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Articlepublisher for Scripts 1.0

  Date Added: March 26, 2013  |  Visits: 638

Articlepublisher for Scripts

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Use this powerful PHP tool to create and manage content, generate search-engine-friendly URLs, and pinpoint which webpages net you the most readers d-deOCL and dollars. Automatic installation has you upand running in no time!Features:Advanced WYSIWYG EditingIf you've worked with a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, then using Article Publisher will be simple and efficient. WYSIWYG mimics the standard Word toolbar. By using WYSIWYG Editor functionality, you can quickly and easily upload and display an unlimited number of images and files.Customizable Imaging FunctionalityArticle Publisher automatically generates thumbnails of the primary article image in three varying sizes, which can be set up to meet your own specifications. Article Publisher supports an unlimited number of images and files per article. Additionally, create thumbnails of any image you choose through WYSIWYGd-deOaos image browser.Webpage Creation Made EasyIn addition to articles, you can utilize Article Publisher to create Webpages that link online to vital information, such as your d-deDUAbout Usd-deDt or d-deDUContact Usd-deDt pages, or any other information you want to put front and center.Customized Section FeaturesSections may be created with a depth of up to 10 levels. Different templates may be created for each section to further customize the look and feel of your Website. For example, your Technology section can be created with an entirely different visual imprint than your Automotive section. Customized filenames, which may be created automatically or manually, make your URLs search-engine friendly and more readable for your end user.A Variety of Access LevelsArticle Publisher supports three access levels: Writer, Editor and Administrator. At the Writer level, the user can draft articles and submit them for review before they are published.Users at the Editor level can review articles, make appropriate changes, and give approval prior to their going live. Administrators manage the entire program by creating new user accounts, approving articles, and/or writing their own.Personalized Section-Access GrantingIndividual writers and editors may be granted access to all categories or to specific categories only. Give your IT writers access to the Technology category and related subcategories, while at the same time preventing them from editing articles in the Automotive category.Write Today, Publish TomorrowWith Article Publisher, you can easily store an article and set its publishing date for a future time. The added article will be published automatically on your Website at the specified date and time.Real-time Online StatisticsBecome an expert on the dynamics of your Websited-deOaos growth. Article Publisher allows you to view which Websites are sending the most traffic to yours.You can also view how frequently your pages are visited by search-engine spiders and which pages theyd-deOaore visiting. Track AdSense clicks, where users clicked, and the time and destination of each click.Search-engine Friendly URLsInstead of displaying fractured, ugly, or hard-to-read URLs like this one:, your URLs will look like this: Sitemap GenerationArticle Publisher automatically generates Google sitemap, which increases the speed of indexing and ensures that the Google bot will come to your Website much more rapidly.RSS FeedsArticle Publisher generates RSS feeds for each section, as well as for the entire Website, allowing your visitors to be informed of your Websited-deOaos latest additions. Plus, other Website owners can easily pick up and display headlines from your Website on their own d-deOCL which means your visitors will keep coming back!Article Search FeatureArticle Publisher can search articles and return results, sorted by relevance in a measure similar to the search string and the text. Article Publisher will also form text snippets and highlight the original search term. This feature is especially useful for visitors when your Website features numerous articles.Smart Error 404 HandlingIn the event that a requested page cand-deOaot be found, Article Publisher will recommend several related articles and sections.For example, if your user was trying to open the address, and there is no such article on your Website, he or she will see a d-deDUPage Not Foundd-deDt message, along with several recommended articles and sections containing the words sports, play and basketball.So even if the requested page doesnd-deOaot exist on your Website, itd-deOaos far more likely that the user will stay and browse additional content.CachingCaching allows you to increase performance of the Article Publisher for comfortable handling of tens or even hundreds of thousands of requests, even on a shared hosting.Caching may be enabled for different parts of your Website. If your home page has tens of MySQL queries, for example, you can turn on caching for one hour. During that hour, these queries will be executed only once, thereby lightening the load on your MySQL server.Flexible and Powerful TemplatesArticle Publisher utilizes the Smarty template engine, which offers unbeatable flexibility, power and performance. You get to control which content or article you see and where you get to see it. Edit templates in the online editor or by utilizing programs such as Dreamweaver or Front Page.Article Publisher will automatically check each template before saving it in order to keep your Website error free. Using Article Publisher, create e-zines, blogs, general d-deDUAbout Companyd-deDt or d-deDUAbout Productd-deDt Websites, or just manage the News section on your existing Website.Support Any LanguageYour Website may be written and read in any language you choose. Simply select the appropriate character set from the list in the Administration menu.Automatic InstallationAutomatic Installer will upload and set up Article Publisher on your Website in less than 5 minutes. It will upload and configure all necessary files including ionCube Loader, which is required to run Article Publisher, and all Article Publisher files.It will also set required read/write permissions for files and directories, and will create a MySQL configuration file. You wond-deOaot even need an FTP program or learning installation instructions. The installer does everything for you!

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: PHP
Keyword: About Access Article Articlepublisher Articlepublisher Scripts Articles Automatically Create Created Easily Editor Files Generates Image Pages Program Publisher Scripts Section Visitors Website
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 1.54 MB
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