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A2Billing 1.0

  Date Added: July 17, 2013  |  Visits: 430


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A2Billing combined with Asterisk now gives any Telecom company a very good reason to consider the A2Billing Soft-Switch over the traditional offerings for TDM and VoIP Soft-Switches as well as wholesale and IP PBX billing, particularly when you consider the cost of A2Billing * FREE!<br /><br />If you want to launch any of the following services, then A2Billing may be the system for you:<br /><br />Traditional Calling Card services * A2Billing can be configured to provide standard calling card services via traditional "dial through", with PIN or CID authentication.<br />Callback services, A2Billing supports a number of call-back methods including ANI, DID and web based call-backs.<br />VoIP residential services * Customers can be issued with a softphone or hard phone and be billed for calls made via Voice over IP.<br />VoIP wholesale termination - A2Billing and Asterisk can be used as a softswitch to terminate and bill large numbers of VoIP minutes from a number of sources such as resellers and distributors of your services.<br />VoIP termination for Asterisk and FreePBX systems. * With the growth of IP based PBX systems, as well as the asterisk based systems, A2Billing can be used to provide services and billing to IP PBX resellers and Asterisk system integrators.<br />DID termination and redirection. DID can be redirected to any SIP, IAX or PSTN destination with monthly charges and duration based charges.<br />Its is fair to say that A2Billing when combined with Asterisk is is now a full featured telecom platform and softswitch providing converged services, with self contained billing (pre or post-paid), reporting and statistics for IP and TDM based voice networks and can be configured to supply a wide range of services, rate calls, prepare and send out invoices, as well as accept payments via a number of payment service providers.<br /><br />The A2Billing solution comprises of the following components: -<br /><br />Server: The computer to run the system.<br />Line Interface Cards: The Digium hardware (optional)to connect to the TDM network (PRI, BRI, Analogue)<br />Linux: The base operating system<br />Asterisk: The telephony engine<br />Apache: The web server<br />MySQL/Postgresql: The back end database<br />A2Billing: The Billing engine handling Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting.<br />The platform can be fitted with a TDM cards to interconnect with the PSTN, and can support in excess of 120 concurrent calls given the right hardware. If more capacity is required, then more Asterisk servers can be added as necessary.<br /><br />The A2Billing Platform has been deployed in a number of commercial environments by both traditional TDM based telecoms companies wishing to move into the VoIP market, and calling card and call-shop businesses. Additionally, there has been a lot of interest from IT and networking companies who are beginning to deploy VoIP PBXs in addition to their traditional business, and wish to enjoy an ongoing income by terminating their customer???*a*?s calls using A2Billing as their Wholesale Billing Platform.<br /><br />A2Billing is licenced under the AGPL * this means that you have the freedom to modify the system to suit your own needs, within the rules of the AGPL.<br /><br />FEATURES LIST:<br /><br />The features list are split into three sections for clarity: IVR, Web management interface & Customer interface :<br /><br />IVR FEATURES :<br /><br />Caller ID & Card Number and SIP/IAX2 Friend authentication<br />Multi-Language support - force specific language, give a menu for language choices<br />Customize the IVR rapidly, chose to play Balance, Time to call, Intro prompt, etc...<br />Recording of all calls<br />Speed-dial<br />Play balance with multi currency support<br />Free VoIP calls between application users<br />Support simultaneous or single access on same card<br />Support call at Zero-Cost & Negative cost<br />Auto creation card option for new callerID<br />Web based, DID & CID based Call Back<br />Top-up account via IVR menu.<br />WEB MANAGEMENT INTERFACE :<br /><br />Advanced Card and Customer management : Creation ; Edit ; Search engine ; batch update ; CallerID handling ; Refill Cards.<br />Define : post-pay/prepay ; Language ; Currency ; Expiry ; VAT ; Recurring Service, User Data, etc...<br />SIP / IAX Friends + ARA support (Asterisk Realtime)<br />Speed dial<br />BILLING MANAGEMENT & REPORTING<br />Check the Customers balance; see Refills made, payment received, amount to pay<br />browse online payments made by Paypal and Moneybooker<br />Voucher support : creation ; browsing ; batch creation<br />Multi-Currencies support : automatic update based currently base on Yahoo Financial<br />Reporting statistics: CDR ; Maximum Concurrent calls ; Graphing ; Profit Margin analysis<br />POWERFUL RATE-ENGINE<br />LCR(Least cost routing) & LCD (Least Cost Dialling) management<br />Billing Increment: Progressively different rates through the call<br />Scheduled Rates (days/hours of the weeks - PEAK & OFF-PEAK)<br />Expiry of rates;<br />Import Rate Cards<br />Rate-card Simulator<br />trunk/voip-provider management<br />Failover Trunks<br />Batch update for rates<br />Calling Packages - X number free minutes to specified destinations<br />Subscription services<br />Callback Rating<br />DID SALES<br />Manage your DIDs and sell them to your customer for monthly usage.<br />Customer can reserve DIDs for themselves and configure a Follow-me to redirect the calls over the PSTN by VoIP.<br />REPORTING<br />Monthly & daily reporting<br />Earnings calculation and markup/margin on report<br />Monthly traffic reports (pie chart)<br />Daily load<br />Compare call-load with previous days<br />Criteria definition for reporting<br />Export report to PDF & CSV<br />RECURRING SERVICE OVER THE CARD<br />Auto refill existing card with auto refill option<br />Periodically remove credit from customer balance<br />OTHERS<br />E-Product : allows interaction with third party ecommerce platforms in order to create cards such as OS-commerce<br />Signup modules<br />Email activation to verify customer email address.<br />Customise mail templates<br />ACL (Access control) support for admin users<br />DB backup/restore tool<br />SOAP-Webservice : Create Card, Remove card, Update... See WSDL : A2Billing_UI/api/SOAP/soap-card-server.php?wsdl<br />Export data into XML or CSV<br />Customise look and feel of the interface<br />Call-back, Web based, DDI based, CID based and URL / Text triggered Call back<br />Call-back triggered through multiple asterisk servers.<br />API to display ratecard on own website<br />Asterisk Info<br />PHPSysInfo (<br />Asterisk Config<br />CUSTOMER INTERFACE :<br /><br />Online signup, selection of tariff, language and currency with email verification.<br />Account info, including update details<br />Call history - CDR<br />Voucher usage and voucher entry<br />Invoice Viewing<br />DID selling support - features to sell to pre-configured DID. Customers can redirect DID to his phone-number and even deploy a Follow-Me<br />Speed dial configuration<br />Ratecard browsing & ratecard simulator<br />Web based callback<br />Web-phone (Applet Java - IAX Web Phone)<br />Caller id : list / add so that customer can authenticate to the service without needing to enter account and PIN<br />Multi-Language support for the customer interface (Spanish, English, French, Chinese, Italian, Romanian, Turkish, Urdu)<br />Forget password option

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Platforms: PHP
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