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W-script for Scripts 1.0

  Date Added: September 17, 2013  |  Visits: 1.192

W-script for Scripts

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W-script is a full featured wallpaper site creator script.It takes minutes to setup and start earning money from your new website. If you need a serious script to manage your wallpaper site like a PRO then W-script is the right solution, in front of the average competition with giant steps.Web based installationYou don't have to be a programmer to take advantage of this script. We included a step by step web based installation for you. The whole process is easy as 1, 2, 3 and with just a few mouse clicks you will be up and running in no time.SEO friendly url"sWe all know that a keyword rich url might improve search engine rankings and attract visitors. W-script fully supports this feature to help you achieve top rankings. Unlimited categories and subcategoriesAdd as many categories and subcategories you wish. We've tested it at over 100k and W-script handled everything smooth and fast.Bulk upload featureAdd thousands of wallpapers in minutes. Just upload your zip archive and hit submit. The bulk upload feature can add wallpapers directly into an existing category or, by the structure of your archive, you can instantly create categories, subcategories and also populate them with wallpapers. Tag cloud navigationBy enabling this feature you can allow your visitors to navigate between wallpapers helped by a cloud of words/tags containing the most used keywords on your site. This one goes to web2.0 once again and user experience.User statisticsAttract your visitors to register and submit wallpapers by displaying advanced user stats based on rating and contribution.Ajax searchYes! Live ajax search. No reason to force them to type, submit browse etc. until they find the results. W-script responds instantly with results based on what you type in the search box.Slick designW-script is as fast as you can get. It features an advanced layout structure by applying many CSS tricks to put your pages on turbo. Benefit from dozens of effects and impress your visitors. Automatic resizeThat's right! Forget about that ugly nightmare where you have to resize the pictures and then upload. W-script does that automatically! It even detects the type of your picture (wide, normal) and does the resize based on that. No ratio broken!Advanced customizationWell here's something unique and fun. Offer your visitors the posibility to customize their wallpapers by adding colorized borders, text effects with advanced customization options. This will really keep them bookmarking your wallpaper site and boost your hits reallyFAST! Ajax star ratingW-script comes with an impressive rating system based on ajax. No more refreshes, thank you messages on the next page and so on... just "click and thank you"! As simple as that.Full admin controlManage everything from users to user groups, site settings, site permissions or wallpapers. As we said, you're in full control over everything that happends on your website. Ajax drag and drop category orderingExactly! Just select the desired category and drag it within the rest of the categories. Drop it where you need it in order to save the new order. Ajax will do the rest with not a single page refresh.Advanced permissions systemW-script allows you to manage your groups or users until the last detail with even individual settings. For example, if you want a certain user to be able to edit the wallpapers, categories or who knows what just modify his permissions and you're done. Same thing for member groups. Talk about control...Page & Email templates - Customize the design of your site and emails emails in pure html. We have separated them in a "templates" folder for an easy access and fast editing.Mass mailing featureYou can easily contact all your users using our mass mailing feature. Chosing from a lot of options, you can send an email to suspended, active or inactive users only. You can also contact them based on groups (admins, members etc.) or based on groups combined with their statuses (active, inactive, suspended).Personalized emails You can personalize those emails for each user in part. This way, you increase your open rates addressing to them with "Hi John" instead of "Hi user". All of the user's fields (first name, last name etc.) can be inserted in a mass mail.Multiple languages - You don't have to know english to work with W-script. Our system makes it easy for you to switch between the available language packs or even create your own. Everything is separated and in one place.Full source codeWe provide 100% full source code that you can modify to suit your own needs. You're in full controll!

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: PHP
Keyword: Advanced Archive Based Categories Category Emails Feature Groups Modify Order Permissions Script Script Scripts Scripts Search Submit Upload Users Visitors Wallpaper Wallpapers Wscript
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 1024 KB
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