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PG eTraining for Scripts 1.0

  Date Added: April 30, 2013  |  Visits: 394

PG eTraining for Scripts

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eTraining is a powerful interactive multimedia software platform that uses the Internet to give students remote access to knowledge, immediate assessment of their understanding, certification of achievement, and instructor and peer guidance as required.Students can register and learn at their own convenience, pace, and place or use eTraining to supplement instructor-led classes.eTraining's powerful enterprise-class technologies have made it possible for educators, administrators, and Learning Service Providers to create, launch, and evaluate learning over the Internet using nothing other than a standard browser.eTraining is a sophisticated relational database driven system designed to make it easy for instructors to place classes to a single database and then upload them to the Internet securely and consistently. No programming skills are required to load existing courses to eTraining.Features:Course administrationTests are designed to evaluate studentsd-deOao knowledge gained while taking the study. They can be included or not included in a course.Teacher edits test questions and can modify the number of questions at any time. Sequence of questions can be either seriatim or random.Each question can have one or several answers allowed. Teacher simply sets input type to the radio button or checkbox.Redirect students to previously unanswered questions will let students not answer the unknown question just anyhow. If a student does not know the answer, he can continue to answer other questions and leave unanswered ones for desert.Upon completion of a test, a student and a teacher see the total number of points earned by the student. Maximum number of points available is 100. Points are calculated based on the total number of questions.Test administration features- Import test from CSV file- Enable / disable test- Editing questions and answers at any time- Seriatim / random questions order- Vary number of correct answers for each question- Redirect students to previously unanswered questions- Score calculationTest administrationUpon registration, each student gains access to their personal profile, which consists of the following:- List of available courses where the student can take classes and pass tests.- List of news where the student can read news and announcements from the teacher.- Teacherd-deOaos contact information with an option to message him.- Studentd-deOaos contact information, which he or she can change at any time, including the password.Upon registration, studentd-deOaos personal information is sent to the teacher and is recorded in the corresponding section. The student receives a message with his or her registration information.If Etraining classes are fee-based, the student must first pay for them.While taking class, student can leave the web site. When he or she returns, they will see the list of classes remaining for completion.Convenient help will provide details on study rules and help students complete studies.Student area consists of:- Available courses- Payment options- Training news- Teacherd-deOaos contact information- Student's contact info- Detailed help- TestimonialsStudents areaWeb site users can communicate with one another through the internal message system. This message system lets parties quickly solve questions that arise.Students can make inquiry to their teacher by sending him a message through the Contacts section or send their questions or notes directly to the teacherd-deOaos e-mail displayed right at the same place.All messages to the teacher are stored in the Mailbox section where they can view the incoming mail and reply right away. The teacher can also contact a student via the e-mail provided in the studentd-deOaos contact information in the User editor section.All messages are sorted by the date they were received. This lets the teacher see all the new messages from the students. Old and no longer needed messages can be deleted.Message systemd-deOaos features:- Quick solution of arising questions- Sending questions via internal message system- Communication via e-mailNews publishingIn this section, teacher can post news regarding the web site, classes and education in general.Adding and editing news is very simple. News article consists of a title, message text, thematic image and dates of beginning and ending of news exposure.You can modify priority of news articles to have the most important ones appear at the top of the news page.Upon your request, we can set up an email distribution of your news.News features:- Thematic news- Education news- Web site newsUsers editorThe software is designed to support large groups of students. It is reliable and scalable enough to support thousands of concurrent users for various education groups.A distant teacher can organize their classes on any subject and let students study online whenever itd-deOaos most convenient to them.Complete list of courses is available through student profile section. Student himself can personally select classes according to his interest. A brief description with an image on a coursed-deOaos start page will let users get the idea of study being taken.Classes may include text materials for reading, images, and multimedia materials.A teacher can edit study materials through the built-in WYSIWYG editor. This tool lets educator simply enter or copy/paste the text or create HTML pages manually. No programming skills are required to create a fully functional study class.A teacher can set up restriction of time allowed for reading study material.Classes can be active or inactive. If a class is inactive, students cannot take or study it. At any time, teacher can modify settings and make them available for students.Classes can be free or fee-based. To gain access to a fee-based class, a student must first pay for it.Upon completion of any class, student obtains an online certificate, regardless to whether any tests are to be taken or not. Certificate appearance can be modified upon your request.Course administration- Catalogue of courses - Priority of courses - Top courses- Free / paid courses- Various study subjects- Opportunity to take classes at any time and place- Audio, video, flash & pdf content supported- WYSIWYG-editor to create or edit study materials- Study time restrictions on/off- Active/inactive courses- Online JPG & PDF certificatedPayments:The cost of each class can be specified in either US dollars or Euros. Teacher can modify them at any time.If an Elearning web site provides offers fee-based classes, payment processing can be a vital part of the education. Pilot Online Training Solution can integrate with any payment processing system. All you have to do for that is simply specify the payment gateway in the Payment Editor in the Educator mode. You can also post information on wiring the payment via bank, submitting it by check or an express payment.If a certain class is fee-based, the student cannot access the study material until the administrator hasnd-deOaot approved reception of the payment. The teacher enters the date and the amount manually when he or she actually receives the payment.In the Payments Editor section, you can also view the list of all payments, both pending and completed.Payment features:- Change course pricing at any time- Choose currency - USD or EUR (USD, EUR or GBP for PayPal)- Change payment gateway (PayPal, CCBill, ChronoPay)- Automatical payment status validation- Payment statisticsStatisticsStatistics helps teacher obtain detailed information on students and courses being taken by them. The solution software provides two types of statistics: by class and by student.The one by student statistics displays information on each student, including: name, email, registration date, courses list, payment status, test status, and test score.The one by class statistics displays information on each class, including: number of students registered for the class, number of students passed the final, number of students paid for the class.Information can be sorted by any field.Statistic features:- Statistics by student- Statistics by class- Data sorting

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: PHP
Keyword: Class Classes Contact Courses Email Etraining Etraining Scripts Features Feebased Information Message Number Payment Pg Questions Registration Scripts Section Student Students Study System Teacher
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License: Freeware Size: 102.4 KB
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