Attack Battle Feature Games Including Items Level Levels Members Panel Pardiowars Pardiowars Scripts Player Players Rc3 Scripts Settings Users V2 V2 Rc3
Users rating: 0/10

License: Shareware Size: 10 KB
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