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WSN Knowledge Base 5.0.57

  Date Added: May 20, 2013  |  Visits: 494

WSN Knowledge Base

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Social networking features are included, such as comments and ratings, an invitations system, saved articles, tagging, guestbooks, a calendar, ebay-style feedback, avatars, an advanced moderator system, private messaging, and many more.Here are some key features of "WSN Knowledge Base":General features:dlTE Setup couldn't be simpler. No file editing is ever needed, and all CHMODing is done for you if you supply your FTP info during setup. If you use SQLite you don't even need to set up a database.dlTE Easily integrate with your existing member database, be it a forum database or any other mysql member system. If you can use phpmyadmin well enough to read the field names of the other script's members table, you can easily create an integration file for that script. Pre-supplied integration systems selectable in your admin panel: Invision Board, vBulletin 3, phpBB 2, Mambo Server, phpnuke, WSN Forum, WSN Gallery, WSN Links.dlTE Hide articles, categories or comments from the listings. Remove them from the list temporarily, or hide a category so that you can article to it separately outside of the context of the knowledge base.dlTE Sort. The visitor can sort articles or categories or the member list in any order, and the admin can set the default orders for articles, categories, comments and members. Admin can set a secondary sort order for articles where the primary sort order leaves several equal. A 'priority' field is included which you may sort by if you want to manually set the order of each article and category.dlTE Switches. The 'switches' area in your admin panel lets you switch features on and off instantly without having to edit the templates.dlTE Generate plain HTML pages whenever needed. Use this to distribute content offline if you wish. If desired, have HTML pages autogenerated and autoupdated.dlTE Load management. You can set WSN Knowledge Base to automatically lock out search engine spiders at times of high server load.dlTE Online users list. Optionally display a list of who's currently browsing your directory, including their IP and browser.dlTE Image prompt to stop spam. If you wish, you can require all unregisterd guests to copy the characters shown in an image before their submission of an article, comment, email, member account, etc will be accepted. This allows you to thwart automated submissions by spam bots.dlTE Customizable flat-file database importer, as well as an XML-based import format.dlTE RSS feed. Let visitors sample your latest articles with their RSS reader.dlTE Filters. Filter displayed articles or comments to only those matching the value of the current one.dlTE Calendar system. Schedule, edit and join events.dlTE Full support. Although WSN Knowledge Base remains far more affordable than the competition, service via the email contact form is quick and effective. The author of the script handles all support requests, rather than leaving it to support specialists who might be trained in being nice but would lack expertese in configuring or extending the product.dlTE SEO and Traffic-Building FeaturesdlTE Apache search engine friendly URL rewriting. If you're on an apache server, shorten your URLs and make your categories, comments and articles appear without .php extensions. Make categories appear as so that people can easily remember the URL of a particular category. Get keywords into article URLs for better search engine positions.dlTE Google sitemap generation. Generate sitemaps to tell google where your pages are.dlTE Control search engine spiders by disallowing them from unimportant pages. This way they get deeper into the important areas and don't put as much of a load on your server.dlTE Throw 404s to any undesirable IPs in order to control rogue spiders or thwart DOS attacks.dlTE Meta tags. Set meta tags for general use on all pages, and set category-specific meta tags to override the general ones for each category.dlTE Syndication. Have a javascript code generated based on a specified toplist so that other sites can syndicate your content. (Alternatively, use RSS.)Customization Features:dlTE WSN Knowledge Base is fully customizable. All of the HTML which is displayed to your visitors (as well the admin panel HTML) can be customized through the templates. You may either edit your templates offline through the HTML editor of your choice, or make use of the online editor in the admin panel which allows you to preview changes, search for text, et cetera.dlTE Take advantage of CSS. Change the entire color scheme by editing a small stylesheet, so that you don't have to go through the templates individually. Optionally let your visitors choose the style they prefer, without needing to create separate template sets.dlTE Use the wrapper template to encapsulate the WSN content in your design very quickly without needing to search through all the other templates.dlTE Find your customizations with a glance, as customized templates are displayed in a different color than uncustomized templates.dlTE Add new fields. Add as many new article, category, comment or member fields as you like, no limits. Use a text area, input box, checkboxes, radio buttons, combo box, etc to collect your data. Choose if new fields can be filled in by visitors or only by admin.dlTE Create a toplist. Anywhere you wish, list the top x articles, categories, comments or members ordered by the field of your choice and filtered by a condition of your choice. Works in custom templates, so you can create new pages with toplist content.dlTE Custom templates. Create as many new templates as you need, and use toplists or globally available template variables in them. Also make a custom template for specific articles, categories, etc. by specifying the id number in the url. Override the normal template of any page with your custom one, override the wrapper with a custom one if desired.dlTE Easily make a custom template for a special category by editing the category to specify the new template to use for it.dlTE Easy template customization. Includes [INSERTFILE=yourtemplate] syntax to let you easily insert large amounts of text/HTML/PHP from another file into a particular spot in a template, thus making it easy for you to keep your customizations separate so that upgrading to future versions can be painless.dlTE Simple conditionals syntax available in templates. Use the power of PHP without needing to learn PHP. Example: You have submitted more than 10 articles.You have not yet submitted more than 10 articles.dlTE Multiple types. Create multiple types of categories, comments or articles... each type can use different HTML to display it and may be positioned differently on the page.E-mail Features:dlTE E-mail queue system can handle sending out an email to thousands of people at once.dlTE MIME e-mail option. Use HTML in your emails, with it still degrading to text effectively.dlTE E-mail logging. Review a list of sent emails and the IP addresses of the senders.dlTE Use the advanced toplist feature in emails, just as in any template.dlTE Preview emails before sending.dlTE Create an email signature, that will be appended to the bottom of all mail sent.dlTE Create standard emails which you can select to re-send in the future.dlTE Bulk e-mail members. Send a mass e-mail to all members or to members who fit the conditions you specify, and use any member template variables in your message.dlTE Bulk e-mail article submitters. Send a mass email for all articles or for each article which meets the conditions you specify to the owner of the article, using any article template variables in your message.dlTE Let members e-mail each other. These e-mails are processed through a form which does not reveal the address of the recipient.dlTE Allow members to opt in or out. By choosing on registration or editing their profile, members can decide not to receive emails from other members or not to receive emails from the administrator.dlTE E-mail notifications to admin. Get an email informing you of new submissions, containing details of the submission.dlTE E-mail notifications to user. Let the submitter get an email notification of acceptance or rejection. Optionally send submitter notification that their article is received and pending review, that their article's sponsorship funds have run out, or that their article has expired.dlTE Send emails from different addresses. If you want validation emails sent by your moderators to contain their email address, for example, this is possible.dlTE Subscriptions. Subscribe to be notified of new comments on an article, or subscribe to a category to be notified of new articles in it. Member can also choose to be notified by email of every new article in the entire directory regardless of category. Member profiles offer a subscription management area.File Attachment Features:dlTE Visitors may attach a file to articles, if you choose to allow it. Set the allowed file types and maximum size. Hide the real file name, and track the number of downloads. Choose which usergroups are allowed to download the file. If it's an image, automatically display it.dlTE Custom file attachment fields. Add unlimited file fields for articles, categories, comments and members. Track downloads, image size, etc for as many different file fields as you need.dlTE Show image thumbnails. If the attachment is an image, optionally show a thumbnail of any size. This requires GD, which should be in any PHP version 4.3.0 or higher, or ImageMagick.dlTE Check image size. If you're allowing image uploads, limit the allowed width and height.dlTE Choose to either name file attachments on disk with 'natural' names (e.g. testpic.jpg) or with random alphanumeric names. The latter option allows you to effectively prevent users from guessing at the location of your file, thus safeguarding premium content from those who don't have proper permission. The friendly name will always be the one presented visibly to your users either way.dlTE Attachments category tree. Optionally have your attachments directory sorted into a category tree, for easy browsing by FTP.Articles-Specific Features:dlTE WYSIWYG editor for Firefox, IE and Opera, to allow people to create their article graphically.dlTE Article importance formula. Create a custom formula to determine the importance of articles.dlTE Articles are automatically marked as visited, and associated comments threads as read.dlTE Display a list of related articles for each article.dlTE Visitors can rate each article. Cookies are used to prevent re-voting, and IPs are also stored to prevent the same IP address from voting again. View details of each individual vote cast.dlTE Custom rating fields. Let visitors rate as many different aspects of each article as you like.dlTE Visitors can report an article, email an article, or add it to their personal saved articles list.dlTE Track views. Set the amount of time between clicks needed to count as a unique view. Separately track the number of views over a user-defined number of days (perhaps monthly, for example).dlTE Copy or alias. Copy an article to another category, or create an alias of it so that the article functions as one single article in two categories at once.dlTE Limit submissions by usergroup. Set how many articles each usergroup can submit in total, and how many they can submit in each single day.dlTE Expire articles. If you're indexing something which has an expiration date, set articles to automatically expire after a certain number of days.dlTE Comments/reviews system. Allow discussions of each article.dlTE Rate comments. Visitors can rate a particular comment on an article as helpful or unhelpful.dlTE Set articles to take effect on a future date.dlTE An option to automatically generate a member account for submitters.dlTE An option to suggest a new category while submitting an article.Category-Specific Features:dlTE Unlimited levels of subcategories. If you need 1000 subcategories 100 levels deep, it's not a problem.dlTE Related categories. Select related categories to link to from a particular category.dlTE For each individual category, you may override the default article order, choice of mixing article types or not, and number of article and subcategory columns.dlTE Category usergroup permissions. For each category, you can override any of the general usergroup permissions with specific permissions for the particular category.dlTE Use the category usergroup permissions to select who can submit to a particular category, and the select box on the submission pages will gray out categories which the user does not have permission to submit to.dlTE Bulk addition of subcategories. Add many subcategories at once by using subname1[,]subname2[,]subname3 etc as the category name.dlTE Alias categories. Make a subcategory of one category become also a subcategory of a different category.dlTE Moderators. Appoint editors to oversee specific categories. Choose if you wish to auto-approve submissions by moderators to their own categories. Moderator inherit all subcategories of their category.dlTE Moderator control panel. Let moderators handle the validation of articles, article edits and comments within their own categories.dlTE Make a category act as a link to a URL.Membership-Specific Features:dlTE Visitors can register an account either while submitting an article or from a separate registration screen.dlTE Registration options. Use direct registration, require e-mail validation, or require manual validation of members by the admin.dlTE Advanced usergroup permissions. Create custom usergroups, and specify the exact permissions of guests, registered members and administrators. Assign secondary usergroups or special access to a category as well.dlTE Allow usergroups to edit articles they've submitted. Require validation of edits if you wish, based on usergroup.dlTE Member list and profiles. View all members and various details, make this publicly available if you wish.dlTE Members may choose avatars and signatures. These appear by comments the member posts, although you could use them with links if you desired. Avatars can be automatically resized to the desired dimensions.dlTE Member time zone. Members may select to view all dates and times from their own time zone.dlTE Member ratings. Use a custom formula (or the standard one provided) to determine the value of members, and show their rank ordered by this formula.dlTE Member rank titles and images, which can be determined by number of articles, number of posts, or rating.dlTE An option for members to be notified of moderator actions on their submissions.dlTE The total time online of each member can be tracked and displayed.dlTE Custom permissions restrictions. Via a comment at the top of any template, quickly restrict the viewing of that page to particular usergroups. Or, just edit a category to quickly restrict it from being viewed by particular usergroups.dlTE Personal article lists for members. Members can make a list of their favorite articles.dlTE Personal guestbooks, where members can say hi to each other.dlTE An option for auction-style member feedback.dlTE A registration invitations system which can be used for googlish beta marketing.Search Features:dlTE Simple search boxes. Do a simple search for articles, and choose in the admin panel which fields are searched for this.dlTE Search in category. Let people refine their searches to all content beneth a particular category.dlTE Refine. Search results can be refined to only those containing a particular term.dlTE Advanced search. Find items where any particular field is equal to, contains the term, has any of the words, has all of the words, is less than, or is greater than the search term... or search for where items are between two numbers.dlTE Boolean searches. Use 'and' and 'or' operators and group with parenthases in advanced search, or configure the simple search box to be boolean if desired.dlTE Configure the strictness of the search. If you don't have many articles yet you may set it to be lax and show any results where any of the search words are found even in the middle of a longer word, or if you have more content require the full word to match and require all of the searched-for words to match if desired.dlTE Highlight search words. On the search result pages, the words which were being searched for are highlighted (this uses the .searchhighlight CSS class so that changing the look of the highlight is simple).dlTE Sort search results. Order the results by any field. Admin sets default, the visitor can choose their own order.dlTE Log searches. Track the searching habits of your visitors by logging their searches to a file.dlTE Show most searched terms. Display whatever number of most popular search terms you wish in whatever format you wish.dlTE Search result columns. Put search results in any number of columns per row (default is 1).Administrative Features:dlTE IP banning. Rid yourself of troublemakers by banning IP ranges. IPs are tracked for each submission, member registration and vote. Ban from site, or just from re-registering if you prefer.dlTE Validation. Specify for each usergroup if the admin will have to validate their articles, categories, comments, or article edits. Send custom messages to submitter on acceptance or rejection.dlTE Backup and restore. Use the admin panel to download a quick backup of your WSN Knowledge Base database content, and then easily restore backups through the admin panel. Have backups automatically generated for you every x days if you like.dlTE Censor or replace words or phrases. Prevent users from swearing, and/or place links around particular text, etc.dlTE Mass-replace. Globally replace one bit of text with another across all language items or all templates. Also globally replace according to advanced criteria for articles, categories, comments and members.dlTE Control behavior of redirects. Decide for yourself exactly which page you want the user sent to after they take a particular action...dlTE Required fields. Select exactly which fields you wish to require the user to fill in. If it's not filled in, the user doesn't lose any data but has the chance to complete the missing field(s).dlTE Reset fields. If you wish, select particular article fields to automatically reset to be blank every x days.dlTE WSN Codes. Disallow HTML in user submissions if you wish, and replace HTML's functionality with custom WSN Codes. Create as many as you like.dlTE Smilies. Add as many smilies as you like.dlTE Option to restore default settings, in case you do something which turns out to be a particularly major mistake.dlTE View stats on registration and submission rates.Advanced Developer Features:dlTE Use PHP in templates, in addition to the conditionals syntax. If you know php, make use of it in any way you like. This makes it easy to do major changes without having to edit the source files.dlTE Run a custom script every x days (a simulated cron job), if you choose.dlTE Source code is object oriented PHP. A short but useful guide to extending the source is available in the manual. Most tasks can be accomplished simply by adding a new function to the appropriate class, as all functions of the class automatically become available as template variables.dlTE Create your own password encoding method just by altering one function if you like. By default three encoding options are available: md5, double md5 with salt (vB3 style), and none (so as to allow the lost password form to email people their current password instead of generating a new one for them).dlTE A a modification creator and installer which keeps track of and applies your changes to PHP, templates and language.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: PHP
Keyword: Admin Article Articles Categories Category Comments Custom Email Emails Features Fields Member Members Number Search Template Templates Wsn Knowledge Base 5 0 57
Users rating: 0/10

License: Shareware Cost: $38.50 USD Size: 1.65 MB
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